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KeyMacro is a simple yet powerful software that enables you to enter or record a keystroke using a macro.
The program is compatible with Windows 98 and above, both on 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Microsoft Windows. It works with all keyboard layouts, including Bulgarian, Czech, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and many others.
You can also record a keystroke by using the Hot Key which can be set in the “Hot Key Settings” window.
Furthermore, you can use a more user-friendly interface to insert, set, remove and hide the Hot Key or Hot List item.
The program features two primary functions: one to save and open macros, and another one to capture and play your keystrokes. You can also create macros that are played back when the mouse cursor moves over an image.
It is possible to specify shortcuts for each action. Thus, you can record a keystroke and pass it to the “Hot Key” program to play a specific sound or action on your computer.
The program doesn’t use a significant amount of system resources. Thus, we recommend it mostly to advanced users.
Free Download Link:

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KeyMacro enables you to create a macro which will automatically copy/paste content into the clipboard of the Windows application.
Windows clipboard is made up of two fields, the first one is a Windows Clipboard list, which stores all the content typed/copied into the computer by the user. The second one is the Windows System Clipboard, which contains additional items (e.g. images, rich text, etc.) which are not copied by the user.
With KeyMacro, you can create a macro which will automatically replace the Windows Clipboard content with any information/content/file which you would like to have automatically copied/pasted into the Windows application.
KeyMacro Features:
* Allows to create a Macro which will automatically copy/paste content into the Clipboard
* Allows to copy/paste content into the Clipboard from within any Windows application
* Allows to select what items to be copied/pasted into the Windows Clipboard
* Allows to do this using any of the following methods:
* Dragging the items to the Windows Clipboard (or from the Mac clipboard)
* Using the application’s menu (Alt+V/Control+V/etc…)
* Keyboard Shortcut (pressing Ctrl+V/Shift+Insert/etc… for KeyMacro)
* Using the application’s context menu (right-click the items)
* Using the application’s standard menu (right-click the item/etc…)
* Alt+V to copy and Alt+Shift+V to paste
* Shows you the current clipboard status
* Displays a summary of the last 20 actions
* Doesn’t modify the clipboard list, which stores the actual items copied by the user
* Can store up to 20 entries
* A bug-free program
* No external dependencies (except WinAPI.dll)
Macro-Linux is an easy-to-use and powerful macro recorder that records mouse and keyboard actions and then creates keyboard shortcuts or automates web browser sessions, thereby enabling you to perform most commonly-used tasks faster and easier.
It works in a similar manner as screen recording software, except that it is intended for recording short mouse and keyboard actions, or entering commands into the command line.
This means that Macro-Linux is suitable for recording most commonly-used tasks, such as moving and copying files, launching applications, displaying web pages, editing text documents, etc.
Key Features:
– Supports keyboard macros, GUI mouse macros, single