Suzuki Rgr 150 Service Manual 22 !EXCLUSIVE!













Suzuki Rgr 150 Service Manual 22


This manual contains an introductory description of the SUZUKI AN650 and its inspection procedure.n repair/maintenance and overhaul of its main components. The manual can be used by all professionals who may operate a vehicle containing SU-ZUCAN and SC-BOX, including drivers.
Programs must be compatible with DAUDI AT, VW VW or DENSO Corporation devices. The program should provide the output of test results with normal and off ignition.
The manual includes not only a description of the components, but also the requirements for installing and adjusting the SUVAuto, and the manual should be used for any procedures that are not reflected in the manuals.
Compatibility with other programs is checked directly on the car itself.
It is necessary to check the operation of the instructions before starting operation. When you start work, you should carry out a trial run, during which the instructions are applied in accordance with the operating instructions.
The program must be supported by modern software for diagnostic panels and other hardware and software developed by DENNISSO in accordance with specification AN622-02/8B. All program related documentation must be compatible with the DENNSO automotive program.
Check the correct use and status of the program during the trial run, as well as during repair work.
If the program is not available, we can offer the following programs.
Incomplete SU4CD specification. Russian language version.
CD cards
SUZSUKIFIDE. Program for installation in a standard car panel that connects to car systems. The program has added the ability to work with diagnostic equipment DEN, VAG, GM, Volvo, MAN, Peugeot and Renault.
The first step in the SU5CD manual describes the steps that the SU20CD program takes. In the SU6CD manual you will find descriptions of all procedures, including the procedure for checking the SUDOTNET system.
Changing the SUPER-MINIVITE program
When saving a previous version, the following errors are possible:
unavailability of backup media. The files must be stored on a disk with partitions 2 and 3, and not on one that contains other programs. If file D