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– Manage the configuration of your workstations, including the drivers.
– Check the software updates on your computers, or get automatically an updated software list.
– Launch a full report of your workstation (hardware and software) data, including hardware / software products installed, licenses, number of users,…
– Perform remote updates of your workstation, and see on your screen all operations performed.
– Download your own packages, from the internet, on your computers and install them directly with LandPark Manager.
– View all the drivers of your computers.
– Print reports (lot of possibilities!) or export them.
– Perform a complete re-boot of your computers, with a single key stroke!
– Customize the overall windows theme.
– Import and export users (workstations) and product licenses.
– Save searches or a whole workstation.
– LandPark Manager connects directly to a whole workstation (hardware, software products and licenses).
– Search your documents, your emails, your attachments.
– Keep a record of your work, and you can be sure that no operation was missing.
– Manage almost anything on your computer, thanks to the plug-ins available.

Data Backup Manager Version 7.1.36

Data Backup Manager Version 7.1.36 Description: Data Backup Manager is a software to efficiently backup and restore your valuable data. The backup can be done from any computer connected to the network, but you can also create a local backup if the network is not available….

LandPark Manager Version 7.0.37

LandPark Manager Version 7.0.37 Description: LandPark Manager is a software to efficiently manage your workstations, and to make the management of your IT easier and more complete. Give it a try to see what it’s really capable of. LandPark Manager is a professional…

NOC Browser is a Web-based configuration utility for Cisco MDS 5200 series network access controllers (NAC). It enables you to perform the following tasks:
? View details of NACs on your network
? Reset NAC via web browser
? Configure the firewall policies on the NAC
? Monitor any changes made to NAC
? Perform basic troubleshooting on any NAC
? The utility can be installed and run as a stand-alone application or as a module of a web-based configuration application.

NOC Browser Web version is eea19f52d2

– The program will save any active window or the entire screen to a single file in one of the following formats:
– Several image file formats are supported, including JPG, PNG, GIF, TIFF and BMP. This ensures that you can convert the screenshot into the one that is most convenient for your project.
– You can save any screen in the total of 8 color depths, and the quality of a screenshot is adjustable by changing the color depth.
– You can add a watermark to the file. It can be the system date and time, a custom text or even a graphic.
– The program supports using the delayed capture function. While the application is running, you may have the option of taking several shots in one sequence.
– You can optionally rotate an image clockwise or counter-clockwise, resize or crop it. All these operations can be performed in the application’s window or in a new window that you open.
– Each screen capture can be added a watermark. You can customize the color and text of the watermark.
– You can add special effects to the picture like fade, transparency, black and white.
– The program is absolutely easy to use, requiring no learning. You do not need any manual to get started with it.

PCRiFY WinXpMozillaFX is a software application which delivers secure remote access to the Internet and the local network. It does not require any knowledge of the Internet nor does it require any special configuration on the local computer. It uses no server, it is a one-time install and runs on any Windows PC.
PCRiFY is very easy to install and setup. It is a.NET managed application. No configuration or additional software is required. The user installs the software on a single PC and a secure connection is established automatically with the server without further interaction.
PCRiFY offers strong encryption (256bit, AES encryption) for secure transmission.

PCRiFY WinXp Opera is a software application which delivers secure remote access to the Internet and the local network. It does not require any knowledge of the Internet nor does it require