Over the past several years, the Internet has become a tool used by millions of people everyday. Students use the Internet to get information about school, practice for tests, do schoolwork, and communicate with friends. Despite the many benefits that come with the Internet, there are also dangers that should be discussed.
Book Description:
Modern society is filled with so many opportunities, yet also filled with many threats to one’s well-being. In order to keep its members safe, a community must have common understandings of right and wrong, rules that apply to everyone.
The purpose of this lesson is to encourage students to explore the ethical problems and opportunities they will face as they begin college. Students will be asked to think about common concerns about Internet safety and communication; questions about plagiarism and cheating; and choices related to online harassment and the promise of anonymity on the Internet. This lesson helps students to think about what it means to live in an ethical society and how to keep themselves safe on the Internet.
Insight Task 4:
Take the time to think about and explain how different experiences with the Internet can influence you. Look at these excerpts from the textbook and write a page or two about a time when you used the Internet to do something that may have been harmful to you or someone else.

Book Description:
One of the biggest problems with television today is that news programs are just not important enough to make it to the top-of-the-hour news or the nightly news. This lesson will help teachers and students focus on the fact that news is important, and news programming must be seen by more people. This lesson will also encourage students to think critically about how news programs can improve society.
Insight Task 1:
Write a letter to your school board asking them to put more news programming in the schools. Tell them that all schools have students who have no television or who have never seen a television program or a newspaper. Explain to the board that they need to develop a plan to ensure that every child has a chance to be exposed to news and that it is important to teachers as well as parents.
Insight Task 2:
As a student, write an essay about how important it is for schools to show students the difference between news and entertainment. Explain how it is important that every student understands the importance of news and what it can do for the world.
Insight Task 3:
Write a letter to your school board describing how you feel about what is on television or radio today. 384a16bd22

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