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SlideShow Duo is an easy to install, but difficult to find addition to PowerPoint that improves how presentations are designed and presented. With SlideShow Duo, users can view two slides at once by simply pressing an additional button.
Features of SlideShow Duo
Interact with Two Slides at Once
Point & Click Commands for Both Slides
Show Slides as Combo Slides in PowerPoint
Show Detailed Graphs for Two Slides
Mouse Movement for Both Slides
Slides will appear as a Combo Slides in PowerPoint
Show Slides as a Combo Slides
Share Button/Link
Dual Monitor Support (Optional)
The available actions on Slide Show Duo Crack Keygen are as follows:
Slide 1 and 2 Interact – Select a slide in each slide show, and move to the other slide so that the slides will physically touch. Pushing on the current slide will initiate the movement.
Point & Click Commands – Click or Point to any point on the slide; both slides will be updated. Click and hold the mouse button to move the pointer to a different point, then click the slide. Each action performed while the mouse button is held will apply to both slides.
Show Slides as Combo Slides – Select both slides and make them both the same color and style.
Show Detailed Graphs for Both Slides – Select one slide and display a graph. Repeat for the second slide.
Mouse Movement – Select one slide, move the mouse to another point, then select the other slide. If no mouse is available, press the “F11” key to activate it.
Dual Monitor Support (Optional) – Select one slide and display it on the second monitor.
For More Information:
Read About SlideShow Duo
About SlideShow Duo
SlideShow Duo is licensed as a Trial Version. The Trial Version is subject to the following terms and conditions:
All pricing is subject to change at any time.
Additional Information:
The Trial Version of SlideShow Duo includes all features in the current version. All feature updates are included with the purchase of the Full Version.
With each purchase of SlideShow Duo, users receive the following:
The Right to use the Software and Documentation – For personal, non-commercial use. Only the software and documentation (both printed and online) are included.
Privacy – A license to use the software and documentation (both printed and online) are included. A license key is provided. No physical media

Slide Show Duo Crack License Code & Keygen (Updated 2022)

Slide Show Duo allows the user to control the speed at which slides change in a PowerPoint presentation. This add-on allows two slides to be displayed simultaneously. The user can specify the time in milliseconds that the slides should display for a short animation or the longer animation for a slideshow.
SlideShow Duo Features:
Slide Show Duo will allow users to play their slides automatically in this way:
– One slide is displayed at a time.
– Once all slides are displayed the 2nd slide will replace the 1st slide
– By changing the SlideShow settings menu, the number of slides to display in the animation can be changed.
– The speed at which the animation is displayed can be changed.
Slide Show Duo will allow users to choose from the following animations for the presentation:
– The animations can be recorded and play back in the future.
– The animations can be emailed to a friend.
– If you change slides whilst the animation is running it will replay the animation once the new slide is displayed.
– This add-on also allows users to view the images in a slideshow, this can be done in 3 different ways:
– A single slide is displayed
– Two slides are displayed simultaneously
– A slideshow is created and the slides change automatically
– The slideshow can be re-recorded
– The slideshow can be email-able to friends
Slide Show Duo is very easy to add to a PowerPoint document. Just select “Presentation” from the box menu and press “Install SlideShow Duo”


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What’s New in the?

SlideShow Duo is a powerful PowerPoint add-on that lets you use two slides in a row. As the transition is made, the slide on the left moves down until it is in front of the slide on the right. The user can either choose a pre-made transition, or create his own.
Key Features:
Two slides in a row, with options to set slide transition and height.
Preset slide transitions (“zoom in-out”, “zooming with colours”, “ripple”, “painting”, “presentation”, “camera”, “plane”, “robot”, “front-back”, “diamond”, “solar system”, “loop”, “cube”, “scorpion”, “snow”, “outdoor” and “custard”).
Automatic slide size selection (three sizes for four slides, two sizes for three slides, and one size for two slides).
Live preview and adjustable size for transitions.
Ability to create custom transitions with simple drag & drop.
Ability to use custom transitions (pull slider with custom transition settings).
Ability to specify the position of the new slide, and the transition can be animated between the slide positions.
Speed of animations (ranging between 0 and 100%).
Automatic slides on separate monitors control the slide transition; this way you can use SlideShow Duo on two separate monitors and have the slide transition fill up both of them.
A set of Themes to set a different theme for each slide.
Option to set the amount of space the new slide takes (refer to image file for the number of pixels).
Option to have the new slide constantly visible after the transition.
Option to duplicate the slide under the “past” slide, and slide it on top of the “past” slide.
Option to change the colour of the new slide.
Option to hide the “past” slide.
Option to fade out the new slide.
Option to show a special “elevator” transition in the middle of the slides.
Option to add the new slide with a hole on the left side and at a set height.
Option to add the new slide with a hole on the right side and at a set

System Requirements:

*7-Zip or similar compression software (
*PowerISO (
*WinRAR (
*Adobe Acrobat Reader (optional, but will be required for testing)
Supported Operating Systems:
*Windows XP
*Windows Vista
*Windows 7