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El Dorado City is a huge fantasy world filled with excitement. The war between the “Craftsman” races — who live in Elden, a human capital — and the “Kamimus,” those who live in the capital, starts to heat up once you reach the capital. As the tension mounts, a new race will appear, the “Elden Lords.”
The Elden Lords, the rulers of the Craftsman race, will appear in the capital city. You will go on a journey as a new recruit to the Craftsman’s Elite Army, the “Blade Legion.” The story will begin with you travelling through the Lands Between and culminating with fighting epic battles in the capital. What’s more, a journey through a global open field map will begin when you are promoted to a higher rank.
The lands between the Craftsman territory and the Capital are filled with the most complex and detailed fantasy RPG maps. Your travel will take you to the “Megalopolis,” a huge town with a character of its own. Throughout the journey, you will be guided by grace, a divine power bestowed on you from an elven goddess.
A Story Begins Now, Become an Elden Lord!
The Elden Lords The Blade Legion


* New Features

▪ Map and Weapon Viewer

A new Map Viewer has been added to the “Map,” which lets you browse your maps, check your map position and move the camera freely. In addition, the camera can be moved in “Panorama” views when you are moving in “Walk” mode.

▪ New Play System

A new “Play System” has been added to the “Options,” which enables you to customize and change the settings for your skill, attack range, and resurrection.

▪ Dialogue Volume Adjustment

The volume of the conversations have been adjusted to make it easier to hear what other players are saying.

▪ Level Cap Adjustment

A level cap has been added, which enables you to be able to play for longer.

▪ New Equipment

New armors and magic have been added. When you equip these new items, the appearance of your character will change.

▪ All Legendary Medal Improvements

A new engine that


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • A Project that Tarnishes Elden
  • An Elden where there’s no need to choose between Death or Dishonor
  • A vast world where the atmosphere of the game grows as your skills progress
  • The story has been updated and the scenery has been improved
  • An interesting field map that has its own puzzles for you to solve
  • An implemented leveling system that revolves around your own personal growth
  • A direct battle system in which the balance between strength and magic is considered
  • Equipment systems that allow you to freely experiment
  • An automagic random map system that lets you enjoy exploration
  • A map that shows the current location of your character and other players so you can easily travel and cooperate
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    EMERALDESS DESIGN, the company dedicated to creating high quality video games has successfully delivered on the promise of the original Elden Ring Cracked 2022 Latest Version, with a game that once again brings viewers of the world a classic fantasy from the point of view of a new player.

    Using a concept that was highly praised, there is a modern-style charm that has been improved to incorporate a variety of characters and a vast world. The battle scenes are more expansive and there are a number of real-time interactions with the landscape. In addition, strategic elements that were not included in the original have been added to give the game a more packed and realistic feel.

    It is a video game in which you can greatly feel the tension of the players and leave everyone with an amazing experience!


    ■ Story of the Elden Ring :
    The unprecedented legend of the Elden Ring, from its birth to its fall. Return to the beginning of the legend and experience the epic story of the game in almost 30 hours of gameplay. Although it is a game with a new character, a new world, and a completely new story, the theme is the same and also contains the same faults and virtues of the classic game. Can you take on the role of Tarnished and accept the veil of fate that binds you?

    ■ Cameo of Mega Man’s Jack :
    In this video game, Mega Man’s Jack appears as an NPC, and an extra story is woven around him. This small appearance has already been well-received and is also detailed in a comic book included in the package, giving you a fun way to play.

    ■ Real-Time Environments :
    The Lands Between is a world that is still being formed, and time flows at a pace of days and years. During gameplay, there will be rich real-time situations where you must deal with and do battle. It is a story that represents a world waiting to be created, and it is a story where, behind the grand visuals, a great sense of mystery unfolds.

    ■ More Characters to choose from :
    Players can choose a character that they want to play as from the first generation characters (Braska, Tarnished, Master of Resolve, and Rasalhague).

    ■ Closer to the Legendary Game :
    The command style is upgraded in this game to include commands that allow you to improve your character and battle in a specific way. This will allow you to enjoy the game in more


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    • The Power of Fantasy

    Fantasy characters with their unmatched power and imagination lead the action and decision-making. Be careful not to underestimate them.

    A Multilayered Story

    In each of the Lands Between, you will be able to investigate the main story line and also the background story of all the characters through dialogues and subtext.

    A Variety of Side Quests

    Through side quests, you can progress the main story line, as well as form various other plots and motifs.

    You Can Learn Different Skills

    Add a variety to your character by choosing various skills and adding relevant skills. Skill differences will be reflected in your main weapon to strengthen your decisive battle power.

    Ultimate Action

    “Wake up, God of War!”

    The Darkness form! The characters’ BODY GETS READY to destroy all opponents.

    The Reality of Fantasy

    Thrusting forward your character’s blade, the enemy is pulled in toward you.


    A multitude of action elements are included, such as joining hands with teammates to unleash powerful combination attacks, avoiding and parrying by blocking, and executing various techniques.

    Equipment, Character, and Room: The Open World Game

    1. The Main World

    Build your character up and set off with a friend, where action elements are freely combined. The main story line is presented in the main game, and it also offers subtext and complementary elements. With its rich content and design, you will be able to experience the excitement of the fantasy story.

    2. The Side Quests

    Complete a variety of quests in the side world. As you proceed, you can form various plots and motifs, and progress the main story line as well.

    3. The Sub World

    The sub world is a free-of-charge world. You can freely create a character, equip items, and play alone if you wish to. The sub world has a variety of settings and has a system that guides you to a certain plot.

    Explore the Open World with Friends

    1) Online Multiplayer

    Connect with other players and travel together while communicating in real-time. Since all input is processed instantly, there is no lag, and you are able to experience the surge of emotions and excitement that makes online gaming great.

    2) The Online Function

    Allows you to receive an


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    RATING: 5/5

    Tenjo Tenge
    Tenjo Tenge is an RPG developed by Gust which follows the story of a young, but already troubled girl named Ryuuou Kusanagi.

    In Tenjo Tenge Kusanagi is able to rebuild herself: first over-analyzes and uses magic, later she gradually develops skills, forming her own circle of friends. In a high school, where her love for kendo will eventually emerge.

    But since Kusanagi has a special power, she is the target of the organization Shi/Shen, which is after her. After she will learn the proper way to use her power, she will be able to use her magic properly, and so she will be able to take the next step in her life.

    Tenjo Tenge is also an RPG-Adventure, but there can be multiple ways the characters route through an adventure in the game. Of course, every route has its own highs and lows, causing the story to differ.

    RATING: 4/5

    Postillon (エップリングオブエッパス Pestin Eppurasu) is a turn-based role-playing game with traditional and modern gameplay elements, set in a vibrant Utopia known as Estevan.

    Estevan is an entirely underwater town where the sky is sealed in a dome in order to be protected from unsavory elements. In addition, each of the elemental gods of nature has decreed their own paradises to be perfect and impenetrable, to avoid becoming corrupted with human efforts.

    Mecha are very common in Estevan, and battle is usually fought using these. Rise to the top of the social hierarchy in Estevan with a party of powerful robots. Enjoy an even more exciting life, play as the god of the souls of the dead.

    You can choose from 12 different characters and acquire 16 different classes.

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    1. Unrar *.rar archive to *.zip folder (rar file use WinRAR).

    2. Extract..\ELDEN RING *.* content to game folder.

    3. Copy assets content to game directory.

    4. Copy settings*.dat to user directory or “%appdata%\LARALOST\Rocket Games\ELDEN RING” if you use BioniX.

    5. Run game, you can see the interface.

    6. When game starting, click on “XRCE(window)”.

    7. Click on “A New Game” on main menu, go out of main menu, click on “New Game”.

    8. You can now select your characters and arrange them into parties.

    9. You may control your party by “A” key, “D” key, “W” key, “S” key (Spacebar) or by free.

    10. Press “J” to see the items of your inventory.

    11. Press “X” to exit to main menu.

    12. When you want to select another party, press “D” key.

    13. You can get and use the item from the inventory.

    14. You can also heal your party by using the item in your inventory.

    15. You can also equip different weapons, armors, and items on your character.

    16. You can also use magic spells on your characters with the magic items in your inventory.

    17. You can also “Learn Skill” to improve your characters ability.

    18. If your character dies, you must restart a new game. You can continue play in the same Party.

    19. When you enter the main menu, you can change the location of the game location by clicking on the map.

    20. You can use “R” key to refresh the UI screen of the game.

    21. You can choose the language of your preference and click “X” on the main menu, if you want to exit the game.

    22. In-game, you can change the language of the game by clicking on the subtitles in front of the action scenes.

    23. You can get and use items from Marketplace by “Y” key.

    24. You can use various functions by


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    System Requirements:

    1GB RAM
    20GB free hard-disk space
    Screen resolution at least 800 x 600
    DirectX® 8
    Intel® Core™ 2 Duo or AMD Athlon™ 64 X2 CPU
    Sound card with support for DirectX® 8 and above
    Internet connection
    Legal copy of “True Combat Elite” game
    Patches 1.01 and 1.02
    “True Combat Elite” official website
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