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From the Land Between Worlds comes the fantasy action RPG, Tarnished, an action packed fighting game that seamlessly connects you to other players through a unique online play feature. Rise as a God among Gods to use your power to strike fear in the hearts of all.
Rise a Great Deity to become an Ascended Lord.
Excel in your life, and become an Ascended Lord.
In this game, destroy the enemy and you will become an Ascended Lord.
Ascended lords who show their strength have the right to receive exclusive content and the right to ban other Ascended lords.
When you have defeated them, they have nowhere to run.
Ascended Lords are the top tier of the Lord Class.
The stage is a world where you hunt your foe.
With the large scale, you can enjoy the thrill of being chased by gods.
A higher God will not be chased down by a lower God.
A battle’s outcome depends upon the actions of those who fill the system.
You can see the results of your attacks on God and God’s followers.
You can also see the rewards of your actions and how your strengths affect the overall game.
What is the role of a Lord in the game?
Combat – Learn to craft and combine weapons and armor to fight your enemy.
– Learn to craft and combine weapons and armor to fight your enemy. Magic – Learn to craft and use the various spells.
– Learn to craft and use the various spells. Social – Learn to strengthen the connection between your characters and your Ascended Lord.
– Learn to strengthen the connection between your characters and your Ascended Lord. Management – Prepare the different stages of the game and craft special items.
The battle between Gods is an affair between gods.
You have the right to ban an Ascended Lord, or can yourself be banned.
As a rule, the higher your ascension is, the stronger your abilities are, and the more you obtain.
If there is a problem with your tactics, each Ascended Lord will help you study the game mechanics and improve your ruling style.
The higher the rank, the stronger their input will be.
A system for the Ascended Lord:
A detailed character information screen is displayed when you log in.
All the information you need is available.
You can see the evolution of your Ascended Lord’s data.
Ascended Lords can have a variety of skills, such as combat skills, magic skills


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Story of Tarnished Gods
    One of the main characters of the Lands Between, Tarnished is a deity who once held great power. Forgetful of his past and blinded by the pursuit of selfish desires, Tarnished prefers to live in carefree isolation. He is confident that he has the power to defeat the greatest threat in the Lands Between, but as he finds himself surrounded by enemies, is he willing to use the power of the Guardians to protect the world?

  • Chatty Characters
    Several characters interact with the player through conversational dialogue. Find out what they’re saying about the situation.

  • Illustrations of Wonderously Complex Unreal World
    The graphical design of the game, which uses a vast open world and HD graphics, breathes magic and fantasy.

  • Next-gen Graphics
    A revolutionary engine allows for serenely smooth graphics. Tarnished II is equipped with a new and significant graphical improvement, giving it a face lift, and a large extent of the player interface.

  • Defend Against Mana Beasts Against Mana Beasts
    Unravel a story with the Guardians – benevolent gods who protect the Lands Between – as they try to overcome the terrifying wonders.

  • Customize Your Character (with stats, skills, etc.) with Rebirth
    Create your own character in Rebirth. Your character can be customized to rise to the challenge of the trial, or to fill the role of two different characters if you like.

  • Four Difficulty Options (Easy, Normal, Heroic, and Custom)
    Easy– A simple and casual difficulty. For people who have not played before, or who want to easily try the game’s storyline.
    Normal– A moderate difficulty. For people who want a challenge but at the same time have an easy time with the game’s storyline.
    Heroic– A challenging gameplay format. For people who like a challenge and like to play the game, but also wish to easily advance to the next level.
    Custom– For anyone who wants to play custom challenges, or create their own dreams using their own system.

    Much more to come!
    · ‘Rebirth’ for easy game


    Elden Ring Free For Windows [April-2022]

    – Available on mobile and online

    – Hack and Slash

    – Classic RPG with Fluid, Advanced Graphics

    – Huge world that feels both vast and immersive

    – Dozens of challenging dungeons, with a wide variety of enemies and bosses

    – Beautiful and refreshing graphics

    – Easy to play, but you can easily improve your character

    – Immediate Realism with Smooth Character Movement

    – A Wide Variety of Equipped Weapons, Armor, and Magic

    – All the classic RPG elements are present, such as multiple attack modes, complex equipment, and stat development

    – Numerous difficulty settings and boss monsters

    – More than 30 hours of gameplay

    – Play against AI characters in real time

    – Supports multiplayer in addition to asynchronous online gameplay

    – High replay value and variety

    – A Great Player Community that is always ready to answer any questions

    – Unique and exciting voice-over acting

    – New storyline, new character who can be met in various areas


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    Immerse yourself in a dazzling fantasy world!

    1. A Vast World Full of Excitement

    “A vast world where open fields with a variety of situations and huge dungeons with complex and three-dimensional designs are seamlessly connected. As you explore, the joy of discovering unknown and overwhelming threats await you, leading to a high sense of accomplishment.”

    – The World

    ► Discover a Vast World of Fantasy

    A vast world where open fields with a variety of situations and huge dungeons with complex and three-dimensional designs are seamlessly connected. The world map is divided into three routes. In addition to the majority of the world where you can freely move around, you can travel to the Elden Forest and explore the Elden’s Road.

    ▷ The Grand Adventure Starts in the Lands Between

    Rise and explore the various regions of the Lands Between and unravel its mysteries. You can cast spells to change the course of the story, create magic, and more.

    ▷ Originality is the Soul of the Game

    A vast world full of fantasy, its background is animated with robust graphics and visuals. Even the characters’ expressions change according to your feelings.

    ► Expertly Craft the Hero and Immerse Yourself

    You can create an entirely new character and enjoy a vast world where you can freely move around. Or you can, by “tampering” your existing character with a few simple clicks, customize your character according to your play style, such as increasing your muscle strength to become a strong warrior, or mastering magic.

    ▷ Explore a Vast World of Fantasy

    A vast world full of fantasy, its background is animated with rich graphics and visuals, including the main story’s chapters and side quests. Even the characters’ expressions change according to your feelings.

    ▷ Get to Know A Vast World of Fantasy

    The Magic System
    As you travel through various routes and levels, you will unlock new actions and abilities.

    A Long, Successful Path

    The Elden Ring, the secret organization of powerful beings, was the sole guardian of the world. The Elden Ring was abandoned by its existence. The story begins as you wake up in the Lands Between, a place between the worlds, somewhere between dreams and reality.

    Explore the Lands Between

    A vast world with various routes, you can freely travel as you like. In addition to the


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    Game Features
    – Experience a thrill of seeing over 600,000 items come to life with unique animations.
    – Your favorite jobs and companions have appeared!
    – Enjoy the thrill of traveling with a smart AI-controlled companion.
    – Play wherever and whenever you want with your own phone, PC, or tablet.
    – Create your own character.
    – Travel with your companions.
    – Collect items.
    – Learn powerful skills.
    – Opt in to a new game with various fun events.
    – Enjoy clear and concise interface.
    – Enjoy a wonderful soundtrack.

    In addition, the Guild of Merchants in the Lands Between grants long-sought-after items you see during missions, including rare items from a quest you may already have completed.
    Way Of Life+Action








    Hurry up and take out the sandal version.
    Hey, Guild of Merchants, why not join forces with me to help create something great even bigger? Send in your feedback soon!
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    Free Elden Ring Crack + Product Key

    Download the RAR file.

    Run and click the file to install it.


    Note: If the game is not starting, it’s probably a connection problem. Try to re-install the game or to connect to the server.


    An even more modernized version of the mystical Elden Ring. Which is broken into parts and which is layered on the world of the Lands Between.


    The game world is a multilayered world. Each layer interacts with one another according to a certain rhythm. The outside world is the first layer and it is represented by the character of the player. You will be able to explore this world freely by pressing and releasing the buttons, and to proceed in your battles by providing commands.

    There are also animations, some which move automatically according to the movement of your character, and others which are only displayed on top of the background.

    The second layer is the world of dreams. This layer shows your future and allows you to interact with it, both directly and through the guidance of a spirit called Tarnished.

    In this world, you will meet people and be able to change your outfit, cleanse your weapon, and gain or lose levels depending on your actions and decisions.

    The third layer is the reality. This is the world of the Lands Between and it is represented by the various environments of the game. You will be able to explore this world freely using the buttons, and to defeat enemies by directing your weapons and spells. The more enemies you kill, the stronger your character will become and the stronger the weapons you will be able to equip.

    The Elden Ring has been broken into pieces and those pieces are scattered across the world. In order to obtain the parts you need and to progress in the game, you will have to find them using the various elements of the world.

    The final layer is the final layer. It is the world of the Eternity and it is where the fate of the player will be decided. In this world, the stages of your progress in the game will be randomly generated.

    The Eternity will end when you reach the final episode. In the final episode, you will be able to fight for the Void. This will be the last challenge of the game. To win, you will need to defeat all the enemies and master all the skills of your weapon and armor.


    How To Install and Crack Elden Ring:

  • Unrar: Go to the folder where you saved the.rar file and start the.exe
  • Click on “Install” and you will be taken to the page to install your game!

    Finally, you will get an.exe file called  “Elden Ring”, Follow the instructions to finish the installation process.


    Now you are ready to play Elden Ring. 



    System Requirements:

    Note: Special Note that, since this is a test version, there are many limitations to some features in the final release of the game. Also, this version is only compatible with Windows XP and Windows Vista. You should have all the latest service packs installed. All this means is that you need to be able to run the game. This includes that you are able to run the engine and video playback. The video playback will not work in this version of the game. But, we think you’ll have no problems getting it to run on the recommended specifications.


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