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KEYMACRO is an advanced AutoHotKey programming application. It allows you to record and play keystrokes, macro sequences, shortcuts, hotkeys and keyboard related system functions. The program offers high-quality recording and playback, while being extremely simple to use. KEYMACRO supports all Windows versions, including 32-bit and 64-bit, and most of the international languages.
KEYMACRO allows you to automate tasks on your computer, without using any third party software. You may record commands, or sequences of related tasks, in a simple to use drag and drop interface. The interface includes a main window with different toolbars, and an additional mini window where you can paste commands or macro sequences.
KEYMACRO features a drag and drop tool, that allows you to paste commands to the program or to drag and drop the macro list from the main window to the mini window. The mini window shows the current command or sequence, so you can change it in the Edit menu.
The program has many different recording modes that offer unique options for capturing your commands and keyboard related system functions. The commands can be recorded in a single keyboard stroke or in a set of successive keyboard strokes. A sequence of actions may also be recorded.
After recording your commands, you may view and edit the commands in the program using the Edit menu. Additionally, the Command history window shows the recording history for the currently selected command. You may clear the recording history, as well as edit the commands and delete them from the list.
The program also features a macro recorder, that allows you to capture macro sequences without recording any keyboard strokes. These sequences are only executed when you double click on the highlighted macro. You may record keyboard related system functions, such as launching an application, starting a program or opening a file. You may also record and play back programs, internet URLs, system messages or processes.
There are many options for playback of the recorded commands. You may play the recorded commands at any time, the following day, or at fixed intervals. The program also allows you to play the commands on repeat, using the settings provided in the Preferences menu.
In order to play the commands at fixed intervals, the program enables you to set a timer interval in the Macro timer menu. In this case, the commands are automatically played every time the interval is reached, and the number of plays is indicated on the interface.
You can select from many command playback options. You may view the commands in the order they were recorded, in a reverse 384a16bd22

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You can quickly store your macros on the profile you set up and then access them whenever you want.
KEYMACRO supports the following options:
* Multiple shortcuts (how many shortcuts you want to add)
* There is a limited number of characters you can use, for that reason the maximum characters per line is 25.
* You can search by Keywords (every line you can add contains a keyword)

Safari. Move away from regular bookmarks and use their own and a more powerful system that’s optimized for the browser.
It’s easy to move to Safari, thanks to its universal browser buttons. You can get started on any device, easily sync between Macs and Windows, and more.
Key Features:
• Create a Safari bookmarks library with your favorite websites, save and access it anywhere
• Quickly and easily navigate your bookmarks thanks to Quick Links
• Fully searchable: search bookmarks, sites and tags
• Bookmark syncing across all of your devices via iCloud
• Built-in sharing options to send the link to your favorite services
• Open pages without leaving the app
• Set up keyboard shortcuts to browse quickly and easily
• And much more

Simplify your life and get organized with Fantastical 2.
With Fantastical 2 you’ll have a fully-featured, but easy-to-use Mac calendar. Fantastical 2 integrates with your Mac calendar and contacts and pulls in information from your iPhone, iPad, and iCloud to provide a truly seamless and intuitive experience. Fantastical 2 also includes a day view to show you what’s on your schedule for the day.
Key Features:
• See all your scheduled events on a single screen, including detailed event notes
• Automatically create, edit, and send event reminders, with a glance
• Locate, create, and share your favorite recurring events
• View and edit your calendar from virtually any device, including iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch
• Automatically sync your calendar with your iCloud account
• Get notified when an event you’re attending is cancelled
• See all your event details in the calendar’s popup view
• Add, remove, and move your calendars from your list of calendars
• Easily sync your events across all your devices
• Quickly search all your events, contacts, and tasks
• And much more
• Requires Mac OS X 10.7 Lion or later.