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☆ Press information

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Elden Ring Features Key:

  • 8 classes, each with their own unique abilities, to design your own character. When you wield the power of the Elden Ring, you can freely use all of them.
  • A fantasy action RPG filled with a great story. A war between the two races of Elves and Humans unfolds in the fantasy lands between the ground of the Elves and the sky of the Humans.
  • More than 20 usable Elden weapon types. These weapons play a large role in leveling up, as well as attaining class-exclusive abilities.
  • For the first time in a fantasy RPG, the Elden Ring system allows you to learn crafts as you create your gear. Change the material qualities and even enchant your items after you craft them.
  • Thousands of spells to learn, with a huge variety of effects.
    See all of these in a vast catalog search and learn through the game’s lesson system.
  • A large world with plenty of content to discover, filled with thrilling dungeons. Wide open fields with plenty of enemies await you as you travel around in any one of the game’s many play styles.
  • Class-exclusive stat characteristics and hundreds of traits to customize your character. Customize your character with a wide range of class-based abilities and weapons,
    as well as Class Skill Damage Multipliers and Extra Effects.
  • Unique Weapon Subclasses that bring about new challenges. Use Subclass Lightning for a particularly quick weapon with incredible damage while also inflicting high recoil. Use Subclass Dark for a slow and powerful one.

    • 8 classes, each with their own unique abilities, to design your own character. When you wield the power of the Elden Ring, you can freely use all of them.
    • A fantasy action RPG filled with a great story. A war between the two races of Elves and Humans unfolds in the fantasy lands between the ground of the Elves and the sky of the Humans.
    • A large world with plenty of content to discover, filled with thrilling dungeons. Wide open fields with plenty of enemies await you as you travel around in any one of the game’s many play styles.
    • Thousands of spells to learn, with a huge


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      Thank you for reading and we hope this review was helpful 🙂

      *This review was based on an English version of the game (NA). If the review was based on a different version, the description may be different.
      *Game was played on PS4 (PS4Pro) by a writer of this site.

      ※This is the personal and subjective view of the writer and does not reflect the views of D-related.

      4★ POOR

      This is an online gameplay video that was sent to us by one of our readers (



      The world has been destroyed by the death curse of Terra, and countless people’s lives have been in danger. Now, the enchanting girl Rulun and the handsome kid Tarn are the only two survivors in the world.

      As they traveled, they met with many mysterious things, but now, they are on their way to meet their destiny…

      ELDRING World Full of Excitement Multilayered Story Online Play Become an Elden Lord Mythological Dramatic System Character Customization

      ★ Popular characters as side characters

      Live free with in-depth story sections, world structures and high-level bosses.

      Exchange items, receive blessings, use elements, and go on a challenging battle against enemies.

      Exciting elements such as a high-level boss, a raid, and collaborative gameplay are included.

      ★ A Portrait of the Players

      True enough, my name is Kami. You will meet me in the game.

      I am a writer and a streamer of games.

      I have been online for a while now.

      I am working hard to attain the rank of Legendary.

      ★ HOW TO PLAY

      Create your own character and develop your adventure.

      As you obtain items and items, your character is strengthened.

      As you strengthen your character, you can take on monsters and explore new areas.

      ■World Map

      ◆ In the 2D world, a map that can be viewed while you move around, and your own world map are combined.

      ◆ On the world map, there are dots that correspond to the hotspots that appear on the world map, and the dots will be turned on when you


      Elden Ring For Windows [Latest-2022]

      It’s a time of rebirth in the Lands Between, where four magical rings have appeared. These rings should be revered, but as they are cursed, evil lurks around them, and it is only you who can defeat them.

      In the game, you join the inhabitants of a great village to live together, protect the valuable rings, and meet cute girls.

      ■ Drama Born from a Myth ▽ Features

      ◆ A Rich Heroic Story
      A multilayered story told in fragments. An epic drama in which the various thoughts of the characters intersect in the Lands Between. In this story, a great and unstoppable war is taking place in the world. The lead character has become tarnished by the influence of a legendary hero who has disappeared, and needs your help to regain her pride.

      ◆ Fantasy Action RPG

      A vast world where open fields with a variety of situations and huge dungeons with complex and three-dimensional designs are seamlessly connected. As you explore, the joy of discovering unknown and overwhelming threats await you, leading to a high sense of accomplishment.

      ◆ Create Your Own Character
      In addition to customizing the appearance of your character, you can freely combine the weapons, armor, and magic that you equip. You can develop your character according to your play style, such as increasing your muscle strength to become a strong warrior, or mastering magic.

      ◆ Visceral Player Experience

      By combining the dialogue and narration in the game, we worked hard on the emotion and atmosphere of the fantasy and action elements.

      ◆ High-Quality Navigation

      The serene and vast world provides a comfortable experience as you travel. You can freely go to places that are not available when playing the single-player version, creating a realistic and grand atmosphere.


      ◆ Akina

      A brave girl who is a little lonely because of the disappearances of her parents and brothers. She goes to the kingdom in search of them, together with Dantas, a handsome boy whom she likes.

      ◆ Dantas

      A smart boy who lives in the castle after losing his parents and younger brother. He has a strong desire to fight and a calm, cool-headed personality.

      ◆ Zhone

      A kind-hearted girl who is a friend of Akina. Since she is a mysterious girl, the appearance of a difficult-to-approach and


      What’s new:

      Two new game genres. “Devil May Cry” is an action game with clear and simple controls, where your attacks rely on moving special attack buttons on the controller. As an enhanced version of the standard action game, we added to the basic concepts of action games such as “Devil May Cry,” in which an opponent can defeat you by timing his attacks perfectly. With rich scenarios, we take various enemies and elements from “Devil May Cry” and craft a hyper-graphic drama, keeping intact the strengths of the original.

      “Shin Megami Tensei” is a fantasy RPG that, besides action and role playing, merges aspects of computer games and VNs (Visual Novels) into a brand new genre. In the past, such games were both story oriented and action oriented, but we decided to merge the two elements. Full of drama, the story is constructed to be easy to read, and features abundant information about the characters, the game plays out through dialogue and screenshots.

      Twilight fans rejoice; the times when you could express your love for your favorite character through drawings are back.
      In this scenario where the two stories unfold the connections between the characters from the original role playing game and “Twilight” are left to the player to decide, and we made the story in the strictest sense one in which each detail is planned with a view towards a high degree of freedom when you become immersed in it.

      We present a scenario where the real and virtual worlds overlap. In the battle between the shadow demons and the vampires, vampire Larva and the central character were born from the shadows in the real world into the eternal world. Now, in order to destroy the power of shadow demons which has infected the homeland of the vampire kingdom, the hero from the other world with his comrades is heading toward the central area, they are joined by human enemies, and this all reflects in the game.
      Through play that takes place in real time and features two versions of the characters, we will let you picture for yourself the scenario in which even the destiny of the two worlds are shrouded in darkness and uncertainty, even a single moment can change the course of history.

      These are a few words from the developers that intend to express the essence of the themes of the game.
      We hope you enjoy the game! 

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    The journey of The Elden Ring 2 begins in 3D as one of the greatest action RPG’s of 2017 by Kalypso. Take a plunge into a fantasy world while forging powerful items and mastering powerful skills with a story that unites the most cherished characters!


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    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    * Windows 7 or later
    * 8GB RAM or more
    * 2GB Graphic card
    * Intel core i3
    1. Launch Steam and install Sabotage on Steam
    2. Select Sabotage at the game selection screen
    3. Launch the game and enjoy it!
    (please note that we have not developed this game yet and the developers take no responsibility for any damage to your computer)


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