The Coin Game

■ Small Size

■ Windows Easy-to-use Interface

■ Never Scares You

■ Does Not Mess with the Windows Registry and Start Menu

■ Runs Without Any Setup Pack

■ Cleans All Cookies

■ Allows Multiple Users, Including Newbies

■ Can Manage All Cookies

■ Saves Cookies to an External File

■ Allows to Delete Cookies

■ Search Function

■ It’s All Done with a High Visibility

■ CPU and RAM Usage is Low

■ Undetected Bugs and Problems

■ A Clever Viewing Tool for Firefox Cookies

■ Quick Setup, Quick Start

■ Powerful Cookies Manager for Mozilla Firefox

■ High Visibility

■ Intuitive Layout and Simple Interface

■ Never Flashes an Error Message

■ It Does Not Request Any Permissions

■ Does Not Put Anything in the Registry

■ Doesn’t Put Anything in the Start Menu

■ It Runs Without Any Setup Pack

■ Does Not Modify System Paths

■ Does Not Require Any Third Party Software

■ Runs on All Windows Versions

■ Customization for Users with All Experience Levels

■ All Option Values Can Be Customized

■ All Configurable Fields Can Be Toggled

■ All Lists Can Be Copied

■ All Lists Can Be Restored

■ All List Can Be Converted to CSV File

■ All Cookies and Lists Can Be Saved to a Pen Drive

■ Works Any Time

■ Can Open Any Type of Cookies Files

■ It’s all Done with a High Visibility

■ Allows to Sort and Add Cookie Settings

■ Allows to Modify Cookie Settings

■ Allows to Filter Cookies

■ Allows to Toggle Cookie Settings

■ Does Not Open the Firefox Browser

■ Does Not Disrupt the Browser’s Previous List

■ Does Not Disrupt Firefox’s Previous List

■ Does Not Hinder Firefox’s Speed

■ Allows to Export All Cookies to an External File

■ Allows to Manage All Cookies

■ Allows to Delete Cookies

■ Allows to Create Cookie Files

■ Allows to Delete Cookie Files

■ Does Not Change the Firefox Address Bar

■ Does Not Change the Firefox Address Bar

■ Does Not Put anything on the Window’s Task Bar

■ No Installation Requirements

■ No Installation Pack eea19f52d2

CodeSnipIt is a code snippet tool that combines features of a code snippet, a powerful text editor and a powerful code browser. It allows you to easily save, organize, find and reuse code snippets with one powerful tool.
CodeSnipIt is easy to install and it is open source!
For a trial version visit:
(showing the demo)
Key features:
* Organize by category and language.
* Find text in code snippets.
* Find files with snippets.
* Reuse snippets.
* Export to a.CSV file.
* Export as PDF.
* Export as HTML (with images)
* Search function (from snippets and files)
* Undo and Redo function.
* Clipboard function.
* Tabs in code snippets.
* Embed in emails.
* Connect to myServer.
* Change to a clean workspace and a copy of the code.
* Copy and paste selected code snippets into the code.
* Save your snippets as files in the same directory.
* Copy the entire directory.
* Add or remove languages from snippets.
* Compare old and new snippets.
* Revert to the old version.
* View multiple code snippets in the code.
* Shortcuts for all actions.
* CodeSnipIt is the first (and only) code snippet tool that supports Embedded images in the code snippets.
(see video)
This application is not intended to be installed automatically. To install it, right click on the application and choose ‘Run’ or ‘Open With…’ then choose the option ‘Run as administrator’.
CodeSnipIt is part of the’snipitit’ suite and can be used to manage snippets, searches and clipboard with. You can connect to it with another application like myServer from
To download the latest version visit or enter codeSNIPIT.EXE in the Windows search field.
The Source code for CodeSnipIt can be found here:

CodeSnipIt Website: