REPACK Elden RingSKiDROW [+ DLC] For PC [April-2022]



The latest Fantasy Action RPG developed by Blue Orange Games. With over 10 million downloads, all of which have been users who are excited to reach for more in “The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III.” ■ Features [ NEW ] A NEW WORLD WITH A NEW VICINITY – The world of Erebon, the protagonist of the Trails series, returns from the previous game, but has become more open and more magnificent. – The towns and cities from the previous games have also returned, and play a central role in the drama that unfolds. – A side story centered on the sister of Chie, which takes place one year later than the main story, has also been developed. ■ Character, System and Graphics – Motive Characters with personality – The adventure continues to deepen from the previous game – Graphics with a high-quality “Art of the Book” quality – The “Trails of Cold Steel” atmosphere ■ System – A Continuous Action-RPG with freedom – A series of small actions, and this small actions lead to a huge chain reaction, which leads to the dramatic events that are both the history of Erebon and its goal. – An emphasis on player choice and on Actions – A variety of Skills – Unique movement methods and a variety of combat options ■ Combat System – A new type of full-blown, high-paced battles using balanced skills – Equal-opportunity combat that challenges players to maintain their composure – An emphasis on player freedom as well as enjoyable Elements ■ Equipment – Equip various items to develop your character – Use the skills learned to obtain new weapons, armor, and items – Equip Items to your character, allowing you to develop your character while fighting – New crafting methods have also been added ■ Graphics – Brand new CGs, new scenery, and new enemies – The new character drawing technology known as “Art of the Book” ■ Music – An arrangement of the “Trails of Cold Steel” soundtrack ■ MULTIPLAYER – Multiplayer that combines an asynchronous and synchronous server with a team system and an online ranking, allowing you to play against other people in a more fun way than ever – A new variety of actions and game-changing


Features Key:

  • An original fantasy action RPG, with a dark atmosphere and an original design that breaks with the casual of fan made games.
  • A vast world with diverse locations and a multitude of challenges.
  • A unique story and characters crafted by a renowned novelist and manga artist.
  • A majestic setting and high quality designs along with a massive storyline that should keep your interest until the end.

    Elden Ring will be available in Japan in early 2016.

    Instructor Yuuta Oshima’s Videos on YouTube: Elden Ring
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