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Tekaba VoIP Gateway Crack Free

Tekaba VoIP Gateway Free Download is a program that enables you to convert telephony traffic into data that can be transmitted throughout a network.
Based on the RFC 3261 protocol, it runs in the background as a Windows service, monitoring sent and received messages by a 3G USB Modem connected to your computer.
You start by plugging in the 3G modem to your PC and once the computer identifies the hardware device, you must configure the VoIP route. Tekaba VoIP Gateway Product Key displays a simple and intuitive interface that enables you to easily set all the requires parameters.
You can change the listening port (by default, this is 5080) and adjust the SRTP / RTP timeout. Tekaba VoIP Gateway supportsUPnP for NAT traversal and allows you to use an external IP address to forward incoming SMS messages as SIP requests. Such requests are then processed and the message content is sent back as a SMS.
Changing the SIP proxy is just as easy: you must enter the SIP domain, proxy address and used port, enter the username and password (if required) and change the registration timeout.
Before starting the service, Tekaba VoIP Gateway enables you to configure the telephony routes for VoIP to telephony message conversions. As such, you have to enter the source IP addresses and prefixes, destination prefixes and trunks. The application selects the best route it finds to send the SMS message. If the telephony routes are not configured, Tekaba VoIP Gateway will not be able to route VoIP calls and SIP requests.
Tekaba VoIP Gateway is compatible with the UDP, TCP and TLS transport protocols, also logging call transfers, thanks to the SIP REFER method. It enables you to keep an eye on all active calls and their status from the ‘Ports’ tab.

Using technical and/or reverse proxy, Voice over IP (VoIP) is a way of communicating via telephone networks with far fewer network hops. It typically uses the Internet Protocol as its signaling protocol. VoIP uses the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) for signaling and the Real Time Protocol (RTP) for speech transport. SIP uses one of a number of well-known ports (such as 5060) for its signaling. Some VoIP gateways also accept other protocols in place of SIP, such as H323, using a telephony gateway such as Sainphone. SIP-based VoIP gateways first appeared in 2004.

Tekaba VoIP Gateway Crack+ [April-2022]

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Main Features:
* Interface designed to understand what you are doing, including Unicode support, status and data line graphs and searchable filter tables (like the Recipient Address, Tracking, Logged Date etc)
* Intuitive, yet powerful interface
* Configure all configuration items with a few clicks
* Two identical interfaces, one for outgoing and one for incoming
* Automatically transparent firewall configuration for incoming and outgoing calls (incoming PSTN calls use a SIP proxy service)
* SIP server account creation and configuration
* Keeps a history log of all calls made and received
* Multi-user support (multiple simultaneous user accounts)
* Option to insert client certificate
* Real-time call recordings
* Client contact log
* Can display caller and callee addresses and contact names
* Display information and statistics about SIP calls and messages
* Automatic importing of client addressbook from a CSV file
* Supports several SIP proxies (by default, it uses 128-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL))
* Supports the receiving of SMS messages as SIP requests and the translation of messages from and to different languages
* Automatically sets up the ports
* Uses a timer function to hide the VoIP service from the task bar
* Uses a 64-bit process, running on Windows XP and higher
* USB modem device and driver management and filtering of SIP requests
* Can work without a 3G modem (with fall-back)
* Can select between a 3G modem or USB modem, even if it is a 3G modem
* Support for all type of USB modems (Thomson Treo 700, ZenPad series, NetQ series, Linksys and more…)
* Supports the 3G USB modems that use the Quad Band technology
* Built-in dialer that lets you configure all the dialed and failing numbers
* Support for ALL phones, including many Spanish, German, Italian, French, Portuguese, Dutch, UK, Russian, Polish and other international phone models
* Support for a wide range of telephone numbers, including international access numbers, different digit dialing, USA, Canada, UK and various European Phone Numbers and more
* Support for TAPI based VoIP softphone (that use PC speakers)
* Support for Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003 and Windows Vista (even Windows 7 and 8

Tekaba VoIP Gateway

Tekaba VoIP Gateway is a simple and efficient way to make
phone calls over the Internet. Tekaba VoIP Gateway supports SIP, SDP, AMI
(Advanced Message Initiative), H.323, and the legacy telephone protocols
(SVTNI). Tekaba VoIP Gateway uses the H.323 Real Time Transfer Protocol
(RTP) and Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) as well as the RFC3261

Signs of troubles

An error message appears if one of the above mentioned protocols is not running on the gateway server. The error messages are typically “The requested action could not be completed for the following reason: Not supported by server”.

You need to configure a SIP account of the domain name (usually the gateway’s server IP address and port) and a username and password (for internal SIP account). The username and password are the same as those defined for the account in the Softphone component.

You need to configure several trunks to correspond to incoming calls from the phone number. Each trunk corresponds to an incoming call from the mobile phone, for the same phone number, that is sent through the SIP messaging protocol. Therefore, an incoming call to the number from a phone other than the one you used to create the trunk will be lost.

The SIP account of the domain name is the same as in the PSTN provider server.

Configuration of Tekaba VoIP Gateway

Tekaba VoIP Gateway is entirely configured using the interface of the application. After a launch of the application, you can go to the ‘Tunneling’ tab and click on ‘edit’.

It is then necessary to enter the IP address of the SIP server (hostname:port) and the SIP username and password:

Proxy server IP address: : 9 9 9

User name: userlogin

Password: password

If required, the SIP server can be placed outside the local network, or a virtual private network (VPN) can be created, as mentioned on the man page of the service. In such cases, a remote IP address is used.

Alternatively, using the ‘outbound port’ tab you may choose to change the listening port on which the service listens, and the outbound port on which the service will reply.


What’s New In Tekaba VoIP Gateway?

Tekaba VoIP Gateway is a very powerful and flexible VoIP server application designed for windows that automatically converts SIP messages into a common data protocol that can be transmitted over a local or even a remote network. The software runs in the background, monitoring all the SIP transactions from your 3G modem and converting them into a data file that can be sent from your computer.
After starting the system, you must configure it to allow the incoming calls and to route SMS messages to SIP requests that are then converted into SMS messages. If you have broadband access, you can configure the IP address (default is, the domain name (default is sip.telenor.com), user name and password (default sip.telenor.com), the registration timeout and the number of allowed redirections.
In addition to that, you can access all your previous configurations through the ‘Settings’ tab. This powerful and flexible tool allows you to manage your VoIP/SMS routes, choose where to forward SMS messages and manage all the telephony rules.
You can choose to have the application run automatically or run it manually. You can monitor traffic and monitor transfers in real time.
Tekaba VoIP Gateway Features:
– VoIP to SMS conversion and forwarding in real time
– High visibility of all messages with a clear and usable menu
– Configure routes manually or use the integrated application
– Catch calls and report their status in real time
– Automatic configuration
– Active monitoring of data traffic
– SIP to SMS online conversion
– Stored incoming calls
– Registered redirections
– Configure how to redirect SMS to calls
– SMS Delivery Monitor
– Built-in call tracing
– Real-time statistics
Tekaba VoIP Gateway Free/Try Version:
Here is the complete Tekaba VoIP Gateway free version, with some limits:
You can play using the integrated VoIP application for ten minutes at a time
You can redirection SMS to calls limited to one minute
You can dial three SMS messages only
You can not follow redirections
Tekaba VoIP Gateway Full Version:
Tekaba VoIP Gateway Full Version, with all features, is available at a very competitive price. For a price of 249 GBP, you can download the full version in the following version of this portal:
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System Requirements For Tekaba VoIP Gateway:

OS: Windows 7 (64-bit)
Processor: Intel Core i3
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: 3D hardware acceleration
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Network: Broadband internet connection
Processor: Intel Core i5
Memory: 4 GB RAM
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