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Name Elden Ring
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▶ Your Powerful Character

Select from five races (Elf, Dwarf, Halfling, Human, and Undead) and eight classes (Knight, Mage, Archer, Ranged, Beastmaster, Monk, Ranger, and Vassal). Increase your abilities, gain new class skills, and easily defeat enemies with the power of the Elden Ring.

▶ The Vast World Full of Exploration

Explore an open world in a vast land where crops and cities rise alongside verdant forests. Battles and discoveries await everywhere, and your actions decide which stories come to light.

▶ Action Revolution with Adventure

Become your character, perform great actions, and feel the wonders of the Lands Between. The battle system has been strengthened to deepen the action and allow for even greater breadth. The story unfolds with the clash of hundreds of monsters, and it will end with a final battle when you destroy the last living enemy.

▶ Game that can be Played Anytime

With beautiful graphics and crisp sound effects, enjoy the adventure at your own pace anytime and anywhere.


An interactive experience that lets you get involved.

The unique portability of the PS Vita allows you to play anywhere, anytime. When you buy the game, you’ll get both the PS Vita console and a PS Vita memory card so you can start playing right away. The game can be played on the go using the touch screen or PlayStation®Tradition Controller.

Also included is a 500MB memory card, a charger, and a convenient carrying bag. With that, you can easily enjoy the game on your travels.

◆ About Remote Play

Remote Play means playing games on PlayStation®TV over PlayStation®3.

This game is being offered through Remote Play on the PlayStation®3. By downloading a Remote Play app for your smartphone or tablet from the Play Store™ or App Store, you can play the game directly on your smartphone or tablet over Wi-Fi.

◆ About PlayStation®3

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Features Key:

  • Known as the “Maiden of Blood,” the Elden Ring produces deadly vampires.
    The minigun can be used against multiple people and can perform extensive criticism.
    While it has a damaging action, it is also useful with the Vampire-Conduction Skill for techniques that cover wide areas.
    The Harsh Gun can be used against single people. It can also perform critical analysis, so it is useful against monsters that use attacks that have low evasion.
  • The transformation opportunities of the event monsters are expanded to a greater degree than usual.
    This increases the value of the event monsters so to newly generated ones.
    By transforming the event monsters, your party can acquire skills such as class skills for weapons with low attack.
    Even if the skill has already been learned, it can be independently developed, so you can fine-tune your knowledge and receive special bonuses.
  • EQUIPMENT (Black): Adi Equipment Set

    A set including a black helmet with a spectrometer, branch-shaped dagger, and a silver mirror.
    You can see clues hidden beneath the surface.
    This set can improve the effects of the all spectrometers.
    The Archer equipment can be used to perform bladed attacks and brawnier branch-shaped attacks.

    EQUIPMENT (White): Emperor Equipment Set

    A set including an arrow-shaped short sword, two elemental bows, and a silver mirror.
    By applying the Vampiric Breath skill on an elemental bow, you can perform brawnier attacks than those of simply using the elemental bow.
    The Orb equipment lets you use the Orb ability that allows you to collect materials, such as essence and books, near the level frontier, which is a level of higher ground that extends to a below-the-time level.
    With the Adventurer’s Level can increase because of the use of this equipment, as well as for the materials obtained through use of the armor.


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    Features and Benefits

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    • Combat

    – Action packed battles that you can enjoy anytime and anywhere!
    – Travel in any direction with a 360° camera and immediately engage in an exciting battle!
    – A variety of tactical options, including ‘Juggling’ that aims to control the battlefield in preparation for a decisive blow!
    – New timing-based action, allowing you to utilize the ‘Trauma Attack’ and ‘Assassin’, ‘Striking a Great Blow’ and ‘Summoning the Darkness’ to turn the tide of battle!
    – An all-round variety of attacks and skills including the ‘Crusader’, ‘Wild Charge’, ‘Wisp Slash’, ‘Heroic Charge’, ‘Awakening’, ‘Arcane’, ‘Blazing’ and more!
    – A wide variety of attacks and skills that also grant access to new weapons!
    – Players who exploit the secrets of the monsters and rivalries among the heroes will ultimately emerge victorious.

    – Combo System

    – The combo system allows you to accumulate experience and obtain skills by performing attacks with the same button.
    – As you increase the level of your skills, the combo system will continue to differentiate the attacks you can use.
    – Find your own ‘combo’ by gradually improving the skills of your favorite skill.
    -The Combo System will not be affected by the game’s difficulty.

    – Field Map System

    – The field map is a map for use in exploring areas that are different from the normal map.
    – The field map is a map that is displayed on the top screen of the map. It can be accessed at any time while exploring even when viewing a normal map.
    – It can also be used in minigames that require exploration.
    – You can see the field map even in minigames.

    • Hero System

    – The main character.
    – Your ‘character’ can be freely customized to meet your play style.
    – You can combine the weapons, armor, and magic you equip.
    – You can also develop your character according to your play style, such as increasing your muscle strength to become a strong warrior, or mastering magic.
    – Special Hero Skills include basic skills, field hunting skills, field assembling, field crafting, field traveling and elemental skills, allowing you to use your own


    What’s new:

    • Explore a Vast World
    Play as an agent of the 6 most powerful Elden Lords, and choose between the three paths of the Lands Between. Clear the story mode of each of the Lords to complete the thrilling and rewarding gameplay.

    • Befriend the Undead
    The undead with keen eyes and ears, who move like ghosts in the night, have emerged from the dark underworld to roam the world in great numbers. Make new friends to face the undead in battle!
    • Journey to the Depths of the Underworld
    Battle it out against powerful undead monsters. Equip exclusive equipment and defeat them using a variety of weapons, or go on exhilarating aquatic, aerial, and dragon based quests with your new friends!



    Free Elden Ring [March-2022]

    Installation help:
    1) Click Download
    2) Unzip it using WinRAR or WinZip
    3) Copy required files to below path “C:\gametemp”
    4) Run game on steam
    5) Enjoy ELDEN RING

    *** Cracked Game is Hacked from POT
    *** Once you run your game, you will get a text inside game saying as ‘Welcome to the Game’

    Credits and Thanks:
    R7v7n for the Script v1.02
    Soilder for Script v1.03 and v1.04
    Shango 10 for Banner
    Drrkstefr for png file
    Drrkstefr for background
    RTG for permission for using Background
    Drrkstefr for Cleared Script for Portal 2
    RTG for permission for using Portal 2 Script

    About the Author:
    MAYVANAD for URL Links for ELDEN RING Game

    This is a clean version, most of the parts have been replaced with the new content.

    Initializing Game:
    1) Type Exit Steam
    2) Press “Next”
    3) Check Game is working and play the game normally in Steam.

    Special thanks to:
    The following are used in this version of the game. All credits goes to the
    right respective owner.

    Quest – Thamos
    Stability Fixes – Stockone
    Balance Fixes – Stockone
    Gambits and combos – R7v7n
    Combat and Use of items – R7v7n
    Physical Armor – Stockone
    Magic Armor – Stockone
    Equipment – Stockone
    Creation of a new world – R7v7n
    Various the other-wise glitches – Stockone

    Thank You,

    Please credit game to me: Mayvanad

    Also your comments are welcome.

    Tell me about your comments, suggestions or any issues by using thread of this game on steam.

    Copy the whole content into C:\gametemp
    Then you can start the game.
    If the game runs the same, it’s working fine, otherwise – it’s a problem with Your copy.

    Full Version:



    How To Install and Crack Elden Ring:

  • Alevia GoPlay 17498.3K is required to play the game. You can play the game with one player or network play mode.
  • >
  • Get Android SDK
  • Download the “Elden Ring GOPlay 17498.3K”.
  • Install the application.
  • In application, select “updategame”
  • Select from the Android SDK tools, install and then open the directory.exe generated
  • In the “Play Game” select.
  • How To Crack:

    • Instal Antivirus & Firewall
    • Install service pack 1
    • install or unpacked the game
    • Run the game from steam.


    • Cracked and WIPE

    How To Play:

    • In steam account
    • Choose: Create a new game rule for a specific steam user profile.
    • Configure the option “Allow games to run” & “Unrestricted Game content”
    • Enable “Unrestricted Game content”.
    • Delete: Disable the previous, and enable “Unrestricted game content” and “Allow games to run”.