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August 20, 2021
terra universo de vida 12o ano pdf
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He kills a sparrow, but has to hide his sword in the leaves of a tree; again he is poisoned by his foe, and again the thrust which finally kills him comes from the bow of a bloody fellow.Q:

How to get the working directory of a process in Python

I am trying to get the working directory of a Python process that I am spawning and I am currently using os.getcwd() and then I try to append the directory to the environment and then I am going to read it like this:
import os

print(os.getcwd() + “this is my working directory”)

However, what I get is that it always returns the same value, even though if I run the program again it would change the directory to another value. I don’t know how to fix this problem.


Your code is fine. It makes two calls to os.getcwd() and concatenates those.
It would not be surprising to observe that it does not change.
You can make a call to a decorated function to check if the working directory changed.
import os

def working_directory():
path = os.getcwd()
return path


$ python3 test.py

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