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Keymacro is a simple program that can be used to analyze and export key sequences from multiple alignments. It is a fully featured multiple sequence alignment editor with a simple to use graphical user interface. You may easily modify alignments by cutting selected sequences and pasting them in different sequences on the same alignment.
The alignment process does not require you to be at a computer, so you can paste alignments on paper, and print them in PDF format. This application is designed for multiple sequence alignment (MSA), and although it can import FASTA, MSF and other file types, it is specially designed for Excel.
What’s more, you may mark the sequences as ‘key’, by which you can simply add them to another alignment. Keymacro can also detect when you add a key sequence to an alignment, and thus can automatically delete its previous elements.
In addition, you may export a sequence list or a single key sequence. The program also offers a convenient way to create a graphical representation of an alignment.
This program is entirely user-friendly and comes in a free and a paid version. There is a ‘pro’ version available as well, that includes extra features such as the ability to edit the exported file, and to add alignments.
KEYMACRO Registration:
The registration process for Keymacro is very straightforward. You will need to create an account in order to use the application, as you will not be able to export key sequences without registering.
You will be given access to various tools, such as the key sequences list, the key sequence report, and the alignment editor. The application is, however, free of charge for non-commercial use, and the registration will be valid for three years.
The program is free and easy to use, and thus Keymacro is a valid alternative to commercial multiple sequence alignment tools such as ClustalW, ClustalX, Mauve, or MAFFT.
KEYMACRO Features:
The graphical user interface is designed to be as simple as possible to use. It has been developed to be intuitive and allows you to align files in a couple of simple steps.
The alignment process will typically take less than a minute to complete, and it will do the job for a single, or multiple sequences that are saved as MSF, FASTA, MASE and Newick formats.
A feature that will help you perform a quick review is the alignment preview window. This 70238732e0

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KEYMACRO is the simplest, most powerful and versatile macro recorder for Windows.
Keyboard macros speed up your workflow and save you time by allowing you to record and replay all keyboard sequences directly from the keyboard.
Simply point and click to record your macros. Press a key, click a button or type a text to record. Use KeyMacro’s powerful replay feature to play back the macros.
Keyboard macros can be easily recorded with a simple sequence of keystrokes, by pressing the keystroke combination from anywhere on the keyboard.
Macros are played back in sequential order, and each macro takes up the entire keyboard after it has been played. The replay time may be either variable (slow and fast) or fixed (for example, 3 seconds).
Keyboard macros are saved to a list in a template file. You can define different macros by customizing the template file, and you can manage macros from the “Macros” window.
Keyboard macros can be played back with a keystroke combination:
When a macro is played, a button appears on the screen. The button prompts you to repeat or replay the macro, and if the Macro is a custom macro, the button prompts you to edit or customize the macro.
When a Macro is played, the KeyMacro button reappears.
When you press the KeyMacro button, the replay button appears, and when you press the replay button, the macro is played back.
You can choose to play back macros as a sequence, one by one, continuously in sequential order, or randomly.
Keyboard macros record keystrokes, keystroke combinations, button presses, text entry, and the mouse.
Keyboard macros record macros that include combinations of hotkeys, mouse clicks, and keystrokes.
Macros can play up to 6 seconds long.
Keyboard macros can be recorded in a template file. The template file is used for all macros in the same folder.
Macros are sorted in a list with the following key fields:
When you open a template file, the keyboard macros are automatically recorded. You can rename the macros as needed.
The list is displayed in a tabbed window. The following fields are displayed on the left of the list:
When you open a template file, the keyboard macros are automatically recorded. You can rename the macros as needed.
The list is displayed in a tabbed window. The following fields are displayed on the left of the list: