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TIN Grid Maker Full Version

What’s New In?

Grid Maker is a handy and reliable application designed to generate TIN and grid networks based on input data loaded from DXF files.
Simply import the data, then generalize the polylines and at last, create the TIN and grid, then export the results to DXF format.

The application is free for all users.

This application is designed and coded by Navina Pourzakhsh.

This program is available to all users at no charge.

Release Notes:
Version 0.1 (2003.10.05): First public release.

Version 0.2 (2003.10.23):
– Add button for set up a new project for the next analysis
– Add more buttons for move and export a project
– Add buttons for move or export a specific view of a project
– Add functions to export one view as DXF or EPS (in the PROJECT.DAT file)
– Add functions to export one view as DXF or EPS (in the PLOT.DAT file)
– Add button to open/close project file
– Add buttons to exit program
– Add option to export graphics to printer (and save DXF as graphics)
– Add option to export graphics as PDF
– Add option to export graphic as EPS (for use in matplotlib)

Version 0.3 (2004.10.17):
– Add link to PDF version of graphics in main menu.
– Add option to display “no intersections” for a run.
– Add option to display “no intersections” for a single run.
– Add option to change graphics formats (e.g. GIF to JPG)
– Add option to add title to graphics (in case of no titles in DXF file)
– Add option to set spacing of labels and graphics to 0 (so that there is no space at all)
– Add option to create empty layer (to prevent the layer to be exported)
– Add option to choose specific layer as background
– Add option to choose specific

System Requirements:

This mod is compatible with the Nexus Mod Manager (NMM).
Thank you for supporting Nexus Mod Manager, the Nexus Mod Manager Team, and iDevTF!
Version history:
Fixes to mods that become un-installable
Fixed: Forge SDK Mod
Fixed: Triforce
Fixed: RuneNinja
Version 0