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An action RPG that combines the action-RPG style of Final Fantasy XV and the turn-based strategy of classic Final Fantasy Tactics, with an original story that will come to life thanks to the lively voice acting and expressive character animations.

Additionally, the unique online system will play a vital role in the story.

Playing as the world and its creatures, it’s your duty to enter the world and help it while traveling the lands between the three kingdoms, and you will encounter an endless number of opportunities.

The story begins when the benevolent rule of the Crescent Moon Kingdom gave way to the bloody rule of the Lunar Kingdom, and the land of the Elden Ring was invaded by the Lunar Kingdom.

The Elder, the ruler of the Elden Ring, traveled outside of his kingdom to determine the cause of the invasion.

In the midst of the war, with no leader, the powerful Elden Ring devolved into an almost immeasurable void. For a moment, the Elden Ring had no master, and it was slowly being lost.

And then, it was the brave sentiment of one of the Elden Lords that the Elden Ring must be restored.

The once mighty Elden Ring has become a shabby relic. Heeding this call, the seven Lords joined forces to follow the Elder.

Each of the Lords is a reflection of strength, a powerful warrior, an outstanding mage, or a fearsome monster.

You must protect the Elden Ring and fill it with the essence of wisdom. When facing the overwhelming power of the Lunar Kingdom, who can tell what will happen? You must rise, Tarnished.



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Features Key:

  • Fantastic Visuals
    First-class graphics incorporate beautiful futuristic art and animation freely combining different textures, and a detailed and faithful process gives a real impact to the game’s vivid atmosphere.

  • World Construction
    The world of Elden Rings and the Lands Between are presented with unprecedented aesthetics incorporating vivid scenery and a low terrain. It is brimming with life, from the towns near the main road, to the vast wilderness areas, mountainous areas, and dark fortresses deep in the center. In addition to town maps, there are wilderness maps that allow you to freely travel from place to place.

  • Crafting and Customization
    By the end of the game, the sword, armor, and accessories you equip will retain the character of your style and you can freely combine any of them. You can completely alter the appearance to your liking by upgrading your equipment.

  • Difficulty Level Decoupling
    A very gradual difficulty level enabling players to easily acclimatize to the game.
  • Asynchronous Online Play
  • World of Elden Ring Online is currently only available in Japan.

    Support for additional languages coming soon!

    Elden Ring Online supports English and Japanese. Please go to the local channel to play.

    We’d like to thank everyone for playing Elden Ring Online. Please continue to enjoy your playing experience.

    Coming to China soon…

    Game News:

    Novellus Treasure Online is compatible with mobile devices, please contact us to learn how to download it easily.

    After being delayed due to the crisis of the virus, we are about to release Novellus Treasure Online 1.0.2 and we would like to ask you for your support and patience. Due to circumstances beyond the control of the development team, which


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    Sega’s new fantasy action RPG titled “Rise, Tarnished” has got amazing animation and gameplay. In addition, it also has amazing story that attract you to enjoy it. When I see how they made this game in this perspective, I had become really curious of the beginning of this game. So, I bought it without knowing any other information. And, it has good quality.

    However, there are some things that I can’t solve. First, the screen goes blank sometimes. There is a part in the game that you can fill up the black screen with your own character. But when you fill the screen, the background music can’t be heard. The screen will be reset. It seems that the screen is reseted every time, so the performance is bad.

    Second, sometimes there is a problem with button control. I guess that there are some cases that it is caused by lag during network communication. But I cannot understand how and when it occurred.

    One more, it’s hard to understand the story. I can’t understand what the characters are doing. I guess that they are fighting, but I can’t feel any emotion to characters. The story can’t be understood and the world is not really going on.

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    Tuesday, February 17, 2010

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    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    [Style, Eclipse]:

    Saturday, August 15, 2012

    Elvie tells the story of Elva, a young girl who lives in a fantasy world where destiny lines control life and all things move on a slow clock. Elva is a Gen-Breaking warrior who lives in the far, deep into the last of the Elven Lands. Elva has been searching for her destiny in a world dominated by the rule of ghosts. However, it isn’t Elva’s destiny that’s ready to be revealed to the world, but the people close to her.
    Yes. Something is coming and change is imminent. Time is not a straight line but a circle of life that goes round and round forever. There is no beginning or end and no beginning because there is no end. Simultaneously present and always transitory, this is a timeless life. [source:

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    • In order to install in a folder «Unter», first navigate to your folder «Unter» on the desktop.
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