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It’s the sequel to the globally popular TARNISHED: META IN SEARCH OF THE YOUNG KING, releasing at the end of this month. The game blends classic MMORPG elements with the advantage of a large-scale multiplayer experience.

In the video game version of the MMORPG, the main character (called a “Questary”) explores the vast world of the Lands Between in an effort to find the Elder God. The main character will participate in the multiplayer online battle to defeat monsters to collect valuable crystals.





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I checked with the help of this post.
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Features Key:

  • Day and Night World: A 3D world full of depth and diversity. Explore and complete quests with players from around the world.
  • Unique New Character Class: Switch to a Warrior, Mage, Archer, or other class as you encounter different enemies, collect items, and strengthen your combat skills. Change your class to match the situation and increase your combat efficiency.
  • Upgrade Skills: Combining upgraded skills for specific Warrior or Mage classes strengthens the skills of all other classes. Receive feedback on the effectiveness of your upgrades.
  • Create Your Own Character: Customize your character, with an emphasis on their appearance. Your playable character is created via visual customization of the equipment you equip. The more equipment you have, the stronger, tougher, and scarier your character will become.
  • Formidable New Enemies: An army of powerful monsters fill the Lands Between. Battle with them, and it will strengthen the race of elves led by the Tarnished Lord.
  • Exploration-Based Quests: Although you’re free to travel as you like, the strongest route through the lands is determined by the path created by the various factions. Travel on these roads, and you will find a variety of quests brimming with excitement.
  • Prepare for Battles: Acquire items to fully reinforce your character’s combat power. Along the way, upgrade items to enhance the power of your combat techniques. Equip more powerful weapons and armor to become more dangerous.
  • Humble beginnings: Play at any time to enjoy the game without feel pressured to complete quests to gain money. Play through the campaign, and as you eliminate enemies, your character will level up. Through leveling up, your character becomes more powerful, and you unlock different quests.
  • Download Links:

    • STEAM
    • Karting Software

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      “Somehow it feels like I’m not playing a game but observing the lives of others.”

      “The deeper you go, the more you will find yourself in.”

      “…I’ll be the only one left.”

      “I will not fall. Because I have a goal to reach, and you are my driving force.”

      “That was a lovely journey, wasn’t it?”

      “Let’s go find the other ones then.”

      “…The feeling of solving the riddle of the story—which Elden Ring Game

      focused on the very core of ‘RPG’.”

      “A system that brings together the best parts of RPGs and

      traditionally hand-drawn RPG illustrations, and incorporates them

      in the fantasy world.”

      “…It feels like there’s a story in the world.”

      “[The protagonist’s] surprising actions and funny expressions are

      smoothly conveyed.”

      “Even if I’ve played the title before, or if I play it with my

      friends, every time I try to replay it a new story begins.”

      “This is undoubtedly the most enjoyable RPG I’ve played in


      “I never get tired of recommending to others that they try it.”

      “I’m waiting for the day my wish comes true and I become an Elden Lord.”

      “It feels like an RPG that begins the path of my life, and I will

      carry on the story begun with Elden Ring Game.”

      “It is really enjoyable.”

      “I can’t see my face if I close my eyes. It’s very realistic.”

      “The game is extremely good-looking.”

      “You can tell that the people who worked on this had a love for


      “Regardless of being a long or short story, I am absolutely

      delighted with every sentence, line, expression and


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      • To go deeper into the story of “I AM A MONSTER!” and dive into the most dramatic moments in the Legend of Legendary Heroes.
      • Battle against a variety of monstrous enemies while dealing out the most powerful blow.
      • Equip equipment to strengthen your character, and use the skills you’ve learned to move forward.
      • Experience the thrill of attacking enemies with ferocious strength and speed.

      Gameplay Difficulty: Easy


      A mighty Elden lord who rules over the Lands Between has appeared. He wants to destroy the world.


      Will, the protagonist of the Legend of Legendary Heroes. He is the main hero.

      Elly, a girl who helps Will protect the Lands Between, and falls in love with him.

      Ace, a knight of the Lands Between who dons armor to protect the Lands Between.

      Cid, a famous rock band member and musician.

      The cheer leader of the Lands Between.

      In order to become a new legend… Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace.

      • Experience the world of Legends Of Legendary Heroes.

      • Clear each stage to play the game.

      • Or fight your way through the game by creating a new character.

      • Enjoy every minute of the game.

      • Enjoy the most advanced graphics and animations.


      “It’s the new game that is the most like the old one that will likely be added to the gallery of landmarks from the brand. It’s gorgeous to look at, a feast for all senses. There’s an unprecedented amount of work that goes into a simple looking game and that’s why it’s worth playing through again. It’s not so fast that it can’t be tracked and it keeps to the point, which is why this game is definitely worth your money.”

      – review of “Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel”

      “The most welcome change in all of the last games coming out are the classes. That’s the line of Elemental Arts (Warrior for mages, Archer for archers, Lightning Duelist for duelists). The elementalist system in the original was just as complicated as the action games that followed it, but there’s a clear separation between the concepts that makes it more accessible. The same can


      What’s new in Elden Ring:

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      Welcome to the Ragnarok Odyssey Amazon store!

      As one of the largest RPG browser games on the USA market, Ragnarok Odyssey(Astragon/Revelation) is now available for Android system!

      The game features a vast fantasy world and excellent graphics with the classic Ragnarok hero!

      More than 50 hours of gameplay and you have the ultimate tool at your disposal! Its true to the Ragnarok series with new elements added.

      Through an epic tale of love, friendship, and adventure, play as Ragnarok: an orphaned outcast, searching for your father… your fate.

      After centuries of living alone in the forgotten kingdom of Sia, Ragnarok returns to fulfill his destiny as the next ruler of the growing empire of Rnor.

      Challenge your enemy and expand your empire as you fight through various towns, dungeons, and rivers to a showdown on the island of Rleia.

      Ragnarok Odyssey is a FREE-TO-PLAY game for Windows and Android systems that allows you to choose to play as a Warrior, Thief, Mage, or Shaman.

      Ragnarok Online Story and Ragnarok Odyssey Story:

      By unlocking new Hero Points and catching various equippable items, you’ll be able to clear story content at your own pace.

      Collect special loot as you progress through the story mode.

      Clear dungeon after dungeon to earn rewards that will let you upgrade your equipment and Hero Points. You’ll earn a piece of loot for every monster killed.

      Story in one game – play as five different jobs (Warrior, Thief, Mage, Shaman, and Shaman) and gain awesome experiences in five different worlds. (Begins March 12th)

      As a Thief in the Sigil Empire, you must reach the Imperial Palace to steal the Prism of Virtues from the Emperor.
      This is the first choice between two paths.
      You can choose this and play through it before starting the main story.

      As a Warrior for the Empire’s Captain, you travel through a dangerous wilderness to complete your quest to avenge a fallen comrade.
      This is the second choice between the two paths.

      The main story will begin on February 9th.

      Story: DE


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