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Free ZIP Password Unlocker is a useful tool for people looking for a way to unlock ZIP passwords. If you find that you can’t unlock a protected ZIP file and that you don’t have the password, you might as well try this software. The program does its job by the brute force method. So in case you can’t get in to your archive with the password, you can use the program to open it.

If you have accidentally deleted the original text or picture files of your FABRIC album, you can easily recover those lost pictures with an Android tablet!
This is the simplest way to get back lost photos and text files from an FABRIC album to your tablet.
You can easily recover FABRIC album files to your tablet directly!
No root and jailbreak needed.
★ Recovery the photos and text file★
The recovery files and folder are downloaded to your tablet after the
★ Offline procedure★
You can continue to access your album online or offline, without internet
★ It’s easy to recover★
The recovery will be available in your home, so you don’t have to spend time
looking for your missing files.
★ Showing the progress★
As you recover the lost files, the program will show you the progress in your

PowderLight is a free application that can be used as an alarm clock, stopwatch, timer, and scheduler for your daily tasks. It also has the capability to function as an alarm clock. This is a powerful program that anyone who wishes to get a head start on the day can use.
Android 2.2 and higher

Installing the application
Download the application from the Android Market and save it on your device
When the installation is complete, open the application and tap on the “Settings” button in the top-right corner
Tap on the “Choose users” button
Select your name under “Choose users”
Tap on the “Agree” button
Open the application again, tap on the “Alarms” button in the top-right corner
Tap on the “Alarm” button under “Alarms”
Tap on the “+” sign to add an alarm

Lights on your android device!
With a few taps, you can turn the LED’s on and off, dim them, and adjust the colors!
Install it in one click! It’s the easiest way to control your LED’s! eea19f52d2

■ wSHDCOM is a small and simple application for Win9X/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003. It uses com port for sending and receiving. The program can display all incoming and outgoing data. The data can be sent in decimal, hexadecimal, binary, ASCII or octal format.
■ wSHDCOM allows manual time stamp on each received or sent byte, as well as the history of all data sent and received.
■ wSHDCOM can display and/or save sent and received data in hex dump mode.
■ wSHDCOM allow to export selected portion of communication session to HTML file.
■ wSHDCOM can spy communication using two serial ports (ViewComm mode).
■ You can spy communication without port using a driver that can capture data from port using SpyView.
■ wSHDCOM can save the communication sessions on your usb flash disk.
■ wSHDCOM can copy the selected portion of the communication session to the clipboard (CTRL+C).
■ The program supports wSDMINI and wSDCOM2 modules (or any other com modules that uses port).
■ The program support multi-threading.
■ wSHDCOM can be installed and uninstalled from USB disk.
■ wSHDCOM can run from memory stick or USB disk.
■ wSHDCOM can run from RAM disk.
■ wSHDCOM can work on all Windows OS version.
■ wSHDCOM can work on all Windows OS versions including Windows 95 and NT 3.51.
■ wSHDCOM is very fast, it can be used in real time mode.
■ Release 1.00.00, August 25, 2004
■ GNU General Public License, Version 2, June 1991 (
■ Communicate data via serial port.
■ Spying serial communication.
■ Show data in different format (dec, hex, bin, oct, text)
■ Save the communication session on disk (for later review)
■ Copy selected portion of communication session to clipboard
■ Export