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Based on an original concept by Tantalus Labs in association with Arc System Works.

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1. Prologue

On a bright spring morning, a highly-anticipated summer anime begins. As the suns set, the blue sky and white clouds turn pitch-black as we go into the production of Hestia’s second anime season.

2. 1: The Birth of an Animation Studio

Two years ago, after cultivating the knowledge of our earlier works in the field, we were asked to become a first-time development company for a new title.

3. 2: The Rise of Prodigy Studio

We decided to leave our previous studio, to develop a new world of anime, and set out on a new adventure.

4. 3: The Beginning of a Dream

Despite our factory having only 3 people and the code-quality of our team not being perfect, many of our projects have been green-lit by the production committee and have received an ever-increasing number of likes.

5. 4: An Oath Taken

We have sworn to create content that people will want to watch.

6. 5: The Worlds I Want to See

At our factory, our dream is building a world where people love watching anime.

7. 6: The Path to Perfection

We have made countless fan artworks with the love of anime.

8. 7: Welcome to the Lands Between

We, a production company that is called Prodigy Studio, are striving to make the most beloved anime.

9. 8: From Birth to Death

We have decided to carry the hopes of this world with us.

10. 9: A New Life

We have dedicated ourselves to making anime.

11. 10: The Adventure Begins!

We will travel to distant lands of which no one has heard.

12. 11: March

To meet everyone in the new lands.

13. 12: August

We will take our


Features Key:

  • An Unprecedented Variety of Adventure and Challenge
    A sense of adventure to which you will not get used. Suddenly challenging battles erupt wherever you go.
    Game play that continually leaves you with a feeling of dissatisfaction at the edge of your seat. You will want to keep increasing the frequency of your achievements. The finest balanced play comes with three different difficulty levels, along with a variety of additional options to choose from.
    The dungeons are especially designed with a variety of items to allow you to enjoy the most varied battles. Add to these, the versatile multiplayer strategy that does not fall into the realm of a video game, and the experience which I feel will become your lifelong hobby.
  • Procedurally Generated Worlds Made to Feel Alive
    By using the visuals of the player character that you can freely manipulate, the world feels like it is alive with unexpected and ever-changing threats.
    Utilize the relationship between the world and its inhabitants to reveal items.
    For example, don’t be afraid to break the vicious cycle of a boss monster’s devotion if you have found its weakness and were able to gradually release its attachment.
  • Bringing the Distance Closer Than Ever
    The combination of the amazing graphics, along with the beautiful music and the new illustrated work, gives the feeling of a high-definition game. Its spectacular graphics attract and expect even from players who have previously played the best role-playing games.
  • Pure Races and Classes – A Unique World
    A wide variety of races are introduced in the Lands Between.
  • An Open World Shaped by Your Choices
    A variety of diverse cities are neighboring one another in the Lands Between.
  • Unraveling of a Multilayered Story Driven by the Play Style
    The many surprises you will find and the large number of options you can apply make the mystery of each race endlessly fresh.
  • Featuring Characters Based on the Romance of an Aging Game
    Races and individuals based upon the personality of the original characters appear. Highly entertaining folk, such as Jin, Amber, and Nike.
  • A Unique Magic System that Can Enliven a GameRita Reilly

    Rita Reilly is an American radio personality, filmmaker, and actress who resides in Napa, California. She is an author, screenwriter,


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    “You will be able to change your own character dynamically and freely. I was able to create the balance of power with magic as I intended, and I am really looking forward to the new fighting style. The number of all-new elements, such as the class system, is massive. It’s like an RPG that was revised and upgraded. Its detail is very impressive.”

    “When I first started playing the game, I was worried that its game world would be too big, but it has a lot of depth. It’s a very enjoyable experience.”

    “The game is very fun and interesting. The usual RPG elements are impressive, and it has a lot of the elements you would expect from an RPG with a large game world and a lot of content. It’s a bit hard to find a favorite, but the story and the fighting are really fun.”

    “The high-class weapon system is fun, and it’s great that you can use your own weapon. It’s fun to change the weapon after a short period of time and have the different parts show up in combat.”

    “It is extremely fun, and there are plenty of elements to enjoy. Each class and other elements give a very different experience. There is a lot of excitement.”

    “The game world is very vast. You can easily feel what the atmosphere is like in a vast and detailed game world.”

    “The entire game world is composed of various dungeons. You will be immersed in the unknown. The world is outstanding.”

    “I really liked the parts where you play as the hero in a story of the different factions of players, which are interacting on the same map. I felt a great emotion, and the pieces of the story were well-presented.”

    “The game is very detailed and polished. This game world is amazing.”

    “This is an MMO RPG. As such, you will be able to freely change the development of your character. This is a great feature. I was able to form a clan with my fellow adventurers, and we cooperated with each other. This is very fun.”

    “The game is very detailed and has an amazing game world. Some typical RPG elements are great, and you will be excited when you are able to use these elements in the game.”

    “I was able to play the game even after


    Elden Ring (Updated 2022)

    This application is a different game from the original game, so you may have some question, and if that happens please contact us via mail and ask your questions from the support forum, be sure that if the problem cannot be solved here, we could solve it at the support forum.


    1. About the System

    1.1 Where can I download the game
    1.1.1 Where can I download the game?
    1.1.2 Play the game, like on the website, you could download the game by visiting the website.
    1.2 The Client will be updated?

    1.3 Who can play the game?
    1.3.1 Players who register this game
    1.3.2 All players.
    1.4 Can the game be played online?
    1.4.1 Can the game be played online?
    1.4.2 Yes.
    1.4.3 No.
    1.5 Is the game playable offline?
    1.5.1 Can the game be played offline?
    1.5.2 Yes.
    1.5.3 No.

    2. About the Game

    2.1 What is the Characters?
    2.1.1 What is the Characters?
    2.1.2 Personalize characters.

    2.2 Are the weapon and battle point system same as in the original game?
    2.2.1 Are the weapon and battle point system same as in the original game?
    2.2.2 Yes. The weapons and battle points in the game are different from the original game.
    2.2.3 No. The weapons and battle points in the game are different from the original game.

    2.3 Is the game’s map like in the original game?
    2.3.1 Is the game’s map like in the original game?
    2.3.2 Yes.
    2.3.3 No.

    2.4 How is the battle against the boss?
    2.4.1 How is the battle against the boss?
    2.4.2 Personalize the battle against the boss

    2.5 Can the player order the player to visit a certain place?
    2.5.1 Can the player order the player to visit a certain place?
    2.5.2 Yes.
    2.5.3 No.

    2.6 Is my prize limited?


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    Twilight of Heroes, Ch.7
    – Download and play the game for free.

    – Support the game by liking our Facebook page.

    Enjoy yourself without downloading!
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    Free Elden Ring Full Product Key [Win/Mac]

    # 5. I already subscribe to a game, will my subscription work on this game?

    Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee that your monthly subscription will work on this game. We


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    System Requirements:

    OS X:
    Hard Drives:
    DirectX 9.0c compatible video card with at least 3 GB of memory. 4 GB is recommended for best performance
    DS3 and DS4, you can download them from GameStop or Amazon.
    Please Note:
    Discount cards, video cards and the like are not recommended for use as your main gaming video card.
    Multiplayer functionality requires a connection to the internet.
    Minimum hardware requirements:
    Minimum system requirements


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