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The Elden Ring Game (ELLD) is a fantasy action RPG title created by Gungho and is exclusively available on PlayStation®4. It is a story in which the guardians of the Elden Realm gather to become the king of the lands between.

The setting is a world where a unique race of godlike beings called the Elden created a new world called the Lands Between as a place for you to live. The Elden have since abandoned the world, leaving their offspring, guardians of the Elden Realm, behind to maintain the Lands Between.

Since time began, the Guardians of the Elden Realm have protected the Lands Between. Through their long, hard battle against one another, they have risen from commoners to become Elden Lords, the rulers of the world.

In the game, the protagonist Meridion, a young boy raised by a member of the guardians, will journey across the Lands Between on the path of his growth. The hardships he endures will shape the future of the world.

The Elden Ring is powered by the XSEED Games engine. The XSEED Games engine was first announced in May 2014. Since then, the engine has continued to support numerous titles. Please follow the official website ( to find out more about the engine.

* A.G.: All rights reserved to the original author. All product names, logos, and brands are the property of their respective owners. XSEED Games is not affiliated with nor endorsed by the original author of this work.

※ Please save the files to your PS4™ storage and add them to the FOLDER: Select “Settings” > “System Settings” > “Download” > “Save Data” > “[XBOX]” > “Xbox LIVE” > “Add a Game” > (Save to PlayStation™4) > “SONY” > “My Games” > “SONY” > (If Playstation™4 has been able to connect to internet, you can download the file from the offline area. If not, you can download the file from the Cloud area.)

※ DSA: Digital Software Association, Inc.

The New Fantasy Action RPG is an intellectual property of DSA.



Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Mystery of the World: Three Kingdoms Story
    • Mystery of the World Gamer’s Edition
    • Mystery of the World Premium Edition (Avalon Code)
    • Mystery of the World Godly Edition
    • Underworld Story
    • Rise as a Duelist Story
    • BerserkerSaga
    • Remote Arena Story
    • Millenia Roar Story
    • Duel Champion Story
    • Party LadySaga
    • New Character: Elna
    • Playable Characters: Flynn, Edwyn and Elna
    • Game Editions:
    • Hardcore™ Story
    • Overwatch: All Classes™ Story
    • Crazy Tournament: All Classes™ Story
    • The Historian Story
    • Adventurers & Folk Tales Story
    • Just You Story


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    “I really enjoy the game’s setting, fluid gameplay, and multi-faceted story.”
    ~ Playism

    “I guess my expectations were a bit inflated thinking about seeing Vanillaware’s latest. I found it to be an improvement on Odin Sphere and I like the intricacy of the battle animations. I’m curious to see what other Vanillaware games will come.”
    ~ Twinfinite

    “This is a pretty different and unique adventure. In the first impression, the story is interesting and the gameplay itself is fun and enjoyable. I thought the total length was around 45 hours, and the battles themselves were challenging, fun, and very long.”
    ~ Gaijin

    “The game is a level based RPG like Odin Sphere. It uses a combo fighting system that can be best described as ‘Street Fighter’ meets ‘Mortal Kombat.’ You can chain attacks to achieve massive damage numbers against stronger foes, or you can tactically dodge attacks to avoid enemy attacks, keeping you in the fight for as long as you want. The game is challenging and requires some strategy, but that’s its biggest strength. The story and characters are just as good as in Odin Sphere. There are some familiar faces and plot twists for those who have played that game, but Vanillaware’s latest is a strong, fresh start.”
    ~ RPGfan101

    “To be clear: I played through the PlayStation 3 demo a few times yesterday and yesterday evening and I’m absolutely smitten with it. I want this game.

    I’ve been a fan of the Odin Sphere series since it first appeared in Japan during the PS2 era, and I’m loving this love letter to Vanillaware’s origin as a company.

    This is like Odin Sphere, but with the scale of an actual console game and plenty of new wrinkles thrown in.

    Fans of Odin Sphere, Vanillaware’s stylish, mature, polished game that only came out back in 2008, might be disappointed, but for everyone else, I think they’ll be just as pleasantly surprised.”
    ~ Gamezine

    “The combat in this game is beautiful, fluid and one of the best controls in the business for a PS3 game.”
    ~ Destructoid



    Elden Ring X64 (Final 2022)

    ▶ Action Role Play, Adventure, & RPG: Explore the vast world and start a new adventure
    ▶ Create a unique character. Customize your character appearance and develop your character according to your play style.
    ▶ A new online play that connects you with others in an asynchronous way
    ▶ An epic drama that leaves you transported to a different world
    The epic drama that formed from a myth. A portrait of a multilayered story told in fragments.
    Explore the vast world of the Lands Between, a huge mythical continent where Elden and mortal races coexist. In this world, an order of warriors exists called the Elden.
    The unique Online Play that loosely connects you to others.
    Rise, Tarnished. Become an Elden Lord.
    By sitting in awe of the light of the world, the gods tell us the tale of destiny.
    It is said that God created the universe within the strife between a great Dragon and a large Dragon.
    The day when the final battle between these Dragons shall take place is a day that will herald the beginning of the end of the world.
    Such a day of destiny will only occur once every millennium.
    Something of its nature is said to change even as time continues to progress, though it is also said that the changing destiny of the world long ago has passed, sealed within the great Wheel of time.
    「The Elden» is a Fantasy Action Role Playing Game where you yourself become a powerful Warriors, Mages and Dragons in order to combat this ancient destiny.
    Battle with a variety of weapons and various monsters and even other players using your own skills and items!
    Otalia and her comrades, who have been transported to this world due to their duty to the land, are running out of time.
    The Mage Shalloth, who conjured up this new world, has mysteriously disappeared.
    While the Dragon Race, which was once one of the most advanced, now have become farmers who need to learn how to live in harmony with other races.
    As well as the Elden and the Dragon Race, mortal races such as humans and elves are also exist within Otalia and her comrades’ world.
    It is these people who are fighting for their own survival in a divided and troubled world.
    Take part in the struggle by rising in rank in an RPG which leads you to brandishing the power of the Elden Ring and fighting to fight for the survival of your race.
    Feeling as though you are


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    "An amazing story that challenges our emotions"


    "There is no story you will not be able to experience"

    "The missing pillar of RPGs"

    "An incredible story with the power of an epic that leaves you wide-eyed"

    "Deep impact, outrageous action, and incredible story"

    "Epic action with powerful fantasy elements"

    "An exciting new RPG that instills emotions in the players"

    "The perfect game for you to discover an unfamiliar world"

    "It’s a story impossible to forget"

    "Be amazed by the unbelievable rules and game design"

    "A joy to the senses"

    "Simply breathtaking"

    "Unforgettable action and difficult battles"

    "An even more daring and spectacular adventure"

    "Impossible-to-put-down side stories"

    "The joy of overcoming the impossible"

    "A story of a tragic hero"

    "Fantastic difficulty and combat"

    "An original RPG that takes on the genre" 

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