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Scrivener is a content generation tool that enables you to create a text based document while having complete control over its layout and formatting.
Scrivener displays a user-friendly interface with a very good looking design. It is separated into two main components: the ‘Binder’ and the ‘Editor’. The first consists initially of three categories: ‘Draft’, ‘Research’ and ‘Trash’. They are used to store pages and content you need for your work.
The ‘Binder’ can be customized with new folders and allows you to organize the pages of your document anyway you see fit. You even get a cork board to sort and preview the text. The ‘Editor’ offers you the classic means of creating a text file. You get to choose the font type, styling, size, alignment and color. Everything about it respects the standard means of typing text content. However, Scrivener offers you a series of tools that make it stand out from similar applications. You can create and customize an outliner to keep track of your document’s metadata in one or more levels.
When creating a new file, Scrivener offers you the possibility to use one of its many project templates. You can opt from fiction, non-fiction, scriptwriting and miscellaneous. Each of them comes with the appropriate document structure and all you have to do is fill in the pages with text, tables, images and anything you want.
If your project gets too complex and is hard to follow content evolution, documentation and other factors, Scrivener enables you to create collections which you can easily manage and organize.
With the above to consider and much more to discover, Scrivener is truly a great content generator for all kinds of writers.
Scrivener Size:
1.76 GB
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Scrivener is a popular text creation software that has a series of features that make it stand out from similar applications.
Top Features of Scrivener
• Thousands of templates
• Hundreds of fonts
• Full cross-platform support
• Share content with others
• This software is a great all-in-one tool for writers.
• A word processor capable of doing the same things as a typewriter.
• The author can add in features by uploading their own

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Scrivener combines powerful text editing, writing, organization and publishing tools. Its visually-rich interface is customisable and leads to an unbeatable writing experience.
This is an Add-in for Microsoft Word 2007, 2010 and 2013.

Innovative features for the Microsoft Office 2010 word processor:
More places on the right side of the screen to place your text
Switches between 3-point text and 4-point text
The ability to customize the font, text color, style, paragraph alignment and margins in 3 different widths
Workspaces to store content like ideas and notebooks
Enhanced text copying and paste
Automated blank document creation
Enhancements for lists
Advanced table of contents functionality
Cross-reference functionality for common web links
Organizing documents with an Outliner
Publishing of documents to PDF, DOC, RTF, and HTML
Please note: This is a trial version, which is free for a limited time

Scrivener is a Mac and Windows professional content creation and management software which will make your life a lot easier.
It offers you an easy to use interface and a comprehensive set of tools to manage a project with words, photos, illustrations, video, music, sound and more.
Do you have a project in your mind? Scrivener will enable you to construct, organize and manage a project that you can use.
You can even create your project from scratch or start with a blank file and fill it with a single letter as often as you want.
You will have an easy time creating a text and even more if you choose to add photos, images or other media.
All you need to do is start typing and place your content wherever you want.
The impressive interface will allow you to format your text exactly as you want.
You will be able to add formatting like bold, underlined and italic, make your text bigger or smaller, change the text color, apply a special background image or even use a fill color.
You have all of this right in your desktop.
You can also use the built-in corkboard to arrange your content, add it to slides, and use it as a scrapbook of the work you have done so far.
You can also place notes on your pages.
You can also add keywords to the page and import or export them easily to document what you are working on or add a page to an Outliner.
You can even organize your collection of Outline

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Easily create a text document with the familiar tools of a word processor and a clipboard manager in a Mac-style interface. With Scrivener you can work on a multi-page text document easily, from a single interface. Edit a single page or several simultaneously, and layout pages in any orientation, including portrait and landscape mode.
• Use the standard Macintosh tools for text editing: Paste, cut, copy and delete, and many more.
• Create an outline using any combination of floating or fixed columns.
• Drag and drop sections, pages, and document parts onto the canvas to arrange the pages the way you want.
• Organize documents using tags, folders, and collections
• Format text using track changes, styles, and document maps
• Use Document Timelines for capturing the development of a single document over time.
• Display or hide columns, tab guides, and page headers
• Share documents using drop boxes
• Share collections with others, and give them read/write access
• Manage projects quickly with the document outline
• Save and open PDFs, EPUBs, HTML, DOC, and other formats
• Works with native documents, MS Office documents, EPUBs, and HTML

Scrivener 2.0 is a powerful content writer that makes you more productive and creative. It provides the complete set of features required for any author at any skill level, including a sophisticated Outliner that organizes your information into complete stories with documents, events, and character. Anyone with basic computer skills can enjoy the powerful Scrivener interface.

Literary Workflow for Writers and Writers for Fiction Storytellers
A guide to the contents of a beginning writer’s stash, an author-for-hire’s toolbox, and a literary marketing strategy.
Is it possible to start writing an excellent first novel without a lot of money, experience and yes, talent? Read on to find out the things that a beginning writer needs to do in order to provide yourself with a launchpad for your career as a writer.
• Read. Read. Read. Read. Then make sure you write.
• Get your feet wet. Do some fiction writing for fun. Start in a notebook, on paper, then on the computer. Don’t worry if it’s bad. All you need to do at this stage is to practise. It’s a good idea to try and write something every day. Don’

What’s New in the?

De-Bug ID

scrivener 5.1.6




Choose the folder where you want your new scrivener to be installed, scrivener comes with a default location since you can choose to save it in c:\users\your user name\appdata\roaming\microsoft\scrivener. It is recommended to install the scrivener for all users but you can always select different locations after you setup the program. Drag the setup file to your desktop and double click it to start the installation. Scrivener installation can take a few minutes depending on your hardware.

1. If you are running windows 7 a new window with the title “De-Bug ID” will be opened. If you are running Windows Vista, windows 8 or windows 8.1 this window will never be opened.
2. If you installed scrivener manually you will see an “Add or remove programs” window and follow the instructions from this window to open the setup file.
3. If you have purchased scrivener from the scrivener website, you will be redirected to the scrivener website to login. There is an option in the sign in page to extract an activation code from your scrivener account. Insert it in the setup file, it should be enough to activate scrivener.

Steps needed to delete

Sign in to your scrivener account and select the menu to open the tool option. Then select the tool menu and click on “Remove Scrivener”.
If the setup file is still in your computer, you can just delete the setup file without doing anything more as the program will no longer run.

Steps needed to install

First click on the “Install now” button located on the scrivener website. Follow the steps to install the program in your computer.
It is important to note that scrivener is not designed to be installed on Linux based systems, but you can definitely use it on your linux laptop if you install Windows 10 on it and use that version instead.


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I have been using Scrivener for writing fiction. In my journey of the past five years, I have come across many applications and programs that help writers

System Requirements For Scrivener:

Supported Windows:
Windows Vista SP1/SP2/SP3
Windows Server 2008 SP1/SP2/SP3
Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1/SP2/SP3
Windows 7 SP1/SP2/SP3
Windows 8/8.1/8.1 Update 1
Windows 10
macOS Version: 10.10 or later
macOS Catalina 10.15 or later