Train Simulator: DB ICE 3 EMU Add-On Download] [License]













Train Simulator: DB ICE 3 EMU Add-On Download] [License]


Jan 28, 2022
The alternative version of the engine is the air cooled engine in which the overhead traction motor is a large copper  .
Train Simulator: DB BR 440 – Continental EMU Add-On Download] [License] Jan 28, 2022
This add-on recreates the Swiss Regionals built 111 EMU with model railroading in mind  .
The CTO (Train Operation Center) replaces the Simulator Operator (SO) in the crew cabin, allowing the driver to also act as the CTO and co-pilot.  .
The CTO will prompt the driver when a major issue occurs on the screen, like a signal interrupting train control, and will automatically take control of the train if a problem occurs  .
Jan 28, 2022
The CTO has three screens.  .
01. Overtake
02. Train Control
03. Simulation Signals

Apr 29, 2018
The Train Simulator RCTD BR 407 ICE T Engine DLC is now available in Train Simulator 2018. Download the 30mb add-on here!

Oct 31, 2017
For more information about the Train Simulator RCTD BR 407 ICE T Engine DLC download please go here.

Jan 28, 2019
This update will allow for the lighting on your TRACS units to be off.

Winter 2019
The RCTD BR 407 (Train Simulator) is now available for purchase on the Steam Store. For more information please go here

Dec 30, 2019
The RCTD BR 407 is now available in Steam Trading Cards!

December 26, 2019
The RCTD BR 407 (Train Simulator) is now available in Train Simulator 2020! For more information please go here.

March 15, 2020
The RCTD BR 407 is now available for purchase on the Steam Store!

The coaches are based on DB’s new line of ICE coaches. They are in the Avus livery. The Coaches are high-gloss glass, they all have full toilet facilities and seatbelts in every row.

The six panorama cars are all drawn from the original German catalogue.

The three driving carriages are based on the Nuremberg design, and are painted in the Mittellandshuttle (MBS) livery, to be used on German Railways.

The five trailer cars are


Jan 27, 2022
I thought, this is not right. Köln is at the heart of German high-speed train services, with the ICE line crossing the city from west to east. Here, too, is the new ‘e’ version of the ICE, numbered ‘3M’. I was on the route several times, from Köln-Düsseldorf to Dortmund via Duisburg and Bielefeld. Köln is the rail hub of the region, and the route is dominated by ICE train services, interlinked with high-speed S-Bahn services. There are two of these routes, from west to east, and the trains run together. The East route starts in Cologne and ends at Hagen-Niehl, whilst the West route starts in Duisburg and ends at Bremen. The new ICE – dubbed 3M – is the third generation of these trains, and it is a good one. As well as the long-awaited faster speeds on the East route, there are more seats and more couplers – no more railway-engine coupling, so fewer casualties. The area at the front of the train has been expanded, and the seats are wider. The multiple route plates are now more flexible, and a lot of the information is printed on them, so you don’t need to consult the timetable as often. I have to say, the new 3M is an improvement, for this route and for the high-speed services in general. However, there are other changes – some of which I’ll come to later. First, the engine, which is located in a separate compartment at the front of the train. A seat is included in the section to the right of the engine compartment, and this is the standard ICE 3 layout, although there is room for more, as the plate says. Some of the information is in German, but the English is well marked. There are timetables, course maps and an itinerary showing the route. The seating area is above and behind the driver, and behind them is a corridor where the staff can access the carriages. On the whole, there is a lot of space, and although it is not class-compliant, it’s big enough for a decent-sized coach to be fitted in. This version has no shop car. You can access the two passenger cars at the rear, as well as a saloon for the driver and his assistant, and a disabled compartment. In addition, there are