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* Attribute: Control Magic and Sword Swords and create your own exciting story about the Lands Between.
* Surpasses fantasy and massive action with simple controls.
* The Asynchronous online function that defines and connects one’s adventure with others.
* A variety of weapons and armor with a number of backgrounds and characters.
* A vast landscape that has never been seen before.
* A multilayered story that touches on themes such as racism and nationalism.
* How the story continues even after your death.
* Over 10 hours of main story.

* A story begins with the main character, Tarnished, attaining the power of the Elden Ring Product Key that transcends dimensions and gives you the power to travel to other worlds.

* Due to the permissiveness of the Elden Ring’s power, the character is defined as a demon by the general public.

*With that power, you are entrusted with a life mission.

*-The goal is to defeat the Demon King of the Elden Ring.

*You are entrusted with an important mission of the Elden Ring. It is the mission that will decide the fate of the world.

– Fight the Demon King of the Elden Ring, who is opposed to the Elden Ring and has declared himself to be your nemesis.


Basic information, also applies to the game.
• – Main Story
– It is a grand action where the main character, Tarnished, discovers the power of the Elden Ring, and fights the Demon King of the Elden Ring.

* It is a different story from the game. (System Linked)
* – Multiplayer
– You can directly connect with other players through the asynchronous online function, and join their party.

– You can play a party together with other players, talk with them via various chat functions, or exchange info with the storage shared with the player’s online storage.

*-A system that can control monsters, NPCs, and other users.

– You can share the storage with other players or the storage that the player has created.

– You can change the view of other users, etc.

* It allows you to enjoy the interesting cooperative feeling of multiplayer games with anyone!
*-It is easy to connect.
-Network settings are simple to manipulate.
-The communication is easy to check.


Features Key:

  • System Requirements:
    Minimum Requirements:

    Vista (window Vista 64-bit, XP-sp3+64-bit, or Windows 8.x (64-bit))

    Hard disk space: 400 MB

    CPU: 1.8 GHz

    2 GHz processor or more

    RAM: 1GB+
  • Character Creation:
    Maximum Level: 63
    Forme Sets: 7
    Forme Classes: 7
    Class Set: 7
    Development Time: 25 min
    Item Level: 28
    Gold: 18,820
    Bugs: None in code
    Information: Although you can save a game in PROGRESS, the LOST DATA of saved games may not be restored after the next restart. You can avoid this issue by saving before recieving OOS.*
    Versuion Release Date: 4/23
  • The Power of Elden Ring:

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    “The graphics and field design of the various regions of the game are beautiful. The character design is cute, and the scenario design is great.”

    “The action is crisp. The scene that you enter upon is lively. It’s fun.”

    “From a multiplayer aspect, it’s fun to enjoy the actions of others.”

    “For the scenario, it’s a satisfying battle, and it’s fun to enjoy the game as a whole.”

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    Take a Break

    EXPLORE the new content and new features here!

    Update 1

    Your surroundings change according to the role and number of people you enter, so you’ll get to see the changes in the area around you.

    You’ll also meet new characters who hail from the lands of Nantosuelta and Vilnius, and also battle exciting enemies that appear, including Draculas, vampires and other monsters.

    Exclusive Character Presentation

    A unique character presentation of the Tarnished class has been added. When you enter a town, your level will increase and you’ll be able to obtain a quest to move on to the next town.

    A character who battles with you while exploring the countryside can be enlisted, and you’ll also be able to gather information from them.

    Update 2

    We’re including the “Embrace the Elden Ring” quest and weekly events as additional content to enjoy.

    “Embrace the Elden Ring” Quest

    You’ll obtain the “Dancing Elden Shield” as a first mission.

    You’ll then be given the “Strife of the Elden Shield” as your second mission.

    After returning the shield to the Elder – the person who originally found it – your sword will break and be imbued with the power of the Elden Shield.

    You’ll be able to obtain a “Fatal Tarnished Sword” as a reward.

    You’ll then have to head off to Edria to retrieve your sword.

    You’ll have to defeat “Silver Rushes” of the “Nephilim” and you can’t meet them when you use your sword, so you’ll need to hunt them down.

    When you enter the castle, you can upgrade your equipment and learn a new “Magic:” Fortify Strength, which increases your strength.


    Elden Ring With License Key [Mac/Win]

    • Welcome to the Lands Between
    The Lands Between is a game world where people and monsters live together peacefully. While some monsters are large and fearsome, they are actually people that have made a pact with the Elden Ring in a place with no sunlight. If you are a Player, you are one of these people.
    • Explore the World of Elements
    The world is divided into four different elements: ice, fire, earth, and wind. The presence of monsters depends on the element; for example, there are monsters only in the Fire element.
    • Play a Game with Game Mechanics
    You can play the game with game mechanics such as attack, cast, motion, motion control, and combos. In addition, it is possible to perform a combo by using any kind of weapon during a combo.
    • Equips Different Items to your Character
    There are a variety of items with different characteristics to equip.
    Online Multiplayer, Multiplayer, Multiplayer, and Multiplayer
    • Play with a vast number of players to battle in team raids and duels
    • A game with an excellent multiplayer experience is born
    • Performing combos to defeat monsters is a thrilling battle
    • Various dungeons with a variety of areas are prepared
    • Battle in battle royale mode
    • Enjoy enjoyable battle duels in teams and perform combos
    • With a vast world and characters that bring excitement to the games, it’s easy to come across different companions who will accompany you in your adventures.
    >Research: Alrik, known as the Cyborg, is a former police chief and information collection specialist who wields the magic sword Gwyllion.
    Online Multiplayer, Multiplayer, Multiplayer, and Multiplayer
    Different systems are required in order to play online multiplayer, multiplayer, and multiplayer. However, with just a few commands, you can freely switch between the system that is being used and the game that is being displayed.
    • Compete with other players and play with them


    What’s new:

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