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You can create a new character with your own face or name.

You can freely customize the appearance of your character (including the character’s weapons and armor).

You can freely equip weapons, armor, and magic.

You can freely increase your muscle strength, your accuracy and magic power, and develop your character’s appearance and skills.

When you’re tired, you can take a rest and recover your stamina and magick power.

The game supports online cooperative multiplayer that allows you to travel together with others.

Online asynchronous play is a new element where you can feel the presence of others while enjoying the game.

The game uses Unity, and it’s optimized for the OUYA platform.

We’ll be providing detailed information on each content as we progress.

Enjoy crafting your own adventure in the vast Lands Between.


1. You need to connect the game with your Google account at least once before starting the game.

2. Please take into account that even though you choose to save the game under the same account, different game accounts might have different data.

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Features Key:

  • An epic, FANTASY action RPG born from an epic myth
  • A dynamic gaming experience that provides a huge world and complex dungeons
  • A story full of drama
  • A rich crafting system that allows you to create your own gear
  • A deep character development system
  • High quality graphics
  • A unique online experience that allows you to interact with others
  • Notes:

    • This game is not for children. This game contains some content that may be unsuitable for small children. If you are worried about appropriateness, please use your own discretion.
    • Please be aware that this game is subject to the Terms of Service from the USK (Unedited Software Key) at >

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    This is simply a function that can be applied to each iteration. It takes two arguments (key and value) and a function that you define.
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    ☆Freely Customize Your Character
    With a high level of freedom, you are able to freely customize your character, including the appearance, equipment, and magic.
    ◆ Benefits
    Once you’ve become a new character, it is possible to freely customize the appearance and equipment of your character. You can even make a character with a completely different appearance and equipment set.
    ◆Character Customization Feature
    •Face 1
    -Face: Face is one of the most important parts of your character’s appearance, and comes in eight different types.
    -Examine face: Determine the facial structure of your character.
    -Class: Choose among eight characters and equip your character with “Arms,” “Hands,” “Feet,” and “Head.”
    -New: After you have obtained a new item, you can see a picture of how your character looks.
    •Face 2
    -Face 2: You can freely customize your character’s face 2.
    -Proportion: Customize the character’s face 2 to your liking.
    -Size: Adjust the width and height of your character’s face 2.
    -Equipment: Equip equipment that can be equipped to one of your body parts.
    -Body: Choose among eight body parts (head, arm, leg, back, chest, stomach, waist, and feet).
    -New: You can see a preview of the equipment on the body parts when you equip it.
    -Equipment 2
    -Properties: Customize the appearance of your equipment and increase your equipment’s characteristics.
    -Equipment 2: After you have obtained an item, you can see a preview of the equipment on your body part.
    ◆ Equipment Customization Feature
    •Face 2
    -Face 2: You can freely customize your character’s face 2.
    -Proportion: Customize the character’s face 2 to your liking.
    -Size: Adjust the width and height of your character’s face 2.
    •Face 3
    -Face 3: You can freely customize your character’s face 3.
    -Proportion: Customize the character’s face 3 to your liking.
    -Size: Adjust the width and height of your character’s face 3.


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    Download Elden Ring Incl Product Key PC/Windows [2022-Latest]

    1. In order to play the game, first you must install the game, click the link below to download. Then, when you have the game installed to your computer, double click to run the program. The game interface will be on your desktop. From the desktop you can run the game and play for 1 hour at a time.

    2. You can register your account on After you have registered, you can update the game whenever you want.

    3. Before you start the game, all the settings you need are included. You can set your own control panel. Click on the below link.

    4. Start the game from your operating system where you installed it or you can run it in the browser by clicking on the link below.

    5. After clicking on the link, enter the pass code you have been given and you will automatically begin to play the game.

    6. This game is free for you to download and play at all times, so you can download the game at any time.

    7. This game will not take your computer’s performance or your battery. However, if you want to use a mod, please use a laptop or a computer with enough memory (4GB at least).

    8. This game can only be played on computers with Windows OS 10/ 8/ 8.1 / 7 (IE).

    9. If you have a problem with the game, please contact us on We will provide an update for you.

    How to play your ELDEN RING game

    1. Start the game, log in and create a character. It’s that simple. Click the link below and enter your email to create a new account.

    2. Remember to set your password. Click the link below to create a new password.

    3. You can change your play style by entering the RING Master system. Click on the link below to start.

    4. ELDEN RING is set up to adapt to your play style. The system can intelligently create your play style for you by offering you a clear menu. Select the system you want to try.

    5. When you are starting out, the program will suggest to you that you should choose the Set You Up system. Then, you will be able to play at a fast pace.

    6. Set your play


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