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The Elden Ring is a fantasy action RPG where the player creates an own character while pursuing an epic drama of the Lands Between.

• Fun Action Gameplay
Action elements allow you to challenge and utilize a variety of exciting situations. As you play the game, the joy of discovering and leveling up new weapons and armor appears and your overwhelming and intuitive gameplay experience will be enhanced.

• A Deep Story and Epic Drama
With a player-centered focused approach, the story is told in fragments and various in-game characters have a variety of different thoughts and feelings. The story is written in a unique language, inviting players to view the story from different perspectives. Furthermore, a great deal of effort has been put into the background story that has been woven into the narrative.

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Features Key:

  • An Epic Drama, Where You Lead the Story as Lord Geruth, One of the Elden Lords who rules the Lands Between
  • A Vast World Full of Excitement
  • Create your Own Character, Customize the Appearance and Combining Weapons and Armor, and Develop You Own Style
  • An Epic Single-player Mode Where Your in-game decisions are respected and the story progresses
  • Unique Online Play that Loosely Connects You to Others
  • Freely Play, Advert-Free, and Zero Point
  • Elden Ring is a medieval fantasy action role-playing game where you create your own unique hero in the form of an Elden Lord. The protagonist is Geruth, the son of King Eltharn Beyth, who is a powerful mage. Through the seven stages of the game, he gains power and ascends through the ranks as an Elden Lord to make up for his father’s mistake. While you will be face with plenty of challenges and difficult decisions, you can enjoy the story of the lands and the characters behind it.

    Elden Ring has been featured in the magazine “Game*Spark” for several months, and has been on the top ten games by G-Spot for seventeen of the past eighteen weeks. We are honored that so many of our users have shown us so much interest, and we hope that you will love Elden Ring even more than they have.

    Follow the release date of Elden Ring on Niche Gamer.

    Let’s try to become the most charming Elden Lords around!

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    Elden Ring Free

    • Battle
    You take on the role of a young man who has lost his memory and appears to have wandered into a fantasy world. With a magic weapon and the knowledge of how to use them gained from watching the world around him, he must fight against the four “five-colors dragons” that are living in the world to develop his own magical powers.
    For example, the dragon that roams around the battlefield is a five-colored dragon that changes color depending on the circumstances. When you encounter a 50-50 chance of killing or being killed, your battle card will deal more damage to the opponent and receive more of a hit from the random occurrence. These two battles are completely new actions you can take during your battle with your enemy.
    • Map
    The world of ELDEN RING is divided into “sections”, each one of which has a map that shows where your character is. Unlike the kingdom, the “city” section is a town where you can interact with the citizens.
    • Items
    The items you acquire from battles or through conversations and side quests can be equipped in your own character with class traits. The class traits that you equip are said to be “traits” that have a large effect on the characters.
    • Character Development
    By being able to interact with the various people in the world through conversations, you can develop your character to become a greater hero.
    Adaptable to your play style, you can customize your character’s appearance in a variety of ways.
    • Class System
    Your “class” determines which type of battle, equipment, and magic you use. The methods of employing these attributes are called “class traits.”
    To create a character that suits your play style, choose from four classes: a powerful character class, an agile character class, a brute character class, and a class for class-deficient individuals who are good at magic.
    Please note that a character’s statistics change depending on whether or not you are a class-deficient person.
    • System for Item Use
    With a subclass-type system that allows you to use the equipment you just received from the battles you have fought.
    • Multifunctional Magic, Combat, and Item Use
    By combining magic with weapons and equipment, you can use various magic effects.
    By combining a magic sword, a shield, and an item that grants the ability to use weapons, you can even use them all at once.
    • Skill System and Overlapping Attribute System


    What’s new:

    ImageOnline, players can enter the PSN account of the other players and then use the PS4’s companion app, which can also be used to input and record chat messages and listen to music. Players can also view info on other players’ characters, such as their level, equipment, and experience points.

    Also, the multiplayer lobby shows data on all participating players. Plus, the game supports two-way trades, so it will be possible to share the items that you’ve obtained during play with other players.

    Both the Raffle System and Free-to-Play Support
    The game will be free to download and play. However, you can purchase an in-game item that you’ll want in order to progress further. This item will be especially useful at progressing in a certain content, such as killing an enemy or exploring a dungeon. Furthermore, you can also purchase an item that lets you rise at a reduced cost.

    In addition, the game will feature the Raffle System, so buy some items and the chance of gaining winning items increases. If players are out of luck, they’re able to directly buy winning items.

    The Game Includes Free Items Every Time You Login
    In addition to those two features, we’re adding a new feature that lets players automatically gain free items every time they log in. Let’s think about it: the game is free, doesn’t that mean that players can play it as many times as they want without having to pay? We decided to support this question and also give players more chances to get along with each other by doing appropriate things together. That’s why we’re bringing all of the items gained through logging in to life as free items.

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