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UVviewsoft LogViewer 1.08 Crack+ Torrent (Activation Code) [Updated]

UVviewsoft LogViewer Product Key – a program for reading files with LOG format


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UVviewsoft LogViewer 1.08 Serial Key [Mac/Win] (Latest)

UVviewsoft LogViewer is a freeware, light utility that helps you view LOG files through a user-friendly GUI. It was created to make it easy to view the content of a log file and see all the information stored on it.

UVviewsoft LogViewer was designed with the help of a LogFileViewer, LogViewer and TextViewer sample. All three programs were contributed by the UVviewsoft Community.

From the version 1.1 onward it is also possible to export your current session as a HTML file.

UVviewsoft LogViewer:

LogViewer is a simple tool to view the content of a log file or other files with the Log format.

* Running from USB: you may use any USB stick or disk to run the application from there.
* Printing of the reports: after printing, the reports will be stored in your account of your PC.
* Select log files to be opened: by using Drag-and-Drop, you can select many files to be opened at once.
* A range of simple filters to select the logs you want to view: there is a range of simple filters to select the logs you want to view: Bandwidth, Date, Server, Version, Size, Time and User.
* Multiple tabs: you can open as many tabs as you want for multiple logs.
* Reporting: You can export the current session to a HTML file.
* Bookmarks: to avoid to be scrolling the list up and down to see the log you want to, you can bookmark the same file every time. You can see the log opened before by opening the bookmarks list.
* Multi-threaded to be more responsive: the process is multi-threaded and the interface is in a dedicated process. This makes the program a lot more responsive.
* Support to save the current session: to be able to open the log file again, you can save the current session and copy it to a USB stick or disk.
* Support to view the log files of a specific time range: you can open the logs between two dates and save it as a specific date range.
* Integrate with KDE-Plasma and all other apps that use Kate as their default text editor.
* Most of the changes are done by the UVviewsoft community.

Here you will find the UVviewsoft LogViewer.
Some screenshots are included.
For the full description please

UVviewsoft LogViewer 1.08 Keygen [Updated] 2022

UVviewsoft LogViewer is a light and portable application for viewing Log files with the LOG format. It is not necessary to install it. If you just want to view and navigate logs in text format, this is the ideal solution.
It is a light and fast utility with a simple and intuitive interface, and it does not disturb the rest of your system. It can be run from USB drives, pen drives, portable media, and also from portable computers without a hard drive.
You may open logs by using the file browser, by selecting them by dragging them, or by directly clicking on them. You can also open multiple tabs and select the tab caption and order.
The application is not only a versatile open-source log viewer, but it also has advanced features that you will not find in other similar softwares. You may create and save sessions, copy and filter logs, search through them, set bookmarks, choose the encoding method, enable word wrapping mode, customize colors and filters, and a lot more.

Torrent description

This free software can be used to read log files. All the major file systems are supported.
This software provides an easy interface to open, view, navigate and manipulate any file.

Key features


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Simple and intuitive interface

This software provides an easy interface to open, view, navigate and manipulate any file. It is also available in Spanish, Japanese, Korean and Russian.

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What’s New in the?

UVviewsoft LogViewer is a simple-to-use and portable software program that lets you view files with the LOG format, as the name implies. It can be handled by first-time and advanced users alike.

UVviewsoft LogViewer is a simple-to-use and portable software program that lets you view files with the LOG format, as the name implies. It can be handled by first-time and advanced users alike. There are many applications in the market that help you view logs. However, our LogViewer is one of the best and simple to use available. It supports Cnk, BBS, PSN, Internet, IBM and many more file formats. This LogViewer is extremely simple to use and can be operated by first-time and advanced users alike.

The most important features of this tool are:

* Supports more than 170 different file formats
* Supports Cnk, BBS, PSN, Internet, IBM and many more file formats
* Multiple Tabs
* Supports “Drag-and-Drop”
* Supports multiple files
* Supports file manager function
* Supports search function
* Supports bookmark
* Supports copy and paste
* Supports filtering
* Supports text wrapping
* Supports encoding and decoding
* Supports color set
* Support help function
* Support hotkey
* Supports saving and loading session
* Supports auto-filter
* Supports game-auto play
* Supports logging text file
* Supports logging app
* Supports logging file
* Supports text and app log
* Supports scheduled logging
* Supports easy to use
* Supports data size view
* Supports text color view
* Supports visible font view
* Supports invisible font view
* Supports automatic refresh
* Supports change in tab
* Supports change in order

Working on this program requires pretty good knowledge on how PC works.

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System Requirements:

Windows® 7, Windows® 8, Windows® 10
x86 processor
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Key Binding:
1. Control + K to open ULO
2. Control + N to open the lower HUD
3. Control +