【About the Game】

The world of Elden Ring has fallen into a dark and chaotic state. Bandits have risen, unstoppable monsters called golems have appeared, and the six fragments of the Elden Ring, once a single dragon slayer, have been scattered to the winds. You have been sent to the Lands Between, a vast and mysterious world filled with adventure, to survive and vanquish the bandits and monsters.

But you have no memories of who you are, and you walk the Lands Between, a place where you don’t know who you are. This is where you will truly discover your identity.

A fantasy action RPG with some unique elements (i.e., items that change their functions upon attaching them to your body), Elden Ring invites you to experience a thrilling adventure.

【Technology and UI】

■Online multiplayer

Play by connecting to the LINE platform.

■Asynchronous online play

A unique and enjoyable online element, where you can challenge players and friends in real time on your mobile devices or PCs.

■Online rankings, challenging others

Challenge others in real time and climb the ranks.

■Share the fun and stories of others

See what your friends are doing with the all-new Fetch feature.

■Live chat

Use a chat function to smoothly communicate with your friends.

■Amazing illustrations

A colorful and compelling story visualized with astounding illustrations.



Experience the thrilling adventures in an entirely new experience.

An immersive experience with gorgeous virtual reality.





[About the Game]


The world of Elden Ring has fallen into a dark and chaotic state. Bandits have risen, unstoppable monsters called golems have appeared, and the six fragments of the Elden Ring, once a single dragon slayer, have been scattered to the winds. You have been sent to the Lands Between, a vast and mysterious world filled with adventure, to survive and vanquish the bandits and monsters.

But you have no memories of who you are, and you walk the Lands Between, a place where you don’t know who you are. This is where you


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Customization – Choose a name, gender, and appearance, and adjust your character by choosing the style of clothes and hairstyle; and create your own character face.

  • Compelling Survival Action – Fight against large hordes of monsters using a variety of flashy weapons.

  • Raise your Armoury – As the game goes on, equip more and more items, and become more powerful; as you progress the game, you can gain experience and gradually level up.

  • Customization – Use different types of magic to affect the surrounding situation. Experience Effect, Life, and Special effects; alter character skills and resources.

    Key competences:

    • Online – Personal experiences and accurate and precise data.

    • Online – Enhanced in-game function and careful balancing.

    • Online – In-depth skills and functions.

    • Online – A cross-platform server service that makes online gameplay easy and available across different platforms; safe and cross-platform game data sharing.

    About Acclaim Entertainment Inc.

    Established in 1991, Acclaim Entertainment Inc. is a leading developer and publisher of interactive entertainment on home video game consoles, mobile phones, iOS, smart devices, PC/Mac, online and mobile platforms. Featuring iconic brands such as NCAA Football & NCAA Basketball, NFL Quarterback Club 2010, NBA 2K11, NBA Live,


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    It’s not often you get an “on-the-road game” that I was willing to put on. This is a game that I wanted to do something fun while away from the office. I don’t really like the game myself, but I was curious what the feel of the game was like. At first the game reminded me a bit of Fates, how back then it was just the combat system. The combat is basic, and the game doesn’t offer a lot. It is also very similar to games like the Souls games and titles where you have to decide what to to which spells/actions at any given time. The game doesn’t really give you a choice as to what to do, it comes down to rolling the dice…even if it’s over 100 times and you still have to choose. With that being said, I was able to get my character to level 15 or so and I was still bored. The game didn’t really offer anything more than what you can do with a typical JRPG.

    When I got the game, I figured I’d see what it was like and maybe I’d get hooked. Well, it’s not a game for anyone looking for a long term RPG. I could think of 10 other JRPGs that I’d be more interested in in the long run than this one. When you put it all together, the game is about this. You have a main character, you have the right amount of side- quests, you have the right amount of dungeons and battles. This is where the game starts to fall flat.

    The graphics in this game are done in a style similar to Blizzard’s Torchlight. The graphics are all around fair. They have that style, but feel pretty basic. The style of the game is very generic. It looks like nearly every RPG game there is. I did notice that the pictures drawn were a bit better than the typical standard RPG drawings, which was a bit odd. The game’s voice acting and sound effects are generic too. The voice acting is quite nice and has a great mix between anime and other RPGs. The music in the game isn’t bad, but it’s quite generic as well.

    If you really try you can skip much of what I said. You can save a LOT of time if you do. But if you are looking for an action RPG, it’s not one of those. If you think of games like Fates or Diablo, this is where you end up. If you are looking


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    #381 – The EXPERT’S GUIDE TO HORSERUNNING – In “Horse Play: The Game”, ride your horse with an unparalleled sense of control.
    #376 – To Cut a Thief – Find the location of a thief hiding in the most dangerous places in a city.
    #373 – Cut, Don’t Feel – In “The Cut”, cut your way through the rooftops of Paris.
    #364 – Escape from Wonderland – Search for the person who’s missing in the heart of a maze.
    #362 – Silent Killer – Kill silently or don’t kill at all in “The Silent Killer” and clear away the killer’s threats in the shadows of the city.
    #351 – The Elusive Thief – In “Thief Play”, become a world famous thief in the city of London.
    #337 – The Hidden Riddle – In “Hint”, find the missing person in the settings for “Riddle”.
    #335 – Dangerous Game – In “Hidden”, hunt down a criminal in an eerie forest.
    #331 – Running Away – In “Help”, help the overmatched police officers escape the criminals.
    #331 – Secret Passages – In “Guide”, find the secret passageways to get into a building.
    #325 – Time Lapse – In “Time Lapse”, take pictures of famous landmarks and have them printed within a certain time.
    #323 – Taxi Jam – In “Taxi Jam”, find out the location of an unseen criminal.
    #323 – Taxi Attack – In “Taxi Jam”, take down a criminal using a taxi as a weapon.
    #298 – Tile Battle – In “Tile Battle”, find out who’s the better in a duel of skill and strategy.
    #297 – Pushover – In “Pushover”, take control of a convenience store.
    #296 – Silent Ninja – In “Stealth”, find the ninja hidden in the shadows of the city.
    #291 – Fight! – In “Fight”, join the “vs. mode” “Fight” and see who will win.
    #289 – Riding Adventure – In “Riding Adventure”, manage the racing team of your choice.
    #288 – Dodgeball – In “Dodgeball”, compete with your friends in this lively game.
    #288 – Happy Caper – In “Happy Caper”,


    What’s new:


    • Solve a Challenging Puzzle
    • Battle With Over One Hundred Characters
    • Earn Special Reward Books
    • Collect Various Apparel and Upgrades
    • Upgrade Your Behemoth, Tiger, Dragon, or Mercenary

    Collect all the relevant points for each Achievement and get three RESPECT rewards!

    , The Elder Scrolls: Ring of the Elden

    A worldwide sensation, it’s time for the southern land of Ered Luin to speak! Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace to brandish the power of the Elden Ring and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between.
    The vast world is made up of an ever-changing, multilayered tale. The Elden Ring encompasses all of time, and our Elden Lords will engage in epic battles against the creatures of Darkness and Chaos.
    The Elden Ring is directed by the voice of an ancient being. As you make your way into the world of Ered Luin, we hope that our tale will move you deeply.
    Can you trust the eye-patched, one-armed clergyman who looks like he just escaped a bear mauling? Can you trust the grinning young man, the round-jowled, tusked man with one eye, the masked maid, and the grave-faced man with a beard in disarray?
    It’s a grand quest of discovery and adventure! Experience all the wonder of the world of Ered Luin as it unfolds before you in The Elder Scrolls®: Ring of the Elden.

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