Keyword Shuffler is a light weight utility that shuffles the words in a text file.
It takes a text file and shuffles the words in it.
Here is a list of valid keywords:

– Class- Class

This is a text file that I’ve used to test it.
I’m leaving the results in its original format because it might be easier for others to understand the results. I’m also leaving the C:\output.txt file open in the viewer just for reference.

The ‘Start’ button must be used to start the process. You can select ‘Shuffle’, which will randomly shuffle the words in the list. Note that the word order is changed. If you want the word order to be the same as it is in the list, select the ‘Update’ button.

I’m a little confused. On your website ( I see a page that states this is a Java application. However, I can’t run it using the download link provided. I see a warning that states:
“Unable to start the JVM. It’s best to run on an installed JVM (Windows and Linux included).”

1. what operating system are you running on?
2. if you are using the download link provided ( the operating system that you need is Windows.
3. how exactly do you try to run it? Did you double-click the downloaded zip file? Did you put the zip file somewhere and then double-click on it? Did you right-click on the zip file and choose “open with” and then choose “java”? Did you try the menu item on the Java control panel? Did you try launching it from the command line?

Hi. I’m unsure what you mean by ‘just for reference’

On the page you linked, I see a button that says “Download” and I’m assuming that when you click that button you are intending to download a file. If that’s what you’re saying, then the warning is right. If you mean ‘just for reference’, that’s because I think you can’t download it using your browser without downloading the Java runtime. I think the Java runtime is about 10 MB and I don’t see a way to get it as a file to download using your browser. It may be possible 384a16bd22

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The Proportion Wheel is a powerful graphics design tool. It will help you determine the proper proportions when resizing graphics. It’s often useful for resizing graphics in the style of old-fashioned proportion wheels.

I’ve just added the most basic main window to the Proportion Wheel and would like some feedback. I didn’t include any text in the upper text field because I didn’t want to add unnecessary text fields. Any additional fields are optional.
Image File Format: PNG, BMP, JPG, GIF.
File Location: The full path to the file will be displayed in the Target column. It will be positioned above the Proportion Wheel window.
Description: Enter the description.

Since this is a fairly common problem, I will try to keep the amount of replies down. When I do a search for web pages or other items using find, I keep getting some wierd results. When I click on the result that I need to work with, I often get a temporary index page. When I navigate from that page back to my search page, the result that I was trying to get back to still appears on my search page. I don’t know what the right search terms to enter are to get rid of this behavior. Here is an example:

Try to search on “MacBook” and click on a result that has MacBook in the title. What happens? Clicking on that result brings you to a temporary page. If you go back to the original search page, the MacBook title is still on the search page. Is there anything you want me to add to this description?

I have added the ability to create indices for searching and selecting files. Indices are created to allow you to search, select and index files in the same operation. Files are indexed in the system index or when using the Search Index feature.

If you select multiple files, you can select multiple indices by pressing Option-A. You can also create new indices by pressing Option-A. You can toggle the state of an index by pressing Option-B (or Option-A if no file is selected). To remove an index press the Delete key.

Indices can be of various types:
System – Indexes all files in the system
Text – Indexes text files
Images – Indexes all files with the Image Icon

I added the ability to launch an application from the right side of the Finder. I created a script to launch an application.