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A thrilling fantasy role-playing game, driven by the action, developed by the original ‘Kamisama no Asobi’s (資料の悪魔) team at Cygames.

A mystical and thrilling game with an exciting battle system and a brilliant fantasy story that you will not be able to escape from, the story offers all of the engrossing pleasures of a game.

‘Erdreich: The Tarnished Kings’ is a fantasy action RPG, where the world of Tarnish is a place where dreams and magic are everything. It is possible to enjoy the story and battles, through the opportunity to create your own unique character.

The key features of ‘Erdreich: The Tarnished Kings’ are:

A wide range of classes and playable races, and a variety of jobs that can be combined, such as a melee type character, a caster, or a spell thief.

Your character’s progress is linked to your own in-game experience, providing opportunities to strengthen yourself through a variety of events and levels.

A vast battle system with various feature classes, such as melee types, casters, and spell thieves. The class of each character is determined by the character’s proficiency in the elements of ‘Erdreich’.

Immersive battle with other monsters and players, and a variety of modes including offline and online multiplayer battles, raids, and questing.

A unique online game system that allows you to play with others and even invite them to travel with you.


The Japanese company Cygames Co., Ltd. was established in 2000 and is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. At the beginning, Cygames created the ‘Kamisama no Asobi (資料の悪魔)’, the original game of ‘Kamisama no Asobi (資料の悪魔)’ in 2001. Cygames itself will continue to develop its own original titles in the future, and will also offer content and products based on other developed games in the future.


Cygames Holdings Corporation was created on June 1, 2014 as a holding company of Cygames to further expand the group’s business operations. Cygames Holdings Corporation is headed by Hiroshi Matsuyama, president and CEO.



Elden Ring Features Key:

  • 43 Skills to level up
  • Special combination of spells and powerful attacks
  • Many spells and weapons
  • Six races to play as: Halfling, Dwarf, Elf, Human, Ogre and Dryad
  • Poignant story
  • Completely customize your own character
  • Fight through a vast world
  • Unique asynchronous online play

    Prime Scenery, Inc. is a Japanese development company that strives to create games with unique and exciting stories. We develop action RPGs that have never been seen before such as Trails of Cold Steel and Trails of Cold Steel II. All of our titles have been directed to develop and upload to the Nintendo Switch with a sense of challenge and message in view to our users, and we hope you enjoy the wealth of content we will continue to develop. Feel free to look forward to our continued support of the Switch


    TARNISHED, is an action RPG set in the Lands Between, an area filled with fantasy-like quality. Your quests take you on a journey through a fantasy world reminiscent of the lands of Lord of the Rings. All of the quests in the game are extremely enjoyable, and during the journey you will be captivated by the high degree of unpredictability of what you will encounter in this world. Exceed the expectations of the complete online world and discover what lies in the unexplored areas.


    This is an Xbox One and Switch title. We are currently aiming at a holiday release. If you have a game developed by Prime Scenery please check out our catalog. Or, if you have an older Game Announcement please visit our product page, we will be awaiting its release with passion!

    The following information relates to Xbox One:


    Xbox One Games from Prime Scenery * We are currently aiming for a holiday release.



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    A weapon, armor, magic, and several other types of equipment are combined to construct a party that makes its debut in battle. Placing the party members in specific positions is a key to victory in the game.

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    That is to say, the various steps of the battle are sequentially executed during a battle, but are simultaneously executed.

    The battle step is divided into the step for moving between the towns and cities, and the step for moving through the map, and in the battle step, the map step is divided into the step for moving between the towns and cities, and the step for moving through the map.

    That is to say, the various steps of the battle are sequentially executed during a battle, but are simultaneously executed.

    Many of the battles in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance have many stages, making them incredibly long. Although you can complete the game by reaching the goal by brute force, it’s more fun to proceed by conquering the enemy with your powerful party.

    In addition to battles with enemy units, you can also command the lesser troops. The party performs best when they have support, especially with the levelling-up of the


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    【Character Stats 】


    What’s new:

    The last moment has come.
    One chosen to wield the grace of the Lord has come…

    The one who you have been waiting for is finally here!
    Shall it be you?

    Alter, who awaits the arrival of grace within the body, has arrived in the world of the Elden Ring.
    There, he is forced to make his decision as an individual.
    Will he be granted the power of Lord?
    All he has left is a choice made between light and darkness.
    The future of an entire race now lies in your hands.

    Dragon Quest Swords has raised the curtain on the brand new world of the Elden Ring. (Japan only)

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