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Features Key:

  • An epic gameplay experience that plays like a movie.
  • An all new graphical graphics and user interface.
  • Experience a multiplayer adventure unlike any other.
  • Conversation features.
  • Eight classes, including the new customizable “Aquatic” and “Hunter” classes.
  • 300+ new skills for players to master.
  • A variety of new weapons and armor.
  • Scenarios and dungeons with complex yet surrealistic visuals.
  • A detailed crafting feature.
  • A fresh new user interface that makes it simple to use the features of your equipment and use existing abilities.
  • A combination of full destructible environments and hard-to-see invisible shadows.
  • A user-friendly interface with an improved and intuitive element creation and action menu.
  • Accomplishments and a new “Raid Battles” feature.
  • ABOUT Elder Scrolls Online

    Much anticipation follows the announcement of its 10 year anniversary.
    Elder Scrolls Online originally set sail in 2011, a journey full of freedom, excitement, and countless adventures. Since then, its massive virtual world has grown in size and fans of its classic gameplay have been enjoying the Elder Scrolls universe in a whole new way.


    Explore the frosty landscape of Wilderhan on your own or with friends.
    Featuring a vast world full of wonder, Wilderhan is a home for your adventure with friends.


    Pick your own style and class, then begin your epic journey to become an Elder Scrolls hero.
    With eight classes and a detailed crafting system, you can create a character that perfectly fits your play style.


    Innovative and deeply interwoven with magic, the Esbern lore is filled with a wealth of myths and ancient knowledge.
    Buckle up and prepare to fully immerse yourself in the Elder Scrolls Online experience.
    Each class has its own unique way of wielding or embodying magic, and the possibilities are endless.



    Elden Ring Full Version Latest

    “I like the fluidity of movement, the multiple action features, the wide range of abilities and the variety of enemies that constantly challenge and intensify your fights.” – ITUTSUYA, PS4 NETZOI

    “This is a beautiful fantasy game that will make you feel like a hero when the graphics and presentation are this good.” – TSMUZAWA, PS4 NETZOI

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    “I feel like I’m playing a remake of the original game. The graphics are crisp and detailed and the atmosphere is terrific… And the battles are a lot of fun.” – AKURAHIKU, PS4 NETZOI

    “A game that will surely bring you a sense of happiness and fun.” – LIVERZOI, PS4 NETZOI

    “This game will make you feel like an action hero in the world of between the gods, it looks like a good game.” – YUUKIHANASHI, PS4 NETZOI

    “A new series title on the PlayStation 4. By the point it first arrived, it is already a good title. It is a unique title, and I have many expectations for it.” – MICHIHARU, PS4 NETZOI

    “If you don’t have any worries about readjusting to the VR-ready status of the older PS4 system, then you should give this game a try!” – ITA, PS4 NETZOI

    “Although this is a remake of the original PS Vita game, this game is a giant leap forward.” – ATHIRAI, PS4 NETZOI

    “This is actually a hidden gem of the PlayStation 4 game store, so give it a try!” – AZ


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    Background art ELDEN RING game:

    Character appearance ELDEN RING game:

    Roots of the Battle

    • An Alternative to the Elden Lord
    The game’s story is about a life of the player character and a fantasy world based on the theme of decline of an imperial lord who loses his memories and a princess who loses her past memories.
    You play as a tattered lord named Elden Ring, and you are driven out of the palace. You are a person who woke up to find no past memories, and you are alone in this vast world.
    Elden Ring attempts to wander around in order to discover and gain back his past memories. However, because he was driven out of the place where he lost his memories, he has a lot of trouble coping with the immense challenge of dealing with the vast world and mastering his skills in order to survive.
    Fight your way forward, and experience the depressing atmosphere that takes the player to an unparalleled depth, in the most exciting way.
    • Get to Know the Unfamiliar
    Each of the game’s lands is divided into a land of the night and a land of the day. You will be able to freely change to either the night or the day, and your actions will be changed. The night and the day are intended to be an alternative, and to draw the player into the story.
    You will progress through the story of the game, and at times you will have to deal with the day in a way that differs from the way you normally experience the world.
    • A Highly Customizable Game
    It is not just the game’s story where you can customize things as you like; there are also various in-game systems that you can also customize. You are allowed to change a lot of things, such as your equipment and appearance, and you can also increase or decrease certain stats.
    In addition to this, you can freely combine magic and weapons. There are many combinations of weapons and items, and using a particular weapon or item does not automatically make you stronger.
    • Magic that Changes Things
    Magic in the game is originally based on that which is found in fairy tales, but after advancing to the third generation, a fourth generation has appeared. The elements of magic, such as “Magic” and “Desire”, as well as magic spells, are included in this.
    The magic that is currently used in the game is applied


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    Thank you to the development team at Grisalia for this review! (
    If you haven’t checked this game out yet, check out the official Steam Page for Tarnished Realms: >

    Want more news, reviews, videos and more? Check out Capy Games on Steam: CapyGamesPage





    Tarnished Realms Coming to Steam Windows and Mac Early Access TrailerCapy Games2018-09-17T16:16:32+00:002018-09-17T16:16:32+00:00CapyGames Little Pony: Equestria Girls Rainbow Rocks released in the U.S. in Windows, Mac and Linux!
    I’m back from PAX! I’ll be heading back home tomorrow, but I wanted to post a quick update about my game and the release of the Equestria Girls soundtrack!
    The Next Generation has finally arrived. With one big player in the “zootopia” genre


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  • About:

    Elden Ring (Internal nickname: “Elden Ring”) is an action RPG that takes place in a fantasy world filled with a variety of exciting adventures. Rise as a Tarnished, a fallen hero who will wield the power of the Elden Ring and become an Elden Lord. A new generation of heroes begins the long mission of guiding the spirits to the afterlife. Play in the Dungeons of the Elden Ring, where you begin the journey of rising to become an elite final hero, and fight alongside


    System Requirements:

    *Minimum specification: Dual core CPU
    1GB RAM
    *Recommended specification: Dual core CPU
    4GB RAM
    7,500 megabyte hard drive
    Internet connection
    Windows XP or higher
    You can use your Windows XP Home Edition and install the game with a maximum resolution of 1280×720.
    You can use your Windows XP Professional and install the game with a maximum resolution of 1920×1080.
    You can use your Windows XP Home Edition and install the game with a maximum resolution of 1280


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