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SpaceObServer Web Access Free [2022]

It’s an addon for SpaceObServer that allows you to remotely access a web interface from any PC with Internet access in your local network.

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What’s new in version 2.6.6:

Fixed “permission denied” error that sometimes occurred when viewing reports

Fixed the bug that was preventing the loading of any report for the users who have not been added to any group in Active Directory

The last update:

Jun 28, 2013

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Review by Rory

Posted on 2016-10-21

Works as expected, but there is something I would like to improve.

Review by Danita

Posted on 2013-07-08

I’m not good at technical terms and explain them well, but this particular addon doesn’t appear to be doing what I would like to have it do.
I wanted to see how SpaceObServer 3.0 did with the recent changes to the database it uses. It was advertised as having a web interface; however, after installing the addon I discovered that the reports pages are not customizable and only come up with specific hardcoded values for the time period, the category selected, etc. I then did an uninstall of the addon and realized the ones I wanted to look at were not there. I re-installed and now I’m not seeing the reports.
I wanted to be able to access the reports from a web page as they do with the published reports. I would then set the stats, a time period, etc, and it would just go to the reports page.
Another frustration is that I can’t even find where to go to change the database settings so I can change from the db to the files folder. There are no direct links to the reports.

Review by Mark

Posted on 2013-01-31

My review is pretty negative. I was looking for a solution to send reports to my computer. I couldn’t believe there wasnt anything in the marketplace. SpaceOb does a great job, I suggest to add this feature to the original product

SpaceObServer Web Access [Win/Mac] 2022

Analyze your PC’s disk space and access SpaceObServer reports from any computer in your local network
A web page for accessing SpaceObServer’s results
Allows you to control the configuration of your access page

SpaceObServer is a disk space analyzer that can check how much disk space is taken up by which files on your computer, and display a report of the most expansive files by size. SpaceObServer, which could be considered a program to automate the setup of space analyzers, offers a series of predefined reports, but you can also create your own.
Make your SpaceObServer report automatically
The program can work with local disks or accessed remotely, and works even when another program is running. In order to keep the typical setup you’d expect, however, it’s necessary to first set up both the local and remote sessions.
On Windows, enabling both the Web Admin service, which launches on the Local System account, and the Internet Information Services (IIS) feature, which gives access to the web interface, are necessary to make SpaceObServer Web Access Crack Free Download work.
On other operating systems, you just need to install the program and reboot the system.
Both settings are available in the SpaceObServer configuration manager on Settings | Tools | Options.
Access SpaceObServer reports from anywhere
If you have a web browser installed on your computer, and you want to access SpaceObServer’s reports from any PC in your local network, you don’t need to manually upload the reports to your server, since SpaceObServer Web Access is based on the Internet.
The program has a fully functional web interface that can be accessed through any web browser on any computer in the network.
SpaceObServer, which has already been described as an application to analyze disk space, can be very useful for family or enterprise environments, since users can generate reports on the most expansive files and a history of them. The application can also be configured so that the oldest reports are deleted from the server, but there are some safety measures in place that prevent creating problems if SpaceObServer’s files get corrupted.

Windows puts a lot of resources and effort into creating sophisticated and secure options for managing files. Windows doesn’t always remove or empty files fast enough and leave them lingering in the Recycle Bin. There are also programs, like Wincleaner, that leave useless traces of deleted files and folders in the Recycle Bin. These types of files take up too much space and shouldn’t be left behind on your computer.

SpaceObServer Web Access License Key Full

Can I view SpaceObServer reports from any PC in LAN?
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What’s New In?

SpaceObServer is a tool to get visual representation of hard disk space usage (pie, bar, and line chart) and file details in an easy-to-read fashion. It shows the proportions of the disk’s total space used by directories, drives, mount points, volumes, files, and so on. This is useful for spotting disk space hogs and for analyzing disk usage over time.
Version 1.0.1 was released about April 2, 2013. It includes new features, fixes, and server-side performance improvements. Now you can easily drag n drop files to fill up the disk.
A feature of SpaceObServer is that it can take advantage of your Windows permissions, and it will show you exactly what permissions you have. For example, if you run SpaceObServer with an account with few permissions, then the file details will not show you a lot of things. If you run SpaceObServer with an Administrator account, then you will be able to see more details of file size, file type, and so on.
– Free to use
– Tool to find disk space hogs
– Easy to read bar and pie charts of disk usage
– Shows permissions of files and folders
– Unlimited file size
– Unlimited number of files
– Open source
SpaceObServer Free Beta 1.0.1 Download:

SpaceObServer Web Access 1.0.4 Free Beta 1.0.4 Download:

SpaceObServer Web Access Free Beta Download:

SpaceObServer Web Access 1.0.1 Free Beta 1.0.1 Download:

System Requirements:

Windows 7/8/10
NVIDIA Geforce GTX 760 minimum
Notice: Please use recommended drivers for your system and hardware
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