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Do I need a class or structured query before searching a List?

I have a list of items and I am getting all of them using a search term. However, I am unsure as to whether this is the correct way to do this or not.
List blogs = GetAllBlogsBySearch(searchTerm);
foreach (var blog in blogs)
// Do something with blog object

First question is does this involve a class? Or should I have a structure query?
Second question is should my foreach loop use the GetAllBlogsBySearch() method or should that be passed as a parameter?


I’m a little suspicious that you’re simply looking to return all the blogs and not further filter your results.
I’m not sure what your GetAllBlogsBySearch() method is actually returning (the code isn’t visible), but if you’re simply getting back all the blogs for all search terms then I would suggest doing something like this:
List blogs = GetAllBlogsBySearch(searchTerm);
// select only the blogs which match the search term
var results = blogs.Where(x => x.SearchTerm.Equals(searchTerm));
foreach (var blog in results)
// Do something with blog object

If it’s more complicated than that then you’ll want to explain what you actually need to do with all of the blogs which match the search term.

). R. Sankar, J. Math. Phys. **15**, 1264 (1974). I. Sogami and N. Taniguchi, J. Math. Phys. **19**, 1362 (1978). A. W. Overhauser, Phys. Rev. **128**, 1437 (1962). J. B. Maddox, Phys. Rev. **120**, 1657 (1960). J. B. Madd


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how to print unicode string or number in php 5.3

I have a function to return strings like $foo = ucwords(“bar”);
$foo is unicode string, but when I echo $foo, it returns a? in the browser, and I know these are just “?” in unicode, but how to print the returned value, I don’t know what is wrong.
I am using php5.3, and I am inserting a value in mysql asutf8, but still I cannot get the right value printed.


use nl2br() to wrap a string in html tags.
$str = “this is your string”;
$str = nl2br($str);

As a side note

ucwords() outputs a slug. It will change all letters, words and symbols to
lowercase, as well as remove the following characters in the string:.

Episode notes

Baz Luhrmann brings us another wildly entertaining take on a classic tale.

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This episode was recorded on Saturday, April 7th, 2016.

Photos by Jack Rowand.

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