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– supports all the popular audio formats such as WAV, MP3, OGG, AAC… – Save/Load for offline use – can be used standalone and embedded inside other applications – 64-bit version available (see.ini file) – can be used directly from command line and included in applications using WinAPI – class (TToneGen_Listener) to handle and play sounds and the size of the sound to be played – very low memory consumption – fast development environment – mobile/desktop version available IndieDevPTHeader is a software developed in order to let you easily create your music notes and can send them to a simple MIDI interface. The notes can be created in a text editor and then opened in IndieDevPTHeader. The notes may be edited directly from the editor. The notes are converted to.WAV files and can be loaded to IndieDevPTHeader via the computer’s file system. A number of different formats are supported including.MP3,.AAC,.OGG and.WAV. IndieDevPTHeader Features: – easy to use: users only have to drag files to the interface to be loaded – built-in pitch faders -.mid files play – easy export to.mid and.wav – supported audio formats:.WAV,.MP3,.AAC,.OGG – easy to save notes to a.mid and.wav files – you can use either a real MIDI interface or use it over USB – the GUI is fully configurable Download IQSound DX First Quality and Best Audio IQSound is here, now better than ever, for DX. Load up the best-in-class DX engine from CoreAudio, the creator of iTunes and more with a new, sleek interface for auditing, monitoring and selecting mixes. Designed in a highly fashion-forward fashion, IQSound DX brings the latest best-of-class technology and innovative productivity enhancements into one simple-to-use interface. Create, remix, cue mixes, edit, and render with unprecedented speed and efficiency from all your audio projects in the highest fidelity using the world’s best digital audio managers and audio libraries. Add the best digital mixing tools to your DX mixing projects to have more control, flexibility and music making freedom than ever before! Take your music to

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Can create various types of noise and noise based sounds and play in TTSync. Sound Library: TTgen works with the TTgenSound library, a specialized data format with the following characteristics: TTgenSound uses the standard APIs that allow the programmer to use the sound library with his own applications, so you can start using TTgenSound with your own applications on multiple platforms. Oscillator Control: The oscillator variables (Waveform length, Frequency and Amplitude) can be configured in various ways, enabling the creation of tonal and percussive noises as well as waveforms. Noise Control: The parameters for the various noise generation of TTgen can be configured in ways such as adding noise to a waveform or noise generator, and also can be controlled in parameters. Sound Combining: Combine tonal and percussive sounds can be done by synchronizing two sound libraries. If the sound names coincide, they will be merged and saved as a new sound. If the sound names don’t coincide, it will be saved as two sounds. Input Variable: Set of variables that allow you to record sound and create variables to load and record within the variables created by TTSync. Input Output Variable: Sound can be played in various ways such as recording from a file, recording from a microphone (built-in Mic), streaming, OSC input/Output variables, input parameter to read from the serial port and creating any other variable in which you will read a sound from a serial port or a file. Creation of sound packages: You can create Sound packages in three different formats: TTgenSound, TTSync and TTgenSound-Osc. TTSync can be read/write and supports multiple audio formats. TTgenSound-Osc is the only format supported by TTSync and TTGenSound requires the use of the TTgenSound library. Tone Generator Control: You can control the various tone generators that generate analog and digital tones including an oscillator, digital oscillator and the VCF. VOCI Generator Control: VOCI is a tone generator and VOCI can be controlled by the VOCI Generator in one of the tones that can be assigned to the TG. Programming: TTgen can be programmed using the standard C++ programming language. GIT: (From) 2f7fe94e24

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TToneGen is an audio effect generator. It allows the user to load one or more samples and then to create a whole sound effect by modulating the parameters. The samples can be loaded from any audio file format. The samples are: – Samples that are saved in memory: they can be read as memory samples (binaural). – Samples that are saved on the disk: they can be read with a relative path. They are loaded by a simple interface that you can interact with at run time: – Select the sound effect you want to create: you can select samples or groups of samples and press “PLAY” to generate the sound effect. – Edit the parameters: you can change the parameters of the samples or groups of samples. The parameters (name, value, emphasis… ) are made up of several sections (samples, bands, sources, filters) and you can create a lot of different effects: – Drum machine: sampling of a drum machine is always used for a drum machine. You can change the tempo and the rhythms, or you can use the function to generate a sound with a particular rhythm by sampling a drum beat. – Emphasis: you can decide to emphasize or de-emphasize a given sample or a given section of a sample. – Mix: you can decide to mix a given samples with a low pass filter, a band-pass filter, a high pass filter, a notch filter, a comb filter… The filters are numbered by the section of the sound effect. – Reverb: there are three samples presets for reverbs: there is a direct reverb, a room reverb, an easy reverb. You can change the effect by choosing between the three reverb samples and the amplitude, the decay, the dry/wet. The dry/wet attenuation is also a sample. – Pitch shifter: with a pitch shifter, you can change the pitch of the sound while keeping a different sound. You can have different pitches on the same sample. The samples have four parameters: – PitchShift: the pitch you want. – PitchBend: the amplitude that you want. – R: the reverb of the pitch shifter. – R’ or R”: the dry / wet attenuation of the pitch shifter. – You can have more than one pitch shifter on the same sample. – You can mix the sample and the pitch shifter with

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TeraPulse is a scriptable function generator that generates sound files compatible with DOS, Windows, Mac and Linux. On the way, TFTG is designed to be compatible with DOS, Windows, and Linux, and also provides a highly optimized WAV-wavgen (16 bit, mono, 44.1kHz, 5-digit BPM) the purpose of which is to generate files compatible with most audio-hardware in the PC world. The script is entirely described in code and does not require any setup. After installation, you can edit the script(s) to create custom sound files in an intuitive interface that is easy to learn. TFTG is also designed to be light-weight: it is neither a database of sound samples nor a complex environment. As a result, the “sound generation” part is actually just a set of instructions on how to get a set of sound samples. The process of generating your file is very fast and simple, while the sound files are user-friendly. Need of TToneGen: TToneGen have been designed to provide a powerful sound generator to Windows and Linux users who want a simple way to generate sound files. It also aims to become the standard generator for sound files in all Linux-based distributions. In summary, it is a function generator that is intuitive to use and is easy to install. It has been designed to be compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac and therefore does not require any external resources like sound files, etc. TToneGen features: Intuitive interface: an interface with a set of great features that let the user learn the software in a few hours Open source: User can modify, add and remove any of the script files. The scripts themselves are open source and are under the GPL license. Easy to learn: the scripts are described using a simple language that follows the same principles as any other programming language Scriptible: User can customize the scripts to generate their desired files. This way, they can develop their own plugins for any hardwares such as the PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii, etc. Customization: A plugin can be customized using the Script-Lua language, meaning that the custom plugin can be directly used from within TToneGen Light weight: User can add custom scripts easily using the Script-Lua language. The process of development takes only a few minutes, and the plugins are custom,

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Gamma correction enabled – Windows OS only (Linux, Mac OS X, and Linux clients may also function, but have not been tested) Steady framerate at all times Nvidia GeForce GTX 470 or Radeon HD 4850, Intel Core i5 2500K or Radeon HD 4870, AMD Phenom II X3 1030 or equivalent Memory – 6 GB RAM Hard Drive – 25 GB HDD Other Requirements: The file download requires unzip of the zip archive. To unzip the archive, you will need