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Spark DubStep is a versatile audio production suite designed with a modern musical look in mind. It can be used by DJs and producers to make beats, build music, and create bass patterns. The suite offers a well-balanced collection of synthesizers and drum machines as well as a sequencer and a full-scale audio editor. Spark DubStep is designed to impress with its rich collection of instruments and effects.


Compatible with most devices and DAWs (sequencer, music maker, audio editor, etc.)

High quality sample library with a comprehensive amount of instruments

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Spark DubStep

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Use it as a standalone or a

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MOXY DAW 4.1 is developed to an affordable, yet advanced, complete DAW for Mac and PC, allowing you to quickly and easily make or mix music.

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Highly customizable Spotify DJ:
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– Work with Spotify
– Add tracks to the set
– Load a set, and play it back
– Change the tempo
– Shortcuts
– Volume and Pan Control
– Automatic Beat Matching
– Make real-time adjustments to your performance (cue points, beat drop, drop, freeze, cut-in, pads, etc.)
– Introduce beat sequences with one touch
– Loop recordings, cue points and parameters
– Automatic or manual beat matching
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Organize your music:
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-Create new Playlist using your newly organized music.
-Reorder your playlist by dragging and dropping playlist items.
-Share your playlist
-Export your playlist to device
-Organize your music library by artist, album or genre.
-Change the display’s background color, button size and theme.
-Edit your playlist items by adding, reordering and deleting your selected playlist.
-Delete individual playlist items
-Auto-matching features
-Preload the DJ
-Drag and Drop


Moxy works with any audio input you connect it to (a built-in microphone or input from an audio plug or sound card), it can even be connected to an external mixer.
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Spark DubStep With Keygen

Spark DubStep is a versatile dubstep music production suite that allows you to generate dubstep beats by using MIDI instruments such as pads, percussions, pianos, organs, strings, drums and many more. It’s a powerful tool that gives you plenty of freedom to change sounds, effects and automate the knobs and sliders to your liking.
The basic functionality of Spark DubStep is the same as most of the other units on our website, but when you open the application, you’ll notice that most of the controls and knobs are grouped on the right side of the screen, usually placed on top of the sequencer, where they can be used in any way imaginable.
Spark DubStep Design Features:
Spark DubStep is a standalone application, which means you’ll have to buy it separately from the sequencer, the FX Pads and the FX Kits you can download for free.
However, it’s worth mentioning that those additions can be used by means of a price-tag if you want more variety in sound, as well as to have a better look and feel of the application.
Audio Features
The audio features of Spark DubStep are worth mentioning as well. The audio engine is very powerful, featuring the ability to use many virtual analog synths (12) such as bass pedals, spring reverbs, modulation effects and many more.
Moreover, the audio engine is capable of sampling and re-synthesizing hundreds of different instruments sounds. Thus, you’ll get the opportunity to grab any sounds you want, modify them in any way imaginable, compress them, pitch-shift them, and automate the knobs and sliders to your liking.
When it comes to audio features, Spark DubStep seems like a robust and all-encompassing tool that can be used for audio production, remixing or live performances.
Sequencer Features
The sequencer of Spark DubStep is also a very important part of the application as it can handle all the MIDI instruments you have saved on your computer.
Furthermore, the sequencer is capable of allowing you to easily create new patterns and assign them to the MIDI instruments you have chosen.
Due to this, you can experiment with a variety of sound sources without having to connect a specific instrument or sound source to a MIDI controller, and it can also be used for live performances.
Finally, the sequencer has the ability to deliver a wide range of sounds as

What’s New in the?

Spark DubStep was designed as a complex and reliable audio production suite suited for live dubstep performances. It can also be used by DJs and in audio studios in the making of beats and bass patterns.
Relying on 30 rich kits and over 480 instruments, Spark DubStep is able to recreate and sculpt sounds to your liking, being compatible with most MIDI controllers and creating MIDI assignments on the spot, without much effort.
It can be used both as a standalone product or a plugin inside your audio processor, enriching the quality of the sound through virtual analog synthesis, as well as through high resolution sampling.
The sequencer is the engine of the application, encasing all the controls and allowing you to experiment with the various audio effects and configurations comprised in the application.
There are over 960 preset MIDI patterns inside the sequencer, but all of them can be tailored to meet your needs. Thus, you can’t really put a limit to the number of patterns you can built from pre-existent ones.
Live performances can be enhanced through the FX Pad, the slicer and the looper that can be fully automated to deliver exactly what you want them to. Moreover, you can use effects such as reverb, multiband, chorus, delay, distortion, flanger, limiter, bit crusher, to name just a few.
All in all, Spark DubStep seems like a very reliable and sophisticated suite that can be used by producers, DJs and live performers in order to deliver an audio experience that’s out of the ordinary.

New Little Brake Clean is here.
The deep, squatty pattern that hides in this preset is perfect for your stomp tracks.
Great for both bass heavy and mid heavy tracks, use this preset on one track and then cut and paste into a track with a different pattern for the second half.

Wiggle Baby is here.
Got a knack for making the bumpy sounds? this preset is perfect for you.
Great for both bass heavy and mid heavy tracks, use this preset on one track and then cut and paste into a track with a different pattern for the second half.

This editable version of BASIC PLUGIN can be used as a MIDI-controller, allowing you to map whatever button or knob of your MIDI controller to any parameter of the plugin.
By default, ALL parameters are editable, but if you want to disable some of them, just uncheck the boxes corresponding to the parameters that you

System Requirements:

OS: Microsoft Windows 7, 8 or 10 (64-bit)
Processor: 2.0 GHz
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: DirectX 9.0c compatible video card with 1 GB of VRAM (NVIDIA, ATI or Intel)
Storage: 300 MB available space
Additional Notes:
Virtual machine Windows is required for installation. If you don’t have a Windows license, you can use the 30 day free trial of Microsoft Windows 10 available here
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