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Elden Ring Game (hereinafter, “the game”) is a fantasy action RPG developed by YOSHIFUKU INC. and MangaGamer. You will be among those chosen by the so-called Elden Lord to become one of the few who wield the power of the Elden Ring in this world full of exciting things. After that, you can try to make sure that your character will grow into an Elden Lord and complete all of the three tasks during the game!


Product Name: Elden Ring Game



Release Date: 15 March 2019

Language: Japanese

Genre: Fantasy Action RPG

Item Type: Download

Version Type: Complete version, DLCs not included

Distribution: Steam

Price: $24.99 USD

Links: [Official website] [Steam] [Facebook] [Twitter]


OS: Windows

CPU: Intel Core i5 or better

Memory: 4GB RAM

Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX660 or better / AMD Radeon HD7770 or better

Hard Disk: 30GB available space

Sound Card: DirectX9 compatible sound card

Additional Notes: Internet connection required



Create your own unique character.

A vast world with open fields and complex dungeons.

Various and overwhelming threats await you.

A multilayered story that intertwines the thoughts of the characters.

Online play, and a unique online experience that lets you feel the presence of others.



In Elden Ring Game, you can directly connect with other players via a real-time connection so you can experience the other players’ emotions.

The game has an excellent story told in fragments where the various thoughts of the characters intertwine.

The game has online play, and an amazing story where you can get involved.

By completing the given tasks, the game will be able to grow.



OS: Windows

CPU: Intel Core i5 or better

Memory: 4GB RAM

Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX660 or better / AMD


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Dynamic Battle™ where different fights occur at the same time on a connected map.
  • Create an Awesome Parody of RPG (yes, it is parody)
  • Unique action RPG with a high level of freedom. Play by your own rules.
  • An Epic Story brought to life by Divizing the Elden Ring.
  • Never-ending Story
  • Campaign – the story that takes place during five major missions.
  • World – A full map in which the story unfolds continuously.
  • Endless Fun—beyond the main story, there are constant challenges and surprise events.
  • Jungle Jungle that completely changes with each play, ever evolving and opening up new scenarios.
  • The Elden Ring is available now in Japan for the PlayStation®4 and PlayStation®Vita.

    Upcoming English release date announced at a later date. Show us your support with this Early-Access.

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    “Ever dreamed of being a faithful prince loyal to you, to be a faithful king and lord who protects the people, your people, the people who know you as… a TRUE PRINCE?

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    The main keyword of this game is “unity,” and the “Unity” is the concept that in a fantasy game, the game will have many rich fantasy elements and the characters will try to meet the conditions of the fantasy world such as the character’s name and gender.

    If you live as if you are in the world of a fantasy, the game will be more attractive, and the interest of the players will increase and create a different experience.

    There are many ways to be a happy man, but what kind of man does the world think is a happy man?

    The “Princess” of this mobile game is the princess who can create the power of “Virtue.” The power of “Virtue” can be used by the princess in various ways.

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    Elden Ring Crack [Win/Mac]

    ◆ 1. Story of the Elden RingThe new fantasy action RPG of the entertainment company Netmarble.
    In the world between the Lands Between and the Elder, the Lands Between, there exists a legend.
    A legendary gem is said to be in the Lands Between. To obtain that gem, the Elden Lord should hunt for and discover a sunken ship called the “Tarnished” within the Lands Between.
    ◆ 2. The World of the Lands BetweenIn the Lands Between, the balance of the natural order has been broken, and a dark wind is blowing.
    Will the legend come true when someone from the Lands Between comes to the Lands Between?
    ◆ 3. The Elden Ring’s AdventureWhile exploring the Lands Between and hunting for the Tarnished, you go on an adventure with some companions.
    Will you feel nostalgic when you play an RPG where the right and left buttons were assigned to attack and the Z button was assigned to magic, or will you suddenly feel something new?
    ◆ 4. The Earnings of the Elden RingIt is said that if you gain 5,000 Crealm points in a month, it is possible to obtain the holy sword “Light of Crealm” from the legendary heroes.
    With each Earned Point, gain renown to become an Elder, develop its abilities, and become stronger.
    ◆ 3 CharactersThe Earned Points will be automatically added at the end of each month, but you will be able to replenish them by purchasing them.
    ◆ MagicQuest: MagicQuest, a new system for summoning the aid of gods and demons.
    ● Characters This is basic information about the main three characters.
    ◆ Gameplay▼ Quest of the Elden Ring:
    Play as a character who has traveled across time from the modern age of our world and hunts the Tarnished. The Tarnished is a legendary ship sunken in the Lands Between.
    ◆ The Elden Ring:
    In addition to your character, you will have the following comrades:
    · 1 Player Level: Current level of one player within the current world.
    · 1 System Level: Within the Lands Between, various systems and barriers to progress are placed on certain level.
    · 3 Proficiency Levels: Ability to be stronger at basic and advanced skills.
    ◆ Daily Live Activities:
    Following completion of the quest, you will have an objective to go and shop and play games with


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

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    Information for existing customers:
    If you have existing ELDEN RING installed on your computer please check the following
    before opening your ELDEN RING to confirm all running processes to be aware of running in the background when ELDEN RING is not in use,
    sometime these processes can be left over without re-starting them thus it might lead to the background content being

    Full Screen Games

    [1] Have you checked the ELDEN RING application to be running in the background?

    If your ELDEN RING application not working, Close all running applications on your computer

    Close the ELDEN RING application and check it again

    Remove the game profile from your account,
    delete all files from your game profile folder (normally in your Documents\All Program\ELDEN RING)

    Connect internet if you are behind a firewall or NAT, uninstall and reinstall the game

    Restart the computer and when starting the game, choose the ELDEN RING profile.

    Disable add-ons if you have any,
    disable all add-ons from your profile,
    delete ALL files from your game profile folder (normally in your Documents\All Program\ELDEN RING)

    To do this select Help > Troubleshoot and follow the tutorials

    HDD Defragment

    Defragment your


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