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The upcoming fantasy action RPG for PlayStation 4 is titled Elden Ring.

The game features a brand new world that offers unprecedented freedom.


New Fantasy Action RPG ‘Elden Ring’ gets the BETA

Breakthroughs to Mid of 2018, ‘Elden Ring’ Released ‘The Illusion of Separation’

Feb 2nd, 2018

Giuseppe Nelva February 2, 2018 7:00 AM EST

Lords and ladies, warriors and guilds, welcome to another awesome edition of Gems From The Gem-Crown!

For those unaware, Elden Ring is a new fantasy action RPG developed by Obsidian, the studio responsible for Fallout: New Vegas and South Park: The Stick of Truth. It features a lot of new ideas and several hooks that promises to be a very fun and addictive RPG.

Today we’ll be publishing a very detailed blog post, written by the game’s lead writer, Ronan Chery. You can find it here.

In it he talks about the game’s world, characters, and gameplay, as well as their development process, and some of the things they hoped to achieve with the game and some of the challenges they’ve experienced in the process.


The World of Elden Ring

The game is set in a fictional land called “The Lands Between”, which is the “land of shattered realities”. This is a world covered in different realities of magical wonders, beautiful caves, and mysterious dungeons, where the main character of the game must go on a journey to improve his social and other skills.

Everything in the game is based on the idea of player freedom, allowing them to explore, travel and discover together. What makes the Lands Between such a captivating world is the unravelling of a multitude of inter-related stories. The bonds that bind the characters in the story are presented within the game through minigames, quests, and dialogue, creating a continuous narrative.

The game’s quest system heavily features multiple routes that you can choose from, allowing for multiple ways to tackle situations, approach characters and get what you want.

In order to level your character and advance your character through the game you will need to find and complete a number of tasks. As you do so, you will be rewarded with rewards, such as XP, materials


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • The Ultimate in Fantasy Action RPG.
  • A vast World Full of Variety.
  • Customize your character’s appearance through equipment and magic.
  • A unique fantasy drama where players are united by the Elden Ring’s corruption.
  • Online and asynchronous online play. You can directly connect with other players.
  • Special features:

    • The next fantasy action RPG for console.
    • A new fantasy game that is unique because it is an RPG in the first person.
    • The complete anime-style graphics that only anime can achieve.
    • The game plays with the heritage of Fate and Sword Art Online, but changes from a server connection focused game to a free-to-connect, updated online game.
    • A new kind of action game in which your actions directly affect the system.
    • A new kind of RPG in which equipment can be upgraded while you play.
    • The world has been entirely remodeled from the ground up to bring a fresh feel to the combat and also the upgrade screen.
    • A revamped class system that allows you to freely switch between jobs.
    • A unique battle system in which your actions directly affect the outcome of battle.
    • The game’s story is an intergalactic drama. An epic fantasy drama in which the various thoughts of the characters intersect in the Lands Between.
    • A new skill development system which allows you to customize your character’s skills in order to master your respective character.


    Devlopors Team (Kokoro Publication)

    Thu, 05 Nov 2018 07:44:37 +0000N3games339041


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    Here is our review of the Elden Ring game.

    the playability of the game is

    the game

    This is our review of the Elden Ring game.

    the effectiveness of the game

    All three of the maps are beautiful, and players can customize their character appearance to their liking. They are the first maps I’ve seen where the lighting is truly atmospheric, and it goes a long way to making a otherwise pretty map visually impressive.

    the interesting uses of the core mechanics

    The gameplay is what most people will come for; but it’s far from the only thing I enjoy about the game. The combat is fluid and immensely satisfying, and the game features several different combat stances and rhythm systems that each encourage slightly different play styles. The leveling system is also a highlight, offering a number of quick-leveling shortcut systems as well as a wide selection of subclass options at the fourth level.

    the excellence of the graphics

    While I’ll admit that the maps are nothing to write home about, I think what really lets the graphics shine is the UI: a 2D, simple and beautifully clean user interface which allows you to toggle on and off various stats, view your inventory, and so forth all in one spot.

    the quality of the sound effects and music

    The music is appropriately dramatic, but not overbearing; and the sound effects are mostly on point. But perhaps my favorite part of the audio, though, is the voice acting. I haven’t found any voice actors that’ve really captured the sense of mood and characterization that game needs, but the dialogue between your character and the voice actors is a real gem.

    the fun factor of the game

    The fun factor is what ultimately drives people to play MMOs and RPGs, and while Elden Ring doesn’t entirely deliver, it gets a lot of things right. To be fair, I might only like to play it in multiplayer, but it’s a surprisingly enjoyable solo game as well. It’s the kind of game where it’s easy to lose yourself in, and especially the local story mode offers lots of immersive puzzle-solving and character interaction.

    the reason I enjoyed this game a lot

    The game’s biggest strength is the story; but then, it only really functions as a strength when you can immerse yourself in the story and experience


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    [Character Creation] In the game world, you get to create your own character.
    – You can freely choose from a variety of races
    – Your character can be strong, or be rather weak so you can fight with enemy allies
    – From your character’s race, you can choose one of the four classes: Warriors, Mages, Draguns, and Sorcerers. Warrior, Mages, and Sorcerers are classes that are available from the start. Draguns are a class that can be acquired by progressing.
    – You can freely add weapons, armor, and magic. You can choose to use weapons and armor that you have equipped. And, to use magic, you can use a spell.

    [Story] In the game world, a hero’s journey is awaiting you.
    – The beginning is a journey to the Elden Kingdom. Fight for the right to become the Elden King.
    – With the new format, your progression and views change as you play. You get to experience the story from a variety of perspectives.
    – In the game, magic does not exist, and you will not be able to deal direct damage. By using a variety of tactics, you will pursue victory.

    [CONTROLS] You can use mouse or touch screen, change between all controls and the map by pressing the button on the game console.

    – For the enemy NPCs, you can use right click.
    – For the item icons, you can use the touch screen. If the icon overlaps with the enemy NPC, you can use the touch screen.
    – The cursor changes from an arrow to a hand depending on your target.
    – The cursor also changes according to the character you are controlling. A female character has a long, ornate, wavy hair style. A male character has a short, blonde hair style.
    – You can drag the map, search for a path or enter a menu by pressing the ESC key.
    – After you press the “B” button, you can switch between the various character visuals by pressing the appropriate button. You can also change party names by pressing the “T” button.
    – By pressing the “D” button, you can temporarily enable the camera to watch the surrounding area, and you can freely move around.
    – By pressing the “Space” button, you can turn on, and off the voice chat. If you are chatting with others, you


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    ■ Princess Neia and the fascinating lands amidst a colorful fantasy world

    In Record of Lodoss War, items are not attached to characters. The difficulty of collecting an item is the main reason why people take part in Raid Battles. In this game, however, various items generated from participating in Raid Battles can be possessed by other characters, and a variety of items that can be used to create a useful avatar that can lead to excellent outcomes are generated. Remember: a powerful hero is not needed for victory!

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    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    Windows® XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10.
    CPU: 1.0 GHz processor.
    RAM: 256 MB
    Graphics: DirectX compatible video card with 256 MB of RAM
    Hard Disk: 750 MB available space
    Sound Card: DirectX compatible sound card with 192 KHz of sample rate
    All screenshots are screen captures.
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