Saili 9 In 1 Simulator Driver [REPACK]

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Saili 9 In 1 Simulator Driver


Driver for Saili simulator, USB driver for Sail Simulator, USB driver for Saili 9 in 1. *Standard programs are supplied as ready-made installation packages, but drivers are written separately for each type of simulator.
Installation Installation of drivers from Russian repositories.
It contains ready-made installation packages, as well as additional libraries that add support for several more game modes, such as the extension simulator, the loading simulator, and the unloading simulator.
The program is part of the SimulSim package, which includes an 11.7 megapixel camera that stores and allows the user to view photos of the ship.
The archive also contains utilities for working with menus, loading and saving photos, exporting images to popular graphic formats, exporting photos to TIFF, JPG, BMP, GIF, PNG and others.
The program includes a program for creating radio beacons, a frequency generator and chassis settings. In the version for Sailor-NG simulators, the ability to set the pressure when leaving the ship is included, as well as adjusting the sound level depending on the height.
There is support for 8″2″ and 8″3″ monitors.
USB/DVD/Bluetooth/FireWire etc. When using a USB media recorder, you need to connect it via a USB port or when using removable USB media or DVD/B