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ViviClip Pre-Wash DV Basic Activation Code With Keygen Download For Windows [2022]

· Fast, easy, simple and innovative video finishing software for DV tapes. In an application menu, you only need to click a button to start editing, fixing or outputting.
· The DV editing process can be quickly completed.
· Supports most of DV formats like DV NTSC, DV PAL, MPEG-1, DV NTSC, DV PAL.
· Videos are processed online using what ViviClip calls “Real-time Video Editing” technology. Users can preview the upcoming processes visually before saving.
· Thousands of potential editing functions are included in the pre-loaded library, rendering your editing a simpler and easier process.
· Thoroughly tested and improved over last years’ released version, this new version V.1.4 is pre-loaded with recent library functions and applications.
· You can also export your files to all kinds of files such as popular video formats and image formats, as well as to CD, DVD and hard disk.
· Quickly and easily retrieve clips or export clips for preview.
· Real-time preview: You can preview the upcoming process visually before saving.
· High quality rendering: You can make use of the process results to enjoy a perfect reproduction.
· You can be sure of support for DV tapes from any brand and of any format.
· The program offers all of the capabilities of a professional video studio editor. It is supported by hardware manufacturers.
· It can also be used as a standard DVD authoring software.
· Compatible with all Windows compatible media systems and players
Real-time video editing:
· These include NTSC C MPEG1, DV NTSC, DV PAL, MPEG2, VGA, SVHS, SVHS400 and many other video types.
· Virtual worktables for previewing:
· You can view clips at specific positions to quickly find out the best locations.
· Tabbed menu:
· You can easily navigate among a large number of menus with simple, intuitive and quick tab operations.
· You can also establish sub-menus.
· Full HD support and 1920×1080 videos.
· Region free:
· You can edit within the region of the original files without using a special program.
· Clip deletion:
· You can manage your clips in up to 2GB folders.
· Clip preview:
· You can preview your clip to make sure it’s right.
· Clip information:
· You can extract information about the source file and

ViviClip Pre-Wash DV Basic Crack [Mac/Win]

The pre-wash DV basic edition offers over 40 supported DV standards, in addition to over 40 different image-enhancing, masking and color correction tools with real-time preview.
Fixing technical issues and enhancing video clips’ aesthetic using selective color correction and other mechanisms, along with intuitive and easy user interfaces, are the highlights of ViviClip Pre-Wash DV Basic Cracked Accounts.
Selective color correction in the editor includes color blending, color keying and basic color shift tools, along with a built-in real-time preview.
Color keying and masking in the editor includes shape-shape keying, box-shape keying, and masking, along with a built-in real-time preview.
ViviClip Pre-Wash DV Basic Crack Free Download has four user-friendly interfaces including Full-Screen Interface, Video Monitor Interface, Monitor Interface and Timeline Interface.
On the Full-Screen Interface, all functions can be performed just by using the mouse.
On the Video Monitor Interface, all functions can be performed by displaying the preview panel or the preview window on the video monitor, or both.
On the Monitor Interface, a preview panel can be displayed on the monitor, or a preview window on the video monitor.Q:

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ViviClip Pre-Wash DV Basic Crack + Keygen Full Version

This is a DVCPRO editing utility toolkit for DV generation to a movie DVD.
It can be used as a stand alone disc editor to create DVD discs from any video sources.
More accurately, it can be considered as a video clip editor for converting the clips to movie files.
Basically, it can be used to compile multiple clips to a single DVD disc.
It features a full-featured menu system which allows preview, editing and rendering in real-time.
We strongly suggest you to run it on a dual processor computer, especially if you intend to edit multiple clips.
It’s performance is quite good as a whole.

· Editing clips to create a movie disc
· Capturing and decoding clips
· Rendering and compressing video files to a movie disc
· Capturing and decoding clips
· Rendering video files to a movie disc
Main features:
· A full-featured and easy-to-use menu system, which supports preview, editing and rendering in real-time.
· An intuitive interface, which includes a clip list, timeline, clips’ timeline, waveform display and clip detail display.
· Great compatibility with other DVCPro & DVCPRO HD encoding tools.
· Support for five different capture modes:
o Audio only capture
o Video only capture
o Capture of video and audio capture
o Capturing of video and decoding of video
o Capturing of video and decoding of video
· Built-in playback support
· Load, save and backup clips
· Pack the full edited movie clips to single files
· Extract video clips from a DVD file (Only decode to a movie folder and not a single.avi file)
· Split the movie clips to files for multiple chapters (Only decode to a single file)
· Bind the video clips to a chapter in a single.avi movie
· Backup clips, just in case something goes wrong while you’re working on a project.
· Speed optimization for capturing on dual processor computers
· Full-featured and easy-to-use post-processing effects tools
· History, user’s, application and timeline logs
· A high-quality and very accurate video-to-video profile converter
· Multi-threaded support for faster operations
· Multi-threaded support for faster operations
· Many other optional features

What’s New In?

ViviClip Post-Wash DV Basic is a digital finishing editor for Windows XP.
The finishing touch of the editor is the focus on fixing technical issues and enhancing video clips’ aesthetic, using selective color correction and other mechanisms.

· Intel Pentium compatible system with a processor clock of 1.8Ghz or higher (Centrino processors: 1.5Ghz or higher)
· Microsoft Windows XP Professional or Home Edition with Service Pack 2
· Minimum of 256MB of RAM memory
· 10MB hard disk space for the application
· Extra hard disk space for captured files and rendered versions of project files
· (7200RPM+ dedicated video hard disk is highly suggested; requirement for real-time playback)
· Free Microsoft DirectX 9.0c
· Free Acrobat Reader 5 or above
ViviClip Post-Wash DV Basic Description:

ViviClip (VPen) is a software for digital video processing made for all your video project needs, from basic to advanced requirements.
Other features include a unique, automated and easy-to-use system for processing Digital Video Files.
There are a wide variety of options to improve your media in real-time, like automatic stabilization, color correction and so on.
This software is easy to learn and use, not requiring an education in video processing.
With it, you will not need to invest much time in learning new techniques and software for your projects, allowing you to concentrate on more important issues.

The ViviClip Editor is designed to be an integrated software for the video processing industry.
ViviClip allows to design, edit, transcode and/or render video files, with many additional options, such as visual effects.
It is suitable for professional use and daily use. It integrates with many video-editing softwares, such as Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere, etc.
ViviClip pre-washes video clips to remove noise, stabilize the video, and perform selective color correction and professional effects.
– After previewing the clip you can refine it visually, adding more features (such as, for example, slowing the audio track) to customize the video.
– In the ViviClip editor you will find a range of options to improve the video processing, including:

– 16º rotation of the image (for instance, for clip videos that are in portrait or landscape

System Requirements:

Supported OS:
Windows 7/8/10 64-bit
OS X 10.7/10.8/10.9 64-bit
Other Requirements:
Intel 64-bit CPU (AMD64) or equivalent
2 GB RAM (4 GB recommended)
2 GB of available hard disk space
Graphics card with OpenGL 2.0 and OpenGL Shading Language 1.1 support
DirectX 9.0c compatible video card (e.g. nVidia GeForce)
Input Devices:
Two Keyboard: