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Text data and strings often can contain series of entries, be it numerical, alphabetical or both at the same time, sorted or not. Those who work with large volumes of text strings can perform sorting operations manually, but, sooner or later they might require a more capable solution. String Sort is an app designed specifically for sorting text data or removing duplicates from text entries with ease, through a syntax-based operation.
Input the necessary text strings and perform the required sort type
Thanks to the uncluttered, re-sizable interface, users will be able to add their text strings with ease, by copy-pasting them from the source. However, the app does not feature automatic detection of the copied content, which could be considered as a minor weakness.
The entered text can only be added in the taken order, and later formatting is not available. The app offers several sorting options, such as regular (hierarchical, both for numerical or alphabetical strings), reverse order, random or even case sensitive.
Filter text with multiple duplicate items in no time
All the sorting operations are initialized by inputting the provided syntax, which is adequately documented in the app’s dedicated help section. This can sometimes be time-consuming, as one needs to input the corresponding letters for the various sorting types manually.
Besides the app’s primary function, it can also be used for removing duplicates from the entered text data. Strings that contain delimiting characters are also supported for the sorting process, as indicating these special characters establishes the start and end of each entry.
Fair lightweight app for those who need a fast and basic text sorting tool
This compact software solution is not the most impressive in terms of on-screen features or design, but it manages to provide a decent job at sorting text entries fast and effectively. Thanks to its syntax-based operation, tech-savvy users will have no trouble whatsoever working with it.







String Sort Crack + [April-2022]

Syntax-based operation to sort text strings

Limit input data to the taken order

Remove duplicate items from text data

Sort alphabetical or numerical text strings

How to use:

It’s fairly easy to use String Sort. Just give the software an input text and the sort type you would like it to perform. Simple as that!

In order to add strings you can either copy them from some other source or paste them directly into the input box. If you want the app to filter text based on a regular expression, click on the “Add item”, followed by the “Regex expression” button.

The entered strings will be filtered according to the expression set in the “Regex expression” box. Depending on the sort type the input data will be shuffled according to the provided syntax.

How to use the duplicate finder:

Click on “Duplicates” to enable the duplicate finder function. The application will then automatically remove the duplicates from the entered strings and sort them alphabetically or numerically.

Notice: the duplicate finder can only be used with text strings that contain delimiting characters. Such strings can be recognized by the presence of special characters that indicate the boundaries of one entry.

Note: the data removal is not case-sensitive.

How to use the reverse sort:

By using the “Reverse sort” option, the entries will be sorted in a descending order.

Note: the “Reverse sort” option is only available when the sort type is sorted.

How to use the case-insensitive sort:

By using the “Case insensitive” option the entries will be sorted in ascending order.

How to use the regular expression:

By using the “Regex expression” button, the app will filter out all the text strings that do not match the regular expression in the given box.

Note: regular expressions can be used only for alphabetical sort operations.

Note: the regular expressions are case-insensitive.

How to use the sort for numerical data:

By using the “Numerical” option, the entries will be sorted in ascending order. For the app to work correctly, the numerical data need to be in the proper form. This means that the entries containing only a decimal point will not be considered as numerical data, and will not be sorted.

How to use the sorting for alphabet

String Sort Download [2022]

1. Sort text data or remove duplicate text strings via inputting the syntax.
2. Sort using regular order, reverse order, random or case sensitive.
3. Program can operate in short or long format.
4. The character removal operation can be directed to the whole or individual text entry.
5. Input data with delimiting characters is supported for the sort process.
6. App is not limited to any specific type of file type.
7. Internal sort buffers are visible in the program’s main window.
8. Users can choose to output the sorted data with text or CSV format.
9. You can save the app’s log file for later analysis.
10. This solution is a very lightweight solution.
What’s New in Version 7.0.5
1. Fixed issue where a blank line after the last line of a text entry was exported to an Excel file.

1. Fixed issue with a blank line being generated in an Excel file after the last line of a text entry was exported.
2. Fixed issue where a new line was being inserted after the inputted text string was exported to an Excel file.
1. Fixed issue with a blank line being generated in an Excel file after the last line of a text entry was exported.
2. Fixed issue with a new line being inserted after the inputted text string was exported to an Excel file.
3. Fixed issue where [Ctrl]+[Home] and [Ctrl]+[End] key combinations were not working.
4. Fixed issue where the Output Format field was not saved with the program’s log file.
5. Fixed issue where the inputted data was being cleared.
6. Fixed issue where the app would not run when a file was added from the Program Files folder.
7. Fixed issue with the program not being able to read the original file that was added to the main window.
8. Fixed issue with saving the Input Order tab to the main program window.
9. Fixed issue where text entries with nested lists were not being sorted properly.
10. Fixed issue with the last text entry’s length being incorrect after sorting the input data.
1. Fixed issue with the app not running properly when a file was added to the main window and then removed from the same tab.
2. Fixed issue with the program not adding

String Sort Crack

Main Features:
Sorting option: numeric, alphabetic and alpha, reverse, random
Removes duplicates from your text strings
Multi-format support
Supports string input that contains special characters like ¡, †, ¤, ‘, ¦, ·, °, +, *, -, /, |, (, ),?, [, ], {, }, :, ª, :,?, –, :, –, >, +, –, ¬, =, ;,!,…,.,!, ë, °, –, Â, «, Â, ‹, », â, », ë, ·, », Â, —, ¼, ¼, ², ², ³, ³, Å, Å, ℮, Å, Ì, ©, ®, ^, ®, ^, °, ³, ³, ´, °, °, ¹, ¹, º, º, ¾, °, +, °, +, ¼, ¼, ¿, %, %, %, ¿, ¿, », ¿, », ¿, ¿, ¿, »

It is possible to add strings manually or to import data from text documents, either manually or by scanning. This app is useful for efficient sorting of strings such as telephone numbers, email addresses, names and license plate numbers. Use of just the few keystrokes necessary to add a name or telephone number to the text is a great time saver.
The sorting alphabet and special symbols you want to use. The options of sorting by numbers, alphabets, or mixed are provided in a textual alphabet. You can select which of these or another alphabet as you wish.
Excel Export – Import Text, Windows Mobile 5.0, Windows CE, Windows.NET, Windows Mobile, Pocket PC, Windows CE.

For example, a user can simply type in the data and make it easier to operate. It is also easy to add strings as there is a convenient import option. The filters work well. The Windows Mobile version is provided to meet the common requirements of mobile devices, such as smaller screen sizes. This Windows mobile app is extremely simple to use.
This fantastic Windows mobile app features a user-friendly

What’s New in the String Sort?

Quick and easy way to sort all strings you need to.
You can add, edit and select strings by copy-paste.
It supports both numerical and alphabetical sorting.
You can sort by original text string, reverse order, random order or case sensitive.
You can also remove duplicates.
Small size, fast, simple to use and effective.
Thanks to its lightweight design, it’s perfect for mobile users.

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System Requirements For String Sort:

Windows XP

Windows 7
64-bit OS.
At least 256MB of RAM.
GB Hard Drive space.
A good internet connection.
Anti-virus installed.
DVD Writer drive
Some internet browsers will have better compatibility with higher resolution.
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