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Elden Ring is an action RPG where players fight hordes of monsters and claim

thousands of treasure chests. It has a vast fantasy world and a multilayered story, and

grows with the player’s skill and experience. Players have to acquire the truth about

their origin as they explore and collect untold treasure. In addition to fulfilling its main

story and acquiring items, the game also contains an economy for trading and a

sub-job system as an expansion to gameplay.


CUSTOMIZABLE CREATURE – Create your own character by freely combining the

weapons, armor, and magic that you will equip.

EPIC DIALOGUE – A multilayered story that unfolds through fragments, with

which players can gather the story as they progress.

EXTREME PAIN – The player must face countless terrifying monsters who relentlessly

pursue them, leaving them in pain.

SECRET WEAPONS – Weapons that can only be used in certain situations.

EPIC DRAGON – A gigantic dragon whose heart you must protect.

ACCESSORIES – Hundreds of useful items and items to enhance monsters.

POWERFUL NEW STRATEGIES – Reveal new strategies, refine old ones, and create

an environment for success.



PUBLISHER: Square Enix

DATE: 2018

Platform: Nintendo Switch

Region: Worldwide

Price: $59.99 USD/ MSRP

It’s not everyday that a video game company would make a sequel to an already beloved game. However, the new developer of The 7th Dragon – Square Enix – didn’t make this mistake. The seventh dragon is far more than just a new dragon in the same world. It has a connection to the roots of the new gaming system – this game was developed with the console and has a rich story to tell.

The Beginning

In the ancient world, the Elden civilization was flourishing. The youth of the nation developed great techniques of power and military, trained to bear the weight of the continent. One generation later, the Elden Kingdom begins to crumble and the Elden civilization is on its verge of vanishing.

Within the extended civilization, the famous dragon Croth (senior) is raised as a pet in a royal


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • A Unique Style and Atmosphere
  • Vast World Free to Explore
  • A Thrilling Story Build Your Own Dungeon Design
  • Online Multiplayer Access
  • A Brief on the Elden Ring Lands Between

    “The Lands Between are a realm that has existed since the world was born. Vast plains with few traceable cities and hills of unending rock that seem to be a product of heaven. A vast realm that lies between our world and the Perish Realm.”

    Countless tales can be heard across its broad skies and broken lands, but the people of this realm are governed by a system in which each of them has a duty to protect the world and guide the destiny of the Elden Ring.

    The newly born Elden Lord, Tarnished, is entrusted with implementing the powerful spirit of the Elden Ring and growing the civilization of its people. That is, he is meant to be the savior of all beings in the realm, and faces immense difficulties along the way. In the face of all that lies ahead, what sort of future might await him? In the second semester of the 2016 NINTENDO-IDOL FANimeステージ, the most anticipated role-playing game where you will meet ALL the characters you’ve come to know will be unleashed!

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    It’s been a long time since I had the chance to play a game with elements of a JRPG and develop a game of my own like I do now, where the story is centered around battles against monsters and all of that is taking place in a very open area called “the Lands Between”. Ever since I played Kanon, I’ve wanted to create a game with such epic sound and visuals, and now that I’m working on it, I’m truly excited to share this with the rest of the world.

    In order to create such a beautiful world for players to live in and play in, it was necessary to have an amazingly vast world, and work on it until we were satisfied that we could deliver all the possible content we wanted to make. Players were able to experience what life in the Lands Between is like by visiting other areas in the game, but it was also necessary to make a different, long journey until we could create the first area in the game.

    In order to not miss out on the fresh story of the game when you first start it, we chose to tell the story of the game by splitting it into multiple pieces. While it may seem odd at first, after playing the game, you’ll understand what we did right.

    So, what exactly does a “game of the Tales” look like?

    Here you go.

    Huge Amount of Options

    You might think that a game that supports such a large amount of options would be quite complicated, but it actually ended up being pretty easy to understand and use, and that’s partly due to the new function of the UI. Unlike other games, the new UI in TARNRK allows you to quickly access the most commonly used elements in battle, including the map, while you are also able to see all the potential weapons on your character’s hand in real time, as well as the spell slots for magic.

    In addition to the game becoming easier to play, the game itself has become a product that is more complex than before, thanks to the many different elements available to players. But if there are so many elements, how can you combine them to create your own unique style and play?

    In TARNRK, you can freely develop your own unique story by playing the game. The number of combinations you can take is as endless as the Lands Between


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    [In-game Item Description] ● Belted Torque Sword
    A sword inscribed with the crest of Rithwen, the God of Light, allowing its wielder to perform divine judgment. It is equipped to your main weapon slot for the most comfortable experience.
    ● Battle Cape
    A cape that cannot be stolen and increases your defense. You will be able to hear audio effects when your stats are increasing due to its incomparable effect.
    ● Burroughs Helm
    A helm that has a glowing aura that reflects the sky, rendering the light upon you invincible. It has an enchanting effect to upgrade to a weapon called Giza Treasure.
    ● Giza Treasure
    A weapon that has an effect that increases your physical strength by a great amount.
    ● Fel Blanc’s Cape
    A cape that increases your ability to escape critical conditions. It can be used when you have been defeated by an enemy’s attack.
    ● Nightingale’s Egg
    A weapon that can be used to increase your physical ability more than three times during the day. It has a special effect that allows you to activate the action, Evolve.
    ● Scarlet Moon Shower
    A cloak that absorbs light. Its effect is neutral, but it increases your defense.
    ● Silver Moon Pendant
    A pendant that allows you to increase your defense and physical strength.
    ● Snake Guard
    A unique weapon that has the effect of increasing the number of your hit points. It is equipped to your secondary weapon slot.

    ● The Mist Blade
    Can be unlocked through the Dauntless title. A weapon that deals great damage to enemies for short periods of time, and can be used to attack other players.
    [Note] -Please use the in-game Item Selector to equip items.
    -The item card in the Item Selector will only show up when you press A/X/B/Y.
    -The in-game Item Selector has a function of increasing the maximum number of items that you can equip. However, due to space limitations, you cannot equip more than 10 items at the same time.
    -Customization items cannot be equipped.
    -The in-game Item Selector will show the status of each item that you have equipped.
    -The stats of items are calculated by level with the highest level, but not the maximum level of the item itself.
    -There are continuous changes to equipment items.
    -In addition, in order to sustain the server for a


    What’s new:

    In the Lands Between, as the eldest of her family, Magyna must defend her land while together with other Lords and save the precious Elden Power. She must become strong enough to defeat the wicked dark castle and its powerful servants. The Lands Between itself is a battlefield for sword fights, the strength of magic, and the endurance of guards and servants. One must withstand the onrush of the time and attack the evil with a strong heart.

    Enjoy it on the three platforms.

    Nintendo Switch/Steam:

    Playstation 4/Appli/Steam: >

    Join us on Social Media for more information and be sure to follow us to find out about future developments!



Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace to brandish the power of the Elden Ring and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between.
• A Vast World Full of Excitement
A vast world where open fields with a variety of situations and huge dungeons with complex and three-dimensional designs are seamlessly connected. As you explore, the joy of discovering unknown and overwhelming threats await you, leading to a high sense of accomplishment.
• Create your Own Character
In addition to customizing the appearance of your character, you can freely combine the weapons, armor

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