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The Elden Ring Cracked Version Game is a free-to-play fantasy action RPG from Pearl Abyss, creators of the ultra-popular Black Desert Online.

As the first mover of a certain new fantasy RPG game in the West, and the only developer that has developed a fantasy action RPG, we are pleased to announce that we will be hosting an invitation-only closed beta test for the new game.
To be eligible for participation in the closed beta test, participants will need to verify their email addresses through the sign-up page and complete the test.

We have a total of 4,000 invites available for the closed beta test. The number is limited to 5,000 people, so make sure you register your email address soon.

We will be communicating with invited players directly via private messages. This will be a test of our email-based server technology, and we will be focusing on server load and stability during the test.

We look forward to hearing your feedback!

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Elden Ring Features Key:

  • The fantasy world where battles are fought with the power of the Ring as your ally
  • You can freely explore and fight any of the over 80 areas unique to Elden Ring
  • As you fight, you will have actions that require skills and abilities…
  • What’s new:

    Main features:
    •• The ability to easily play alone while not being bound by the restrictions of a PvP/RTS multiplayer.
    The main screen has the Free Mode function that allows you to easily play without being immediately impacted by players around you. At the same time, the game can also be played in a more teamwork style where you can easily play with other players and share the good things you’ve achieved.

    Game Evaluation System:
    •• A new ranking system was implemented to help players start fresh.
    This new ranking system will allow you to easily recognize and reach the ranks you want in the PvP areas.

    Large number of players online at the same time:
    •• As this game is something born from the time when MMOs were the mainstream, we have increased the number of online players to accommodate as many of you as possible. During peak hours of internet traffic, the player count is around 8,000 players.

    Mutations and Item Recipes:
    •• Because this game is a new Fantasy Action RPG, in a universe where every journey is full of charm and excitement, we added three features to make your journey even more enjoyable.
    We added the feature to randomly generate Mutation items and evolution items so you will have to try your hand at evolving your items to explore the endless variety of item classes and evolution items.

    •• There are cosplays and various accessories, such as small weapons, armor, utility items, etc.
    You can exchange unwanted items with other players and even receive items that will help you get stronger. You can prepare a wide variety of cosmetics as well.

    Weapon, Armor and Utility Weapons and armor:
    •• You can see your stats and progress for each item. You can also exchange your items with other players and even receive one of their items.

    Skill Books


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    < 公式ネタバレ掲示板ではありません >

    < ロケーション用 起業家ヘルプセンターには ご購入いただけません>

    < Ver.1.6に含まれるオプションが該当します >


    3月12日(水)開催の直前に作者が後日説明した11時間からの期間延長とは?という事で今回のリリース版は『スタート スタッド スターンスターン』といいます。






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    KARUS-PRAO playstyle (6 sec. )

    KARUS-PRAO playstyle (6 sec. )



    ANZELOT – The Lands Between (4.5/5)

    The story in this game takes place in a beautifully designed world. The fantasy elements come from a combination of pure fantasy and fantasy fiction. There is also an element of light-heartedness. The main character is a young child in a world where the rules of reality are different, and he can be a fun character for the player to enjoy and empathize with.

    The game is played in a broad open world where open field battles and dungeon exploration can be done, without restrictions. The dungeons are designed to have a 3-D depth that has been faithfully recreated. A variety of monsters appear in the dungeons, and with the characteristics of a combination between those of traditional dungeon games and RPGs, and epic fantasy. Additionally, some of the monsters are able to change their appearances in times of battle and will have an effect on player’s strategy.

    There are many dungeons and field battles to play, and the game’s easy to play, but it is difficult to become bored since you will experience so many battles and stories.

    KARUS-PRAO playstyle (6 sec. )


    KARUS-PRAO playstyle (6 sec. )


    The game is able to deal with multiple battles. From the beginning of the game, you can enjoy a variety of large battles, which you will receive in packs of three at a time when clearing dungeons. You will also be able to enjoy battles with a large number of opponents.

    The battles will be a fun experience that allows you to become engrossed in the story as you attack. Enemies will not be easy to defeat, but with a variety of weapons and magic items, you will be able to defeat them in battle.

    Please note that we have prepared many optional routes and items for those that prefer a certain style of play. There will be several hundred items that change the way you play the game and, using these, you will feel a different experience in comparison to


    What’s new in Elden Ring:



    Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace to brandish the power of the Elden Ring and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between.

    Список всех вероятных зельев

    Legend of Mana

    Инвертированная Анимация

    Движковая игра

    Движковая игра

    Движковая игра


    Движковая игра

    Движковая игра

    Движковая игра

    Движковая игра

    Баллора 1

    Баллора 2


    Инвертированное Зело

    Инвертированное Зело

    Инвертированное Зело

    Новые предметы

    Инвертированное Зело

    Инвертированное Зело

    Сохраненные предметы

    Операция оружия и оружие




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    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    Windows 7 or higher
    Dedicated graphics card (for the GAA graphics)
    2GB of RAM
    1GHz processor
    500MB free HD space
    10MB of free hard drive space
    We have heard from some GAA gamers that we underestimated the PC requirements for the GAA graphics (PC only) of the game. In order to ensure that no one misses out on GAA, we have increased the system requirements for the PC only GAA graphics from 2GB of RAM to 4GB. If you are running a system with less than