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Brief Explanation of the Tarnished Armor System
In Kingdom Come: Deliverance, armor represents the level of protection afforded to you by the features that it offers.
For example, when you are wearing two different sets of armor, and one of them has damage reduction, you will take less damage than wearing neither.
Since you can equip different pieces of armor for each attribute, the armor, character, and weapon attributes all benefit from armor.
In other words, when you equip specific pieces of armor, your character will gain increased protection in that area.
Therefore, the Tarnished Armor system allows you to change your armor using the Tarnished Armor Piece system.
By tinging gold ore, you can apply the effect of a piece of armor to your Tarnished Equipment.
When you equip a Tarnished Equipment piece and use it, your Tarnished Capacity will decrease by the amount it was originally.
This will cause your armor to become sturdier.
However, if the Tarnished Equipment piece has the reverse effect that increases your capacity, your armor piece will decrease in capacity.
Thus, when you have decreased your capacity, you can still take damage with greater ease.
Also, since it is possible to increase capacity using golden ore while wearing Tarnished Equipment, it is possible to recover capacity lost due to a Tarnished Capacity decrease with additional golden ore.
How to Use the Tarnished Equipment System
In Kingdom Come: Deliverance, to use the Tarnished Equipment system, you need to feed Tarnished Ore, which can be acquired by killing animals.
It is possible to see the condition of the Tarnished Ore and the equipment piece’s effect on your armor.
Additionally, if you have a percentage of Tarnished Capacity, the following effects will be applied to your Tarnished Equipment:
– Effect of Boosting Stat
By increasing the attribute with a boost using Tarnished Ore, you can affect the magnitude of the effect with the boost.
– Decrease of Tarnished Capacity
The percentage of capacity that was decreased when equipped will be restored.
– Capacity Recovery Effect
If you are currently losing capacity due to using Tarnished Equipment, the rate of capacity recovery will be further increased.
– Capacity Recovery Effect When using the Recovery Expertise Effect
By increasing the attribute with a boost using Tarnished Ore, the rate of capacity recovery will be further increased.



Features Key:

  • Vast World – The world of Elden Ring is a vast expanse full of roads and fields and even monsters, where you can freely move.
  • Customizable – Choose your character’s weapons, armor, and magic items by combining them freely.
  • Exciting – Find new stories while you explore various elements and characters.
  • Online – Player can play together in real time via a web server or history dates.
  • Epic – A huge content, rich system and multi-layered story.
  • The Grail Quest

    The enemies in the Lands Between have always longed for the Arcre Glin (the three keys, symbolizing the three ages of mankind). One day, a boy named Shiva, a member of the House of Elden, whose high blood affinity to the Arcre Glin makes him invulnerable to potions, met with the Arcre Glin. The Arcre Glin asked him to lead his siblings to keep away the evil and to reform the human race in the name of the kingdom. Shiva accepted the task and traveled far and wide to lead the others.

    Sensing that time is up for his family, Shiva joined with the others and traveled to the ruins of Aleia in the depths of the Mertius Mountains. Upon their arrival, they found only ruins, and this changed into a perilous situation for Shiva and the others. Shiva is no longer sure whether he should return to his hometown or join with the ones on Aleia. At the instant, a shield spirit appeared and attacked the party. Throwing a series of divine orbs back at her, Shiva broke the shield spirit’s barrier. Shiva understood and then assigned a task to the others.

    The new adventurer journeyed along a different way towards Aleia, only to find out a hideous but beautiful woman who destroyed all the divine orbs and asked if she could have them! To his surprise, she was a vampire! Shiva went forward, and she attempted to bite him. A part of Shiva came back, and he changed into a wolf. After healing the vampire’s injuries, Shiva was prepared to attack, but could not. This happened more than once, and it gave the vampire a chance to kill and overpower Shiva. She lifted Shiva, fed on him, and then transported him to a


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    “The world that only the Elden Lord can enter is truly worth exploring. The characters and story are really nice and you’ll even meet some nice people along the way.”

    “In the fantasy RPG genre, there is a certain battle scene or an epic boss that you will only encounter once in your lifetime. However, unlike those games, there is not much of that epic battle you’ll encounter in the game. After you reach certain milestones, you can encounter a battle that has the status of some legendary series such as Okumura Dissya or the Eternal Champion and can experience its emotions and emotions. If that kind of battle would have existed from the start, then I think it would have been a turn-off but the fact that it was being added at the last minute made me accept it.”

    “Elder God Branwen has already left the world, but that does not stop people from longing for her, and even her dead body, as if it’s a living being, be it in real life. While you battle in the game’s world, you can also meet other Tarnished characters with whom you can share your thoughts and emotions. There was no game where you could connect with others in such a fun way. I really liked it.”

    Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace to brandish the power of the Elden Ring Crack Free Download and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between.


    Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace to brandish the power of the Elden Ring Product Key and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between.

    “What really make you happy is when your creation is well received. I’m a fan of APKMONSTER. When other developers are making something new, I like seeing APKMONSTER’s move and I’m able to compare it to my game.”

    “Elder God Branwen’s world is a world where time flows at their own pace. People can’t buy and sell. As a matter of fact, you can’t even trade your stats. However, there are various things that can be purchased. You can also create things that you could only think about. Its themes are impressive and has an overall sense of how you want your items to look like. Everything


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    What’s new:

    Check out more gameplay videos here, here, and here!


    Elder Scrolls Online is a new exciting fantasy action MMORPG, with the world of Tamriel soaring to new heights. Players can explore countless territory to decide the destiny of this mythical world or choose to venture into the dungeons to seek riches and glory. In Elder Scrolls Online, players will enjoy the power and variety of totally new online gameplay, plus hundreds of new quests, unexpected enemy AI, persistent PVP, and much more, in a dynamic, player-driven ongoing story experience.

    The Elder Scrolls Online development team has a dynamic and dedicated development team dedicated to creating an exciting new world for players to explore. Elder Scrolls Online is currently in development for the Xbox® 360 video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system, the PLAYSTATION®3, and Windows PC computer entertainment system.

    Elder Scrolls Online is currently available to test for free in open beta on the Xbox Live Game Preview program and PLAYSTATION®Network. The free open beta will conclude in a few weeks, after which the game will go live and be available for all Xbox Live Gold and PLAYSTATION Network subscribers globally. The game also will be free-to-play at launch. If you are interested in taking part in the free open beta and would like more information, please sign up online for updates on availability at


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    System Requirements:

    Operating System:
    Windows XP
    Windows Vista
    Windows 7
    Windows 8
    Windows 10
    Mac OSX 10.6 or above
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    1024×768 or higher
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