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KeyMacro is an on-screen keyboard for Windows that lets users type quickly without touching the keyboard. KeyMacro was designed with the idea that you are more productive with fewer keystrokes, faster.
KeyMacro allows users to define key combinations. A key combination is when you press multiple keys at once.
KeyMacro was developed by an employee who worked on a repetitive task for over 18 months to find a better way of doing this task. He said, “After using KeyMacro for a while I noticed how quickly I was able to get my work done.” KeyMacro is fast, simple, and easy to use.
KeyMacro was originally a prototype and has evolved over time and has been used by thousands of people. The current version has been developed based on what users have asked for and on extensive research.
KeyMacro eliminates the need to keep your hands on the keyboard for the entire work session. KeyMacro is software and does not have any moving parts. It sits on the screen and does not touch the keyboard.
KeyMacro is different than other software that is designed to overlay text onto your existing keyboard and allow you to type. This application was designed to become an integrated part of your operating system, a change that no other product has been able to make.
KeyMacro provides fast key combinations that are easy to learn. It also provides advanced features that are useful for those who type a lot, like alternate key combinations, or those who frequently switch between languages.
• Provide the most commonly used abbreviations as keyboard shortcuts
• Save and restore your key macros for future reference
• Create custom keyboards
• Modify and rearrange the keyboard hotkeys to match your needs
• Keep all your favorite key combinations in the Key Store
• Quickly learn more key combinations
• Preview key combinations before you press them
• Share Key Macros with others
• Export Key Macros to PC or Excel
KeyMacro is compatible with a wide range of operating systems including Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2000, Mac OS X and Linux.
KeyMacro also supports many other applications such as Windows Office and Linux.
No Compromise Key Macros
KeyMacro was developed with the goal of providing the most compact keyboard for the most users possible. The KeyMacro team was focused on how to provide the most efficient key combinations without compromising the program’s integrity.
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Hopper for InterBase is a handy and reliable application designed to enable users to debug code stored inside databases.
Hopper for InterBase provides you with the possibility to track the code statement by statement. Thus, users gain an insight and an organized overview of the code during development.
Keymacro is a Microsoft Access MDB schema that can be used to
– track all errors that occur during application development
– show all fields and properties of every table, record, and view of a database
– define additional structure for a database
The schema of Keymacro is based on the concept of a Programmacro. A Programmacro is a schema that can be added to a database table. Using Keymacro, a user can easily generate a specific structure for a database. This structure can be subsequently used to present the database in a graphical way.
The user can configure Keymacro to present the database on a Web browser. In addition, Keymacro can be used to access the database from within an application. As an example, Keymacro can be used to access the database from within a Microsoft Access application. A Microsoft Access application is a database that is stored on a local hard disk.
KEYMACRO can also be used to generate a database structure for Web applications. In this case, Keymacro generates a HTML code that can be placed in a Web page.
How to Use KEYMACRO:
– To install the application, follow the instructions in the readme.txt file. After installation, the application creates the mdb file kmacro.mdb, which is used to generate keymacro.mdb.
– To access the schema of the database, use Microsoft Access and open the mdb file kmacro.mdb.
– To open a specific view, click the view button, select the view that you want to open, and click Open.
– To open a table, click the table button, select the table that you want to open, and click Open.
– To view a field, click the field button, select the field that you want to view, and click Open.
– To select a field, click the field button and select the field that you want to view. You can select fields from tables, views, and additional views that have been created by you.
– To create a field, click the field button, select the table, view, or view that has been created by you, and then select the