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Equip items that influence your strategy and appearance
• Go as you want, with a personality of your own.
Combine weapons, armor, and items to customize your character as you want. Use the details of your character to play as you wish.
• Customize your character with 3D!
Exchange up to 15 items to create a complete set! With your help, the abandoned town known as the Gates of Oblivion is resurrected!


Vast fields, vast dungeons, and deep forests of the Lands Between. The world of Elden Ring Activation Code has a wide variety of them!
• Realistic graphics in the most detailed of 3D to create a world that appeals to the eyes!
• An open world where exploration is fun!
Enter a vast world in the Lands Between and feel the strength of the Elden Ring Product Key!


Explore mysterious dungeons that are ruled by the God! Dungeons that will have you ask yourself “Is this a place where one man can rule?”



Defeat monsters with various elemental affinities. Even if you have no idea what the weapons and armor are that you’ve found in the dungeons, you can use them all!
• Change your strategy to counter that monster’s elements.
The arms you equip influence your fighting prowess and the elements you cast as well.


A vast world and a wide variety of characters give you countless ways to form a party!
• Create a party of five characters!
• Meet other players who can also customize their characters and cooperate with them!


A few scenes of a game are difficult in one of the many difficult situations.
You can freely change the difficulty.


Battles are made more intense as various monsters that affect battles appear. Combat is made more dynamic!


In addition to creating your own party, you can develop your character by playing other games.

ABOUT ELDEN RING: ・Master your Art of War in the Era of Twilight ・A Traditional Fantasy RPG from the Cast of ‘Kingdom Come’ ・A Beautiful Land for a Fantasy Game
We’ve been


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Far, Land Between
  • World (Area) – Corrupted and beautiful
  • Explore Areas by Flying or Regular Travel
  • Event (Missions and Goals)
  • Multiplayer
  • Multiplayer without third-party networks
  • Huge Cube-like Object (Dungeons), Designed for Adventurers of All Levels
  • Fight an Endless Battle with the Tank and Gunner Classes
  • Classes of Adventurers
    ◆ Fighter
    ◆ Mage
    ◆ Monk
    ◆ Burglar
  • Epic Drama in an Abundant World
  • Missions and Goals to Fight Three-dimensional Story
  • Chasing the Assassin Class
  • Assassination Class
  • Elden Ring is scheduled for release in the second half of 2019.



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    “Don’t waste your time looking for something different in this age of RPGs: solid mechanics, a vast, dynamic world, and a robust RPG system. What you find instead is what you’ll be enjoying at the end of all this: a polished and expertly crafted fantasy RPG that’s sure to wow every fantasy RPG fan.”
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    Elden Ring

    Lands Between

    Love Live On

    The Elden Ring

    Back when there was a peaceful Elden Kingdom, where everyone lived together in harmony, residents made a pact with the gods of the Elden Ring. If the people of the Elden Ring ever faced a terrible crisis, the gods of the Elden Ring would save the people. The pact worked well for a while, but everything changed as history made its turn.

    In a time of peace, the Elden Ring governed the Lands Between. But the relationship between Elden and the Lands Between became conflicted, and a balance between the two began to form. After a long, heated conflict, a disaster struck. It was revealed that God’s Sanctuary had been destroyed by the rebellion of a certain Elden Lord. A long time passed, and a battle for the power of the Lands Between broke out.

    The Lands Between asked the Elden Ring for help, and the Elden Ring in turn petitioned the gods to restore the Sanctuaries. A long time passed, and one day as the Elden King and the Elden Lord returned from their long journey, they met a mysterious creature. After a long battle, this creature somehow became the savior of the Lands Between. It became known as the Elden Knight.

    In the vast Elden Kingdom, the golden light of the Elden Ring’s sanctuaries and the deep darkness of the Lands Between had become entangled in a conflict of opposing forces and the two were inexorably drawn to each other. A mysterious fissure had broken through the earth, but it was concealed by a special symbol.

    From that moment, the Elden Ring’s guardian’s role began. People fought to clear the lands of the Lands Between, step by step, and they became known as the Elden Knight.

    The Elden Knight needed to divide the people of the Lands Between with their darker side—the darkness of the Lands Between as well. They needed to carefully select those who they would become the Elden Lord, and secretly train them to become the victor.

    The Elden Knight fought hard in the Lands Between, and the darkness of the Lands Between was gradually beaten back.

    The ruler of the Elden Ring, an Elden Lord, had been selected. The day the Elden Knight defeated the darkness had arrived.

    The light shone brightly once again and hope bloomed, and in


    What’s new:

    of 2011ConsoleDeveloperSoftwareMods and Add-onsRelease DateWed, 17 Feb 2011 06:19:01 +00009809 at Tale of Tarnished New Features, New Awesomeness

    Tale of Tarnished, the free to play fantasy Action RPG, was updated to version 1.1 this week with the continuation of the previously announced new features and numerous tweaks based on feedback from the community and Square Enix representatives.

    We’re proud to announce the addition of further options to customize your character. Players can now equip a bounty based on the level of their auction house or a mark based on the level of their stats. You can also choose to bind 3 strength, strenght, agility or constitution stats to your character’s items and equip them alongside your weapons, armor and equipment. Now you’ll be able to decide which stats your best items have.

    Tower of Strength players can also now be called on to extend your sword and shield for stronger attacks.

    More classes to master and much more are also on the way in a patch schedule of 2-3 new classes and balancing issues per patch.

    Another change is the new Classes and Subclasses system. The new classes are actually quite broad and will allow players to match their characters’ style.

    Sorceress is the first class offered, focusing on enchanting your gear, and using your magick to stun enemies and affect the battlefield. Shadow Knight will be able to slow enemy movement, while Templar will have a protective healing aura around him. Witch is the high level hybrid class between magick and skill, and starts out using magick and later switching to the use of skills. The name Witch almost stems from spells, but the turn based multiplayer play just isn’t possible and the skills are actually ranged in gameplay, so it is more of an ‘event’ class.

    The update also brings an increase of various Game Items across the board, meaning more aesthetics, gameplay and power-


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    How to Play:
    Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace to brandish the power of the Elden Ring and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between.
    Follow the story in the game through a variety of quest stages.
    Obtain weapons, armor, magic, and elixir using the various and unique items you can find in the game, and train the characteristics necessary for your character.
    Explore the vast world and meet all sorts of people that you will encounter, such as merchants, warriors, and other characters.
    If you purchase the in-game service, you can further develop your character, allowing you to have even more fun.

    Addictive, epic and tense, ELDEN RING is an original fantasy action RPG that immerses you into a mystery world where the wickedness of the Elemental Lords come to life.
    As Tarnished, you enter the world between dreams and reality. A large-scale world full of different situations and huge dungeons full of complex and three-dimensional designs, Tarnished is a fight between you and the terrible Elemental Lords.
    Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace to brandish the power of the Elden Ring and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between.
    In a vast world where vast fields with a variety of situations and huge dungeons with complex and three-dimensional designs are seamlessly connected, a multilayered story is being told that intersects the thoughts of the characters.
    In the game, rise, tarnished and be guided by grace to brandish the power of the elden ring and become an elden lord in the lands between!
    There are many forms of content that you can experience in the game, such as story-driven stage, the action-packed dungeon, and the multiplayer versus. There are also more elements, such as a supplementary market, training, money, and the purchase and use of in-game services.
    Unlock more than 200 weapons, armor, and magic, train their characteristics and fight against the elemental Lords. As a result, you can level up as you think of your own play style.
    Explore the vast world and meet all sorts of people that


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    * Please contact Kalypso if you’re experiencing any


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