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Tarnished, the first launch title of the newly established company Elden Ring Games and the game that will define a new era in the RPG industry, was released in January. The launch trailer for Tarnished has attracted attention and has been viewed over 5.5 million times, representing the game’s pre-order success. The story of Tarnished is set in the Lands Between and centers on Stella, a beautiful girl who loses her way and wanders into the mysterious, but dangerous, Lands Between. Stella’s adventure with her companions and the large cast of characters unfolds in an epic drama born from a myth, revealing countless mysteries. ABOUT ELDEN RING GAMES A subsidiary of Elden Entertainment Corporation, Elden Ring Games was founded in February 2016. The R&D department is comprised of people with experience from numerous companies including Compile Heart, Muse, Media Vision, Marvelous Entertainment, and NewMedia. The company’s goal is to create a living epic fantasy world. The company’s first business, a VN development studio named Elden Ring Games, was established in October 2016. Elden Ring Games is producing a VN as its first major project. Additionally, the company will launch an action RPG, Tarnished, in summer 2017. For more information about the company and VN, please check out the Elden Ring Games website and the Elden Ring Games Twitter. The Elden Ring Games Twitter The Elden Ring Games website ◆ AVAILABLE Tarnished for PlayStation®4, Xbox One Tarnished for Nintendo Switch ◆ PRE-ORDER You can pre-order Tarnished and get two different editions of the game for PlayStation®4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. The Store Edition The Store Edition is a special version of the game that comes with two in-game items. These items are a special ring and a card that lets you communicate directly with, and obtain an item from, the in-game shop, as well as other players. The Deluxe Edition The Deluxe Edition is a special version of the game that comes with a special box, a special ring, and two additional in-game items. As the box is non-refundable, if you want to send your own box to friends, you can purchase this version. ◆ PRE-ORDER REQUIREMENTS If you pre-order the game on PlayStation®


Features Key:

  • Dominating the realm and searching for much coveted treasure You seize the destiny of your people after you establish your legacy as an Elden Lord. To do so, you need to become the strongest and most influential Elder in the entire Lands Between. You forge an empire of territory more secure than anyone has before. Newly arrived Elder Lords and spirits constantly challenge each other, and you play a pivotal role in guarding the empire they develop. Travel through the Lands Between using the world’s first train. You can zip around various places connected seamlessly by top-of-the-line train engine.
  • A deep and challenging multi-path RPG system Elden Ring is comprised of zones divided into training, story, and combat areas, as well as legendary dungeons in which you can reach the true essence of a game. A battles that seem to never end Invented a battle system that lets you step into an engrossing, perilous epic. Your strategic plan is guided by Spirit Management, where you plan and control your party’s actions while at battle. Strategize a battle by predicting an opponent’s moves before they strike. Also, plan out a course of strategy to complete a certain dungeon in a short amount of time, and by punishing your enemies when you return back to town. The challenge of Dark Inspiration increases based on how much you summon your Spirits.
  • An All-New Fashion System Just like in real life, you can use your character’s clothing items to customize your appearance. Equip different gear and customize your look to fit your play style. You can even equip items while moving around in party formation. Use different items during battle to enhance your affluence or use them to cool down after an intense battle.
  • A completely original battle system to create a sense of battle excitement Fighting monsters in an underground dungeon is a wondrous experience, but fighting in the open landscape isn’t nearly as exciting. A strategy battle with an opponent that weaves through 3 or more battles at once, and a battle that flies up to the sky that’s even more engaging than that. Using the overland crossbow, you can attack enemies from above like an actual warrior during combat. This allows you to come down from the sky and ambush your enemy in critical situations where it’s hard to move around, as well as whenever that perfect opportunity should arise. You can perform special attacks when you whistle


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    Elden Ring (Eldensthrone) contains a different gameplay system. FEATURED FEATURES 1. Features of the Elder Scroll Legends 2. How to play the game 3. How the game works 4. System information 5. Strategy in Elden Ring >> ELDEN RING GAME GAMEPLAY Elden Ring’s aim is to empower players to enjoy the role-playing game genre in a new, free-to-play way through limitless online games in a new fantasy world with a single character. In addition to multiplayer, our online element lets you experience a sense of community by sharing your on-screen movements with others or controlling your own character. And with the sense of community you can feel the presence of others. This is a fantasy RPG “You choose where and when to proceed. ” of the Elder Scroll Legends. Gestalt-Change! Character creation! Tens of thousands of years ago, a mysterious race of humanoid creatures known as the Elders lived in a world where humans had not yet appeared. The Elders abandoned this world, and have since long since resided in the Lands Between, holding glories of their past. Currently in the world of Elden Ring, mankind is on the rise, slowly beginning to emerge from the darkness of the past. In this world where humanity is beginning to appear, each character has a unique set of features determined by their heart and will. T.D., a female, top-level adventurer, with skills in swordsmanship and magic, is your own character in Elden Ring. Features of the game: 1. An open world full of excitement. The Lands Between is a world that has a variety of situations. Although many of the materials and creatures that you encounter are related to the myth of the Elder Scroll Legends, it has a variety of different landscapes, such as towns, fields, and dungeons. 2. Fully customizable! The character you create has a variety of armor, weapons, and magic that you equip as you go. You can freely combine these items. You can even change the appearance of your character’s body to freely decide your character’s appearance. (All images) The game will be a game that can freely choose your own character. 3. Role-playing game with a new experience. Elden Ring’s aim is to empower you to enjoy the role-playing game genre in a new, free-to-play way through limitless online games in a


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