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· Show URL as text for
· Clear tag of , , ,
· Clear tag of ,, ,,,
· Clear tag of,
· Clear tag and content of
· clear tags’ properties such as class, title, OnMouseOver
1. Download the Clear HTML Tags setup file
· Go to the link below.
· Select the Setup file, click the Install button, install software and follow the instructions.
· When finished, open the Clear HTML Tags setup file from Start->All Programs->Crimson Web Studio-> Clearthehtmltags-setup.exe.
· You will see the installation wizard. Click Next.
· Answer Yes to the “Allow this application to make changes to your computer”.
· Click Next again.
· When finished, click Finish to exit.
· After installation is complete, you can start the program.
· If the following message appears, follow the link below and then click Next.
· When the program appears, follow the instructions.
· When finished, click Finish to exit.
· Now you need to use the software. Click the Start menu, and click the menu button.
· Click the “Clear HTML” menu, and you can see “Clear HTML Tags” in the list.
· Click the “Clear HTML Tags”, to open the program.
· Use the Clear HTML buttons to specify the tags, and click the “Clear HTML” button to finish the operation.
· After the process is completed, open the Clear HTML Tags application, and select the option to “Show URL as text for tag and “.
· Paste your html data to the input area, and click the “Clear HTML Tags” button.
· When the process is completed, you can find the URL of tag and as text in your clipboard.
· To print the html document, click the “File” menu, and select “Print”.
· When finished, click “OK” to close the print window.
· How to extract and use the software?
1. Copy and paste html data.
2. Paste the html data into the textbox, and click the “Clear HTML Tags” button.
3. Select the URL for tag and as text.
4. Click the “Show URL as text for tag and “.
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Does anybody know a good tool to convert recorded audio files in a way that I can use it on a website? It should be able to record from the microphone, with a clean, maybe background noise, and the output should be an MP3 or AAC file.
I’m looking for a tool which is used on a Windows system.

How to play AAC files with MPC-HC?

This program is used for converting AAC files to MPC-HC format. It supports automatic detection of track-num, and automatic conversion of songs.
How to get AAC files with this program?
You can also do this:
Type this into a command prompt:
Locate the mpc-hc.exe here: %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\MPC\MPC-HC\src\Makefile
Right-click it and select Send to > Desktop
Copy it and paste it into %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\MPC\MPC-HC\src\main\settings\settings.xml
Also, you should replace it with MPC-HC-N6.exe to get a N6-version.