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In the Lands Between, a large world lies in the age-old enmity between the Orc people and the Tarnished Elves. Elves are humans who have been restored to their original form through the power of the Elden Ring. They are protected by the heavens, and the spirits of their blood are granted omnipotence. Elves are also called the Main-rank Elden Lords, and Elves who obtained the power of the Elden Ring by means of the Grace of the Main-rank are known as a House. In this world of opposition between the Elves and Orc, the people who have escaped Orc’s control are forced to live in the hot spring of Insel I and the cool spring of Insel II where a mythical creature known as “the Revenant” resides. That is the world to which the player takes control as a Tarnished Elf. As an Elf, you will learn to fight using magic and melee weapons, and gain an understanding of the Elden Ring and its will, as you go through your adventure. The Elden Ring Game is a Fantasy Action RPG that allows you to choose what weapon to use, what armor to wear, and what kind of magic to use to execute evasive and offensive attacks in a 3D world. In order to defeat opponents and advance to the next battle, you must take advantage of a variety of combat and magic skills. Characters are divided into “House”s and “Banker”s. House-owned weapons and armor are used by characters of the same House, and characters of a same House can use Banker-owned weapons and armor. In addition, there are special skills that are unique to a particular House. Banker skills that cannot be used by a House can be found in the Banker. In addition to the classes, characters who become Elves after their restoration are divided into three grades as well: the Main-rank Elden Lords, the House Elden Lords, and the Deviants. The various characteristics of each character class, the various skills, and the many different story situations create a unique experience when playing the game. What are you waiting for? Rise up, Tarnished! THE FALLEN WORLD The Lands Between lie in perpetual conflict between the Elves and the Orc people, a conflict which has lasted for thousands of years. A long time ago, the Elves established the Dominion, a kingdom where the citizens are granted freedom from Orc domination, a place where the economy


Features Key:

  • Undisputed fantasy RPG fun
  • Set in the Lands Between, the Free Lands, an adventurous, vibrant world where you decide its fate
  • Dramatic in-game events unfold around you
  • A large, dynamic world and huge dungeons with a clear, rich three-dimensional design
  • A variety of single players or up to 8 players online to cooperate
  • Up to four players can seamlessly play together in single-player mode
  • Easy adjustments to character classes and equipment
  • Easily adjust and customize your appearance and appearance
  • Set in the Lands Between, a world where your decisions have a direct impact
  • Map and equipment information pop up when right-clicking on the world map
  • Thrown stones, potions, and other items to obtain items found in combat or other locations.
  • Character classes such as Wizard, Fighter, and Ranger are available
  • Wizard classes are further divided into celestials, deities, and masters
  • A range of melee weapons with unique characteristics and mastery skills
  • Vast skills can be learned from collecting spells and equipping items to raise a character’s Skill or Magic
  • Challenging and rewarding combats to achieve victory in large battles
  • There are various types of combat (normal, melee, magical, and other) with different complexities
  • The world is full of dungeons (Area Dungeons) that were originally designed for full parties to fight it out.
  • Cunning evil hidden within the world of the Lands Between is getting ready to stir. Do not waste your time and energy. Get in the thick of it from the beginning.
  • Use combat charts or skill charts to develop all your characters

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    Reviews Elden Ring for Xbox One and PS4 – A Massive, Scenic World – TONS OF ANIMATIONS and VARIETY – UNIQUE, LOOSELY-CONNECTED PLAY THAT FEELS LIKE MULTIPLAYER. – A VAST WORLD FILLED WITH A VARIETY OF SITUATIONS – 60+ HOURS OF SAVING + CHALLENGE MODE PLUS EXTRAS FOR MULTIPLAYER. – MULTIPLAYER ABILITY FOR PLAYERS + SPELLS, AVATARS, AND TALISMAN. – HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FOR PEOPLE WHO LOVE FANTASY AND ACTION RPGs Elden Ring for Xbox One (PC) Reviews Elden Ring for Xbox One – There is so much to see and do in this open world that you’re going to want to dedicate yourself to it for multiple hours at a time. – A sprawling, massive open world that is broken up by city-sized dungeons that are crammed with unique enemy encounters, challenging bosses, and themed areas. – The game is split into chapters that take place in different regions of the world. The segments are tightly connected and easily accessible, but with each act you are presented with a new and challenging environment to conquer. – Unique, diverse and skill-based combat system that focuses on creating a tense atmosphere rather than engaging in lengthy battles. – Elden Ring for Xbox One features two distinct play styles that let you play the game in the way that suits you best. – When it comes to side quests, Elden Ring has plenty to offer. From escort quests to hunting for hidden tombs, there’s plenty of content here to keep you busy for weeks. – A large variety of new foes will keep you on your toes. These range from offensive bosses to pesky goblins, all of which have their own unique attacks to defend against. – Elden Ring for Xbox One features a loot system where your equipment will always be of high quality. All of your items will degrade over time, with each successive use causing a loss of stats. – This gives the game an element of challenge, but it also fits within the overall tone of the game. As items degrade you will gradually receive items of higher quality, thereby creating a sense bff6bb2d33


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    What’s new:

    2015-09-16T03:11:10+09:00LITLUT03TLei YuElden Ringroad>昨年八月,技術者公園在 dōjin soft 上追憶啟動了時間軸”空間軌”此前的源代碼、一切等。

    事當中,石头架幫我做成 forum 的一部電影 ( just like the lone ranger)。

    加上線上最中大的 GG 請 (biggest percentage off ever in your life), 我技術者公園存活了 (not tech support now).

    上傳開始時 I remember warning the staff at dōjin soft not to take too long about the plans. It was a no brainer for them, but I was worried about them.

    感謝大家在新宇宙的途中, 用技術者公園做成的作品穩定的和實用, 幫我生活安然中午的和整個日子。 今年(十五年)晚間所有的刻板號 (keystroke) 都連結到技術者公園吧.



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