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Keyboard macros allow you to simplify repetitive tasks with keyboard shortcuts. Save time, energy and concentrate on the main job while it is being performed, thanks to the possibility of recording macros. Keep the environment clean and organized, thanks to keyboard recording, and create new macros with ease.
Keyboard macros allow you to perform repetitive tasks with keyboard shortcuts, thus saving time and energy.
Keyboard recording allows you to create your own keyboard recording macros.
A robust system for creating macros automatically lists the recorded macros in the macro list, in which you can view or edit them.
Macro templates list a series of macros, from which you can choose the one you want to use, and easily record them.
Keep the environment clean and organized with macros that close other applications, organize desktop objects, and more.
Easy to use
Keyboard macros are easy to use, once you understand the simplest ones. Most of the action is performed through the modifier keys on the keyboard, such as Ctrl+C, Ctrl+X, Ctrl+V, Ctrl+Z, and Ctrl+A.
Quick and safe
Keyboard macros are created with a single press of a button. No need to install, run and select the software. The creation and editing of a macro is quick and safe.
Built-in Undo and Redo functions allow you to correct mistakes that occur during the creation of a macro.
Compatible with all the keystrokes
The list of keys and the list of actions created by macros are configurable. Both can be adapted to your keyboard and your liking.
Other features:
Create macros in any order, and combine them later.
Start with the most useful macros at the beginning, or create a new macro with the creation of the last one.
Use macros to copy, cut, paste, format text, open and close windows, or close programs or applications.
Use macros to close browsers, Internet connections, send emails, save documents or open files.
Use macros to print, preview, print, or share documents.
Create a new macro with the creation of the last one.
Customizable list of keys and actions.
Create a macro of an arbitrary size (up to 64 keys).
Create macros from templates and macros that you have already created.
Record macros with a single press of a button.
Run macros with a single press of a button.
Copy a macro and paste it without having to go through the process of creating it. 70238732e0

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Keymacs are small, single-function, easy-to-use macros that give you access to the entire range of functions from within any program. They do not require separate installation. The macros run directly from the program and must be copied to the Clipboard. To use them, simply highlight the desired text, click on the Keymac icon in the Macros window, and paste the key macro into the highlighted text. In the future, click on the icon in the Macros window.
Export emails in html format:
1) select the emails that you want to export
2) select the format that you want to export (html, text, etc)
3) in the second tab, select the email address from which you will send the email
4) fill out the body of the message (type, topic, subject, etc)
5) in the section Configuring the html and text conversions of the files, select the save file in the corresponding format
6) click on the Create button
7) wait until the conversion is finished (they can take a while)
8) the converted file will be saved in a folder that you can specify
You can also use the macro to automatically forward emails, etc. For example, in this image:
Select the files you want to export
In this case, selecting 3 and 8 would be enough.
Select the format that you want to export

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