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The Elden Ring is an exciting RPG adventure in which you lead your own group of heroes through a vast world, filled with unexpected danger and the thrill of exploration.

The main points of the game are as follows.

– A Unique Fantasy Drama Adventure

You are born a Tarnished who are given access to the power of the Elden Ring. With your power, you battle on the brink of the Great Elden War.

You can freely combine your weapons and armor to develop your character. This includes developing your character by raising your levels and gaining strength to become a mighty warrior, or mastering powerful magical skills.

“The Immortality of Legend” is a multilayered story told in fragments.

The entire story has been built in 10 chapters, which provide a comprehensive explanation of all the background and scenario.

Also included is a unique online element, where you can feel the presence of others and travel together.

– A Complete Fantasy Action Game with a Full Combo System

– A Unique Online Element that Loosely Connects You to Others

– A Full Combo System that Builds the Character

• Your Actions Set the Course of Events

Your actions directly influence the course of events. You can choose your path.

Your friends who were scattered with the war are sometimes reluctant to form a group.

A simple, “Am I doing something right? Please give me a suggestion,” can lead to a disaster.

As you play, you can freely customize your character’s appearance and develop your character by raising your levels and gaining strength. This includes developing your character in such ways as fighting techniques, magic, and the defenses of the body.

• The Power to Destroy the World and Control Time

In addition to being able to reduce the enemies, you can control time by using the power of your companions.

Use the power of time to switch to other areas.

Using the power of time can have a decisive influence on the course of events.


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Features Key:

  • A Huge World, and a Story-Rich Composition System
    A huge world with hundreds of locations to explore. Created using Unreal Engine 3, it includes a wide variety of environments. Its seamless integration of stages with rich world backgrounds enables players to experience visually stunning battles from the secure position of a palisade.
  • An Epic Drama in which the Thoughts of a Wide Variety of Characters Intersect Together
    A story in which a breach is slowly appearing in the border between the Lands Between, and powerful monsters from the beyond have invaded. A meteor collided with the Lands Between, and those who are unable to use powerful magic are caught in the middle of the story. You will encounter big and small, inspired by mythical and modern themes, and reach at the end of the story the otherworldly glory of the Lands Between.
  • A Variety of Combat Systems for All Player Types
    Combat that doesn’t impose a burden on new players with a strong affinity for action, and action that won’t lead to monotony for experienced players.
  • A Variety of Events That Hint at the Secrets of the World
    A variety of events are lined up one after another. You can freely play and interact with the world while enjoying the hidden mysteries at the core of the Lands Between.
  • Visual Effects of Explosive Power and a Unstoppable Flow of Magic
    An explosive and visceral action game that provides strong visual effects in-game and that enables players to enjoy the story and enjoy the excitement of battles all together. You will enjoy the drama of a furious battle scene and thrilling ride with your companions, and delight in the playful exchanges that characterize a dynamic battle between two skilled warriors.
  • Free Interaction with the Other Players and Animated Artworks at the Same Time
    With this feature, the seamless online interactivity and asynchronous online component are implemented seamlessly, and the players’ friends list, mail, and chat function are available at the same time. An anime-like image quality is possible while maintaining the fluidity of the game screen.
  • Content-Rich Battles
    Battles and Summoning quickly proceed. You can enjoy the awe-inspiring battles that will continue even when you’re not online, and can also see the animations of your companions.
  • The Game Use System with a Variety of Items
    On top


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    I had to stop playing around with the initial impressions of the announcement, but I thought I’d take another run at it to see if my enthusiasm for the idea had been soured.

    After the delay of the game’s announcement, I found that it had!

    I’ve mentioned before that I’m a huge fan of the idea of a fantasy RPG, and this game fits the bill really well. My biggest concern however, was the delay of this game in comparison to all of the other announcements from Nintendo and Square Enix. Even though I know the staff of that development studio feels regretful, I don’t want to be the kind of person that is arrogant enough to ignore the fact that there was a delay. After all, my personal experiences in the game industry have been that a development studio often messes up, and games with unpredictable release schedules often end up being late.

    So I had to hold off on playing the game for a while, giving myself a lot of time to evaluate the content of this game, and deciding whether I wanted to keep playing.

    After a few months of waiting, the day that I downloaded and began playing this game finally came!

    On that very first evening, I immediately regretted my decision of waiting. I began thinking that my expectations were way too high for a game that was announced so late, and my excitement began to fade.

    But I still gave it a shot.

    Now for those who are interested in details, I’m going to talk about what I thought I would talk about when I made my first post about this game.

    First of all, I started off with saying that the game looks fantastic, and I was almost immediately convinced.

    The world and characters seem incredibly detailed, and all the work of the developers has been shown to be on-point.

    After finally giving in and playing this game, I began to think that it was really a combination of the beautiful artwork and the attention to detail that allowed me to give this game a higher recommendation.

    To put it simply, it’s a gorgeous game!

    The music in this game is outstanding. With its melodies and sound effects, it’s almost as if the music wasn’t made in the game, but by the band or musician. It’s so memorable, that


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    General Information Leaderboard See all statistics Actions in the online game

    Online Play Online Gameplay

    Create a game server

    Make a party from invited other players (Choose Your Party.)

    When a player is invited to a game, they must accept the invitation, and we will activate the game. After the game has been activated, the game will open as a private game.

    Download the free version and complete the tutorial

    There are two modes of gameplay in the online game: online and offline. In offline gameplay, you can only communicate with those already in your party. You can only communicate with players who are playing in the offline mode in other modes.

    When all members of your party have reached Level 10, offline gameplay will be removed.

    A quest system is in place to allow all players to participate. By completing the quests and level up in-game, your characters will become stronger.

    1. Map Use

    In the geography of the Lands Between, there are five regions, each having five major cities. In each city, you will find a set of quests to be completed. As they are completed, you can grow as a hero in your hometown.

    Explore the entire world

    To explore the entire world, you will need to equip your Character with the right equipment. In order to equip the right gear, click on the Adventure map in your party’s menu on the main menu.

    Other players are automatically added to your party.

    Depending on the gear you have equipped, you will be able to explore the map freely. When your Character shows up on the map, a green circle is displayed on the map. If it is about to reach the maximum radius, you will be able to freely explore the map.

    Travel to another city or save

    To save the state of your Character, you can use the X button or the Y button on the keyboard. If you move a character to a different city or near a city, the map will automatically show you the state of that area.

    Note: If you enter a dungeon or a strong enemy area, you must head back to the hotel to rest.

    2. Monster and NPC Spot

    In every city there is a tavern where various NPCs appear throughout the day. You can talk to them in order to receive quests, make party members stronger, or give them weapons and armor.


    What’s new:

    Join your quest for martial power in the tactical RPG, where lords and ladies are summoned to duel in spectacular battles from the legendary male.
    • An Intense New Battle System that Boasts Scaling and Easy-to-Follow UI
    Use the fission system to hold your battlefield strategy and dynamically scale your battlefield positioning.
    ・Play in a battlefield centered on the party formation and use your offensive capabilities to defeat powerful monsters that can hold hundreds of hits!
    ・Your Spatially Oriented Maps Can Grow with the Monster Count
    ・Simple way to learn the intuitive skill use system.
    • Enjoy the Same Game Quality as the Steam Version
    Full PC sprite animation, the distinctive party battle gameplay, and even more DLC and character support. Play “Ars Magica Quest” on your own PC or enjoy the convenience of our cloud service.

    One month after the events of ROSELAND NETWORK, strike back once more to bring down the seven-member syndicate that holds the Archangel Network in its grip.
    ◆After the events of ROSELAND NETWORK, the syndicate actively held a presence in the western district. To strike back at their false worldview, 7 major syndicates, one after another, will gather in the western district.

    Based on the original story by Kishimoto Go, FGN Works is making an out-of-print version of the legendary eroge of New Generation and future of the era of smartphone game!
    • The First Navi-Action Medieval RPG!
    The first eroge of a brand-new genre written by Hiro Onodera (Onodera Hiro Hitoshi and producer of the “Overlord” series), which is a killer time-slip action.
    ◆“Eroge Legends!” of Real-Time Sword-Off by Navi-Action
    The storyline, which is a story of mix of historical romance, love-power fantasy action, martial arts exhibitionism, romance and light sci-fi;
    ◆The Storyline is Accompanied by Quests in a Changing World!
    A game where you can roam around freely in a modern era, but at times a classical setting of feudal Japan comes to life.
    ◆Hundreds of Quests!
    ◆Lusitania (Interviews, Quests in English, Quests in


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    The new fantasy action RPG
    “Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace to brandish the power of the Elden Ring and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between”
    Elden Ring
    Elden Ring is a fantasy action RPG developed by the Spike Chunsoft Company.
    You will be entering a world full of excitement and limitless adventure!
    Please, enjoy the game!

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    + Over 1500 different magic spells
    + Simple with all the functions
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    + Play single-player, offline or online.
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